10+ The Best Baby Lightening Creams

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Baby skin is supposed to be soft and beautiful, but sometimes, it’s not that way. If you’re looking to lighten your baby’s skin to make it silky and smooth, keep reading this review of the best baby lightening creams available on the market today.

5 Factors When choosing a lightening cream

There are many factors to consider when buying a skin-lightening cream. Here are our top five factors to look out for when choosing one: safety, purity, ingredients, quality, and cost. 

1. Safety of lightening cream

There are two main ingredients in your baby’s skin-lightening cream, hydroquinone, and retinol.

Be careful when choosing your product because many products come with a lot of additional ingredients that aren’t beneficial to your health and could even cause severe side effects.

The hydroquinone level should be no higher than 2%, and even 1% is fine if you want to get rid of dark spots or birthmarks.

Also, keep in mind that retinol doesn’t suit everyone, so use it only if it’s been recommended by a dermatologist.

If there are any issues, discontinue use immediately as using it for longer can cause worse results on darker complexions than what you were trying to solve initially.

2. Purity of lightening cream

It’s important to look for products that are transparent about their ingredients and manufacturers.

Don’t let marketing or attractive packaging deter you; there are a lot of money-making schemes disguised as baby skin-lightening products out there.

So make sure you double-check their lists of ingredients to ensure they aren’t just full of chemicals (not only could they irritate your baby’s sensitive skin, but some may be toxic!).

Instead, look for naturally sourced and minimally processed products and ask any questions you have before buying.

Be smart about it. It’s better to buy natural if it means not putting harsh chemicals on your newborn’s delicate skin!

3. Ingredient of lightening cream

Some ingredients in a nice list of some nice facial cleansers and acne lotions would be tea tree oil, retinol, vitamin E, and salicylic acid.

Depending on what type of baby skin you have – dry, oily, or normal – you need to buy a cream that is specifically formulated for your baby’s skin type.

Remember that most ingredients help prevent acne and promote moisturization, but everyone’s skin is different so there are also people who claim a particular product doesn’t work for them at all.

For example, as per doctors’ recommendations, a good baby skin lightening cream should contain glycolic acid which helps break down melanin faster than other chemicals used in other products. 

4. Quality of lightening cream

While there are several options, I’ve found that one that stands out in terms of quality is the number of positive reviews is oftentimes the best convincing me to believe that it works fast and effectively. 

5. Cost of lightening cream

Lightening creams are very cheap in Nigeria and across Africa. The average cost is between N1,000 to N5,000 but can be as low as N500.

However, you should not risk your child’s health by buying one of these cheaper brands because they may contain harmful chemicals.

Many of them also have poor customer reviews so proceed with caution if you decide to go for one of these cheaper options.


How I Choose My Favorite Product 

Doing a survey on which baby skin lightening products were most popular in Nigeria, and also speaking to some of my friends who have used various products will help to objectively choose a product fitting for your baby while also considering the aforementioned factors.

1. Mothercare Baby Lotion

Is hypoallergenic, which means it’s gentle enough for even sensitive baby skin. Plus, because it is infused with moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and amino acids, your little one will benefit from a hydrated and smoother appearance in no time.

It also contains chamomile flower extract that helps restore its natural radiance. Overall, we highly recommend checking out Mothercare Baby Lotion if you want a proven product that gets results without causing any harmful side effects to your child’s delicate system. 


2. Mother’s Dream Kids Body Lotion

Mother's Dreams Nigeria

This Mother’s Dream Kids Body Lotion is effective in treating hyperpigmentation, melasma, and dark spots on your kids. This moisturizing lotion should be applied every day to your baby. 

It reduces tanning from sunburns and also helps to get rid of scars caused by acne and measles. This product can treat excessive pigmentation caused by injuries and inflammation in your body. 

It hydrates dry flaky skin to keep it soft and smooth all day long. As its name implies, it has a delicate aroma that keeps your kid smelling great throughout the day. 


 3. Little Angel Baby Lotion

Angel Baby Lotion Big

The lotion comes in a 75ml airless pump bottle, meaning you don’t have to worry about it spoiling. Little Angel uses natural ingredients that keep your baby’s skin moisturized and smooth. 

The lightness of Shea butter and cocoa butter is just what babies need to get rid of dry patches and restore their normal color. 

Babies tend to come out pink after birth, but you might notice they seem a little more pink than usual if there’s still some blood trapped in their capillaries. 

This gives them an overall rosy tone that usually fades quickly as those vessels close off. While you can certainly wait for nature to take its course, many parents opt for some type of baby skin lightening cream because even though it seems cute now, red splotches can become unflattering when they start turning into acne later on. 


4. Sebamed Baby Lotion

SebaMed Baby Body Lotion

This moisturizing lotion for babies has just five ingredients and is made in Germany to ensure purity. The product contains no alcohol or perfume, making it soothing for even newborns. 

It contains low amounts of phenoxyethanol, a mild preservative, but also none of the controversial parabens. 

What makes it stand out is its ingredient list which includes alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) which helps exfoliate to prevent the build-up of dead skin cells on your child’s body and face. 

The pH level is also important in preventing bacterial growth when using products on newborns; Sebamed Baby Lotion boasts a natural pH level between 5.5 and 6.0 for optimal freshness, making it one of our picks for baby lightening cream.


5. Aveeno Baby Lotion

Aveeno Baby Lotion

One of the top on your list should be Aveeno Baby Lotion, which comes in lavender, chamomile, or original scent. 

This lotion is hypoallergenic and clinically proven to soothe dry skin caused by diaper rash according to a study from North Carolina State University. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t contain dyes or perfumes that can irritate sensitive baby skin. Aveeno Baby Lotion is also made without petrochemicals.


6. Johnson Baby Lotion

Johnson's Baby Lotion 500 ml - 2 Steps Online

This was a great natural option for me. I’ve tried other similar products, but nothing compares to Johnson Baby Lotion. 

Johnsons Baby Lotion’s unique formulation includes natural oils and fats that feel better than other normal lotions, which can be irritating and uncomfortable on your skin—particularly sensitive baby skin. 


7. Boots Baby Lotion

Boots Baby Moisturising Lotion

The Boots Baby Lotion provides a whitening effect to your baby’s skin. The product uses natural ingredients, which help prevent pigmentation caused by exposure to sunlight. 

The use of almond oil helps make it beneficial in softening and moisturizing a baby’s delicate skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple to the touch. 

This lotion contains some herbal extracts that help protect your baby from being irritated and dry by harmful pollutants in water. 

It is also effective for use on adults who have sensitive skin and are prone to allergic reactions or have discoloration problems like freckles, age spots, etc., but does not cause any side effects as most creams using stronger chemicals often tend to do so.


8. Longrich Baby Cream


In a market dominated by products for adults, it’s hard to find things designed for babies. But one product that is widely sought after among new parents is a non-toxic, baby-friendly skin lightener. 

The long list of chemicals found in adult skin lighteners may irritate a baby’s delicate and sensitive complexion—which is why mommies have been looking at all options out there – and Longrich has come up with an effective solution

To achieve great results when using Longrich Baby Cream, it is important to remember some key points:

  •  Firstly, you must only use small amounts each time you apply. Using too much can result in poor results! 
  • Secondly, always remember that not only does skin lightening need patience but also regular application over time. It will take more than just a few days or weeks before you see any real results. So don’t be discouraged if your baby’s skin doesn’t get lighter right away! 
  • Lastly, be sure to buy only authentic Longrich Baby Creams from reputable sources such as Amazon or Walmart so as not to get counterfeit or expired products.


9. Himalaya Baby Lotion

Himalaya Baby Lotion

Most babies have trouble sleeping when they are a week old and often awake due to dry, itchy and irritated skin. 

In such cases, it is important to apply a non-greasy lotion that would moisturize their delicate baby skin and soothe all forms of irritation such as Himalaya Baby Lotion; enriched with organic oils from almond seeds, pomegranate, and rose extracts, Himalaya Baby Lotion acts as an excellent moisturizer for your little one’s delicate skin. 

It can be applied easily, doesn’t leave any oily film on your baby’s soft cheeks or hands, and comes at a pocket-friendly price.


10. Chicco Baby Lotion

Chicco Baby Oil, Lotion & Powder

Lightweight and great for sensitive skin, Chicco Baby Lotion is fragrance-free, dermatologist-tested, and enriched with vitamins A and E. 

The lotion is extremely effective at soothing and softening dry or irritated baby skin and it’s free of preservatives, oils, fragrances, parabens, and dyes hence, it’s healthy for babies.


11. Baby Secret Amino Baby Lotion

Baby Secret Milk Amino Acid Baby Body Lotion

The manufacturer of Baby Secret Amino Baby Lotion claims that a single application of their lotion will lighten your baby’s skin by up to six shades. 

The product is said to be completely safe and suitable for babies and children between four months and five years old. Baby Secret Lotion also moisturizes, softens, and protects delicate baby skin, leaving it smoother than ever before. 

Our favorite ingredient in Baby Secret Lotion is caffeine—an antioxidant that helps eliminate dead skin cells while promoting new cell growth. 

The result? Long-lasting smoothness! This effective lotion is enriched with vitamins C and E to keep delicate complexions healthy, as well as sea kelp extract to provide the necessary moisture for silky-smooth results.

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Tips on Applying Skin Lighteners

Applying these creams can help you get rid of your dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes to give you smooth, even, and glowing skin.

Here are some tips to help you apply a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic skin-lightening cream:

  • Avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours after application. 
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before applying. 
  • Avoid contact with eyes or mouth. 
  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician. 

The Best Way To Lighten Skin

Baby Skin Lightening/Lightening Creams Are Not The Same as Adult Lighteners! If you are planning to get super baby-smooth, pale, and luminous skin for your newborn, you should know that there is more than one way to do it.

Some people choose soaps and lotions while others decide on other methods like wrapping them in plastic wrap.

However, if you want to go for something that will not only be gentle but also effective then using an organic baby skin lightening cream or serum would be your best bet. 

Here we look at some of the most effective baby skin lightening products available today.

These products have been tried and tested by thousands of mothers all over the world and have been found to work extremely well without causing any side effects.

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