2022 Hackaday Prize: Reuse, Recycle, Revamp Finalists

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The 2022 Hackaday Prize is targeted on using care of the planet. The topic of our second challenge round, “Reduce, Recycle, Revamp” is all about tailoring your jobs to make use of current assets and retaining substance out of the landfill instead than contributing to it. Our judges have scrutinized the entries and handed me the sealed envelope. All of these 10 assignments will receive $500 appropriate now and are eligible for the Grand Prize of $50,000, to be declared in November.

We had been looking for two broad varieties of recycling initiatives in this spherical, both initiatives that integrate a substantial recycled part in their develop, or jobs that facilitate recycling by themselves, and frankly we got a fantastic mix of both!

On the initially front, we observed assignments that recycled plastic bottles, Lcd screens, and the inescapable acrylic off-cuts that result when laser chopping. The X-Pc even recycles most of the guts of notebook computers by producing a frame for mounting them as standalone desktops, and the ABN6502 employs scrounged up ICs to make a microcomputer. Skateboard decks built of recycled plastic? We’ll have to examination them out, but it is a cool thought and a wonderful task.

In the equipment-for-recycling category, we noticed new development on a neat undertaking, the Plastic Scanner, which aims to create a gadget that can convey to one variety of recyclable plastic from an additional. And evidently the plastic that our 3D printers use is grinding a lot of peoples’ environmental gears, for the reason that we experienced filament re-extruders, filament recyclers, and even a Trash Printer that requires in scrap plastic and specifically extrudes it into condition.

You can verify out all the finalists in depth, shown in no distinct order beneath. And if you have bought a job that aims to maintain devices out of the landfills by restoring them rather than recycling them, make positive to enter it in the Hack It Back again obstacle, heading on suitable now.

Our congratulations to all of the finalists!

10 Finalists from Reuse, Recycle, Revamp

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