10 Sudden MCU Characters We Want on the Marvel’s Thunderbolts Squad

Marvel’s Thunderbolts was officially verified to be coming this previous weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, formally placing the rumors and theories to bed about whether or not or not Marvel Studios would be executing this film.

This team may perhaps have been just lately verified to be coming, but that doesn’t indicate that the team has not by now been set up, with projects like Black Widow, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Hawkeye location the workforce up. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, appears to be to be the a person that will be putting the crew together for the impending film.

The biggest and most possible candidates as members of this staff are Kate Bishop (Hawkeye), Baron Zemo, Winter season Soldier, Yelena Belova, U.S. Agent, Taskmaster, Ghost, and Abomination. If you go on social media, these are the figures you will just about normally see talked about as heading to be aspect of the lineup. On the other hand, going over these probable users is not what we are trying to do here alternatively, we will go more than the a lot more unlikely users who however have a chance of joining the lineup.

No lineup has been verified, but these are the 10 surprising MCU people that we feel the Contessa could also be scouting out for her Thunderbolts crew.

Samuel “The Leader” Stern

Unforeseen MCU Figures We Want on the Thunderbolts Squad

the leader mcu
Picture Source: Marvel Studios

The Chief is a Hulk villain that was only observed in his human sort all the way back again in The Amazing Hulk. This film was a prolonged time back, so you are forgiven if you don’t keep in mind him, but he was a scientist, Samuel Sterns, who assisted Bruce Banner though he was on the run. After Bruce and Betty Ross confirmed up for assist, which the scientist could not give, a standoff happened amongst Bruce and Thaddeus Ross.

In the meantime, Emil Blonsky forces Sterns to enable him, resulting in Blonsky fulling turning into the Abomination, triggering an incident in the lab that can make Sterns come into call with Banner’s blood. While we do end up looking at Samuel Sterns begin to mutate because of to the blood, we never see the aftermath, leading us to concern what took place to him. It’s apparent that the stop was intended to established him up as the villain The Chief, a villain he becomes in the comics, but we never ever bought to see that.

This is a thread that has been floating all-around for fundamentally as extended as the MCU has been about, but specified that Abomination was in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings and is in the approaching She-Hulk: Legal professional at Law, perhaps we can last but not least get to see The Leader in action. With Sterns’ aged pal Blonsky probable signing up for the Thunderbolts, why just cannot he do the very same?

Sharon Carter

Unforeseen MCU Characters We Want on the Thunderbolts Squad

Sharon Carter
Graphic Supply: Marvel Studios

Sharon Carter, aka Agent 13, aka The Electric power Broker, we last observed Sharon in the close-credits scene of The Falcon and the Wintertime Soldier, in which she was formally pardoned by the U.S. govt but continue to is hunting to move forward down her villainous path. Carter ended up starting to be a character who is in involving anti-hero and complete-on villain, one thing that describes a ton of what the Thunderbolts are about, offering her a different purpose to display up listed here. Also, with figures like Winter Soldier, U.S. Agent, and Baron Zemo currently being most likely users of the Thunderbolts, this reestablished partnership that she has with them could make her suit in with the team properly.

It is also well worth noting that fans tended to not be on board with this change in Sharon Carter, so a film like Marvel’s Thunderbolts would not only be an great area for her to present up upcoming but could offer a way for Sharon to go on a route to redemption as very well

Batroc the Leaper

Surprising MCU People We Want on the Thunderbolts Squad

Batroc the Leaper
Picture Resource: Marvel Studios

This is yet another character provided on this list owing to his proximity to the world of Captain America, a globe that is possible bringing a good deal of people into the staff. We last observed Batroc in The Falcon and the Wintertime Soldier, the similar spot we very last observed Sharon, Zemo, and U.S. Agent, wherever he assisted in the Flag Smashers in the ultimate struggle right until disclosed to definitely doing work with the Ability Broker, Sharon.

Sharon decided to turn on Batroc and seemingly killed him, but his loss of life was remaining open more than enough that he undoubtedly could later on be exposed as surviving the come across. Batroc would without doubt match in with the staff, specified his criminal standing, and with Valentina Allegra de Fontaine being involved in the events of The Falcon and the Winter season Soldier, it is reasonable to assume that the French legal caught her eye.

Trish “Hellcat” Walker

Unexpected MCU People We Want on the Thunderbolts Squad

trish walker
Image Resource: Marvel Amusement

Jessica Jones’ previous ideal mate, Trish Walker, was captured by the personal detective right after turning into a vengeful killer. Walker became a vigilante and preferred to assistance her ideal pal and adoptive sister after looking at all the fantastic Jessica could do with her powers. Immediately after her mother’s death, while, Walker grew to become considerably extra vengeful and violent, killing her mother’s killer, following which she resolved to escape the country. Jessica was in a position to consider Trish Walker, or Hellcat, down and was convinced by Luke Cage that the most effective position to mail Hellcat was to the Raft.

As far as we know, Hellcat has remained in the Raft at any time due to the fact the Jessica Jones Year 3 finale, earning her an exceptional prospect for a member of the Thunderbolts. The Raft is the spot exactly where the Thunderbolts may possibly be situated, which would necessarily mean that Hellcat would have all eyes on her from the Contessa and whoever she will work for/with.

Trish Walker isn’t a real villain, additional of an anti-hero with a severe code of justice, some thing that would make her a best healthy with the crew as that describes most of them. The Marvel Netflix exhibits are getting introduced again, with Daredevil figures staying the initially to return. There are rumors that Jessica Jones may well be subsequent, which tends to make the inclusion of Hellcat in upcoming tasks even extra probable.

Willis “Diamondback” Stryker

Sudden MCU Figures We Want on the Thunderbolts Squad

Picture Resource: Marvel Entertainment

The 50 %-brother of Luke Cage, Willis Stryker, confronted Cage in his war towards the unbreakable man in Harlem. As Stryker was born out of wedlock, he was the lesser boy or girl in the eyes of Luke Cage’s father, creating resentment to construct up in Diamondback despite currently being brotherly with Cage.

Diamondback would have an arsenal of weapons that could be made use of from his fifty percent-brother, including a accommodate that boosted his toughness and durability and bullets that can pierce Luke Cage’s pores and skin. In the stop, Luke Cage finished up defeating his fifty percent-brother and received him despatched away to what would afterwards be unveiled as the Raft.

In the Jessica Jones Sequence finale, Luke Cage produced Jessica experience much better about sending Hellcat to the Raft by citing that it is exactly where he sent his extremely possess brother, of system, meaning that both of those Trish and Willis are in the exact prison. This signifies that Val has effortless obtain to Stryker as well, so if she’s likely to quit more than and get Zemo, she could also get Hellcat and Diamondback as they are likely only a number of cell blocks over.


Unexpected MCU Figures We Want on the Thunderbolts Squad

Picture Resource: Marvel Studios

The previous head of stability of Wakanda and spouse to Okoye, W’Kabi, was played by the superb Daniel Kaluuya, who sadly isn’t heading to return to Black Panther: Wakanda Permanently because of to Nope commitments. This indicates that we will not see extra of the romance in between him and Okoye at any time shortly, which is tragic as it could’ve been a thing genuinely interesting but was overshadowed for the duration of Black Panther. W’Kabi and Okoye located them selves at odds through Black Panther because of to Killmonger, ensuing in W’Kabi currently being arrested by his appreciate at the stop of the final struggle.

W’Kabi is imprisoned somewhere, but his specific area is unknown at the minute, a thing that would make him coming above to Marvel’s Thunderbolts a little bit challenging. A significant explanation why he is on this list is that it would be excellent to see a lot more of the Wakanda people crossing above, but also simply because we would choose owning Kaluuya be in anything.

For all we know, the Wakandans could have handed W’Kabi more than to the Raft as they did with Zemo, though this is unlikely and would defeat quite a few of the uses of the Wakanda tale. In its place, probably W’Kabi is on the operate somewhere and arrives to interact with the Thunderbolts, or maybe the Thunderbolts’ mission has them cross paths with the Wakandan in Africa, as who’s to say that all the Thunderbolts customers will need to be users correct off the bat.

Mac “Scorpion” Gargan

Sudden MCU Figures We Want on the Thunderbolts Squad

Mac "Scorpion" Gargan
Impression Supply: Marvel Studios

This is a character who could possibly get bogged down owing to Sony having the rights to the Spider-Gentleman figures, but let’s set that apart for a minute and accept two of his figures who are previously in the MCU and would be excellent fits.

To start with, there is Scorpion, aka Mac Gargan, who some people today may perhaps not have realized was showcased in Spider-Gentleman: Homecoming, as he was just in his human type in the film, portrayed by Michael Mando. The only reference in the film to Gargan’s supercriminal self was that he had a tattoo of a scorpion on his neck, a thing that could basically be used as a plot place if the character had been to demonstrate up once more, particularly in Marvel’s Thunderbolts. Perhaps Mac Gargan works by using the scorpion tattoo as a source of inspiration for his legal identify or even it’s possible for a super go well with he will get his arms on or even designs.

Scorpion could be a fantastic addition to the Thunderbolts team as he is definitely in prison, and if he has his arms on a super suit, he could be really deadly. A big cause to want to have him on the workforce is that Michael Mando would be a wonderful addition to the cast.

He has extremely unrealized opportunity, provided that he never donned the iconic go well with and was relegated to becoming a small villain in the movie. He was moreover in Spider-Man: Homecoming’s close-credits scene, where by he was teased as becoming a bit much more critical heading forward, a thing that never ever came to fruition.

Aaron ” The Prowler” Davis

Surprising MCU People We Want on the Thunderbolts Squad

Aaron " The Prowler" Davis
Graphic Source: Marvel Studios

A further character who’s unlikeliness to present up – thanks to the Sony rights – is Aaron Davis, who debuted in Spider-Man: Homecoming, an visual appeal that was incredibly unceremonious and 1 that warrants redemption. The uncle to Miles Morales, the inclusion of Aaron Davis could’ve been a large offer, but instead, he bought relegated to owning very significantly a glorified cameo in that he was only in two scenes in the movie.

This is a gentleman who would go on to develop into the anti-hero, the Prowler, who, if Marvel could do the job out a offer with Sony, could be a substantial deal for this film and supply some a great deal-necessary redemption for not only the character in the MCU but also the way the character was addressed. Donald Glover deserves a lot more time to glow as the character, as he absolutely justifies a lot more time as the character as we under no circumstances even got to see him in any sort of costume.

In addition, if you require proof as to why this character deserves to have extra screentime, glimpse no more than Sony’s Spider-Gentleman: Into the Spider-Verse movie, exactly where the Prowler was an epic anti-hero who looked amazing in his battle scenes. If we can get even a fraction of this, it could give a key guide to the struggle scenes in stated film, which is in which he comes in with Marvel’s Thunderbolts.

Not only would he be a best fit with the team as an anti-hero who could be on the lookout for redemption, but he could be a standout character.

Justin Hammer

Surprising MCU People We Want on the Thunderbolts Squad

Justin Hammer
Picture Supply: Marvel Studios

Justin Hammer was one particular of the villains in Iron Guy 2, where he was a jealous rival of Tony Stark and prepared to just take him down by one particular-upping his Iron Gentleman satisfies. Following breaking out and making use of Ivan Vanko, Vanko betrayed Hammer, resulting in his crimes to go public, ensuing in his arrest. He finished up becoming imprisoned wherever Trevor Slattery was, ensuing in Hammer getting interviewed during the Marvel 1-Shot: All Hail the King, which was the very last job we observed the Iron Guy 2 villain in.

This was years ago, so who’s to say that Hammer isn’t out and about once more, exactly where he is maybe even delivering black market place weapons. He is the 1 particular person on this checklist who does not have powers and/or capabilities, but that does not imply he could not supply expert services in other ways.

Probably Justin Hammer could nonetheless be in jail and is recruited into the Thunderbolts, not as a field member, but in its place serving to with the weapons that the workforce requirements, as this is a squad that enjoys obtaining some severe weaponry.

Ghost Rider

Unexpected MCU Characters We Want on the Thunderbolts Squad

Image Resource: Marvel Entertainment

Ghost Rider is undoubtedly a person of the most not likely MCU characters to show up in Marvel’s Thunderbolts, but this does not imply that he just cannot make for a excellent addition to the roster. When it is the Johnny Blaze model of the character who has served as a member in the comics, the Robbie Reyes edition of the character is substantially a lot more very likely to appear in the MCU this before long owing to by now staying a supporting character in the fourth period of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This is a collection that has proven to have a hardcore and focused fanbase as the sequence not only ran for 7 seasons, but the exhibit has majorly trended on Twitter multiple periods in the decades because likely off the air. Having Robbie Reyes edition in Marvel’s Thunderbolts could have this fanbase rally all over the motion picture if he is portrayed by the person who portrayed him in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gabriel Luna.

Even though this would be a terrific enterprise reason to involve the character, there is also the make any difference of how obtaining him could function creatively and how he would work with the staff, which demonstrates why this unlikely character would be incredible. For starters, Marvel Studios wouldn’t need to have to do an origin tale for the character and could thrust the character into the motion picture correct away with little rationalization, producing him an easy character to deliver in promptly.

We have no notion what happened to Robbie Reyes immediately after time 4 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as he was meant to have his own Tv set sequence for Hulu, but this was canceled as the workforce would go on to cite as remaining because of “Creative Discrepancies.”

The Ghost Rider would obviously be a individual of interest for Val, so maybe she could even send out her squad soon after the Ghost Rider, either the Johnny Blaze version or the Robbie Reyes a person. Getting Ghost Rider in Marvel’s Thunderbolts would be a amazing choice as there are not only tale factors to do it, but it would also get fans even additional hyped for this film.

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