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Adamas: Episodes 5-6

So extreme! Adamas ups the motion this 7 days as both our heroes obtain their circumstances getting even more harmful, all when the stage will get larger, bloodier, and nail-bitier.


Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

This drama packs in so significantly plot every single week, and this 7 days even additional so — in truth, I have to remind myself that we’re only up to Episode 6! Most notable for me this week was that, in terms of storytelling, we see more quickly switches amongst our two brothers’ stories (much more on that later on) and their understanding of just about every other’s cases adds a ton of curiosity to a story that was currently wholly riveting. There is tons to include this 7 days, so below we go!

Woo-shin — brave soul that he is — is saved from asphyxiation by the skin of his enamel. But the brush with dying was well worth it. He later tells Tae-sung that he did not come across the adamas… but he appreciates exactly where it is. The mysterious carpet he was fixated on was from the original adamas unveiling, and positive ample it marks the area of the adamas — apart from it’s in the ceiling, exactly where Woo-shin noticed all the halogen gasoline go. He’s identified to steal it ASAP, but Tae-sung wishes to wait around on the orders of his peeps.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6

Speaking of Tae-sung’s people, find out a whole lot a lot more about that staff this 7 days. They’re the SIH (Special Investigations Headquarters) — in essence a black ops arm of the law enforcement, led by KANG HYUK-PIL (Choi Duk-moon). They are lifeless-set on their mission… so significantly that they do really unseemly issues — like convincing Search engine optimisation-hee to be a part of them and use Soo-hyun as bait.

So, though Soo-hyun goes off to his not-at-all-suspicious 11PM bridge assembly, he finds… Website positioning-hee?! For a 2nd I was terrified she was a double agent, but no, she’s who she reported, she’s just been persuaded by the SIH to assist. And so has Woo-shin! Thus we find out — as a result of an exceptionally irate Soo-hyun — that Woo-shin’s full approach at Haesong is courtesy of the SIH. It sheds a ton of light-weight on his actions, but Soo-hyun could not be more furious.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

While Soo-hyun is in the safe dwelling with the SIH, he refuses to cooperate, until last but not least he’s set in make contact with with his brother — this usually means Woo-shin standing in the woods with Tae-sung’s concealed sat cell phone, and Soo-hyun in the protected residence on a mobile telephone. I truly enjoy that the drama cares so a lot about the variances in the twins’ personalities, and it’s incredibly illustrated by this cell phone discussion, which was one particular of my favorite scenes this week.

Through the call, Soo-hyun is clued into the SIH system, Woo-shin’s position, the actuality that there basically is time still left for the statute of limits, and the system to steal the adamas. But although Woo-shin is calm and committed to his mission, Soo-hyun is the one pounding the table and cursing him out. (Which twin do I really like additional? I can’t determine!)

Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

Now that the brothers know what the other is up to, it adds a bunch of levels to our tale: they not only have to get worried about just about every other in the line of hearth now, but they have rather repeated understanding of what is taking place to each and every other. This is where the quick POV switches actually incorporate tension — so, for occasion, Woo-shin may be trapped in the home, but he keeps finding updates from Tae-sung, and vice versa for Soo-hyun. This understanding of each and every other’s actions/condition, all with very small true speak to, is so tense and enjoyable! I appreciate the layer of obscurity it provides.

The other crucial thing to note is Soo-hyun’s continual get worried as to why his stable and relaxed brother is acting so out of character — he tries to guess what would make him this reckless (since that is Soo-hyun’s purpose lol), but will come up dry. Of system, we know that Woo-shin knows that Lee Chang-woo is their delivery father, but that Soo-hyun does not. But. Soo-hyun also retains a good deal of guilt over their adoptive father’s death, which we see played out in a peaceful moment the place he confides to Seo-hee (their chemistry is excellent!). Also, that toy motion figure tale broke me.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6

But it’s time to converse about the main motion of the episodes, primary with Woo-shin. He gets into Chairman Kwon’s psyche and is rather fantastic at figuring out how he thinks. With Tae-sung’s assist, he 1st attempts to steal the adamas the working day that the chairman and Dragon Woman Kwon are the two absent. The “security button” less than the chairman’s desk (“throne”) provides Woo-shin a 50/50 opportunity: will it get in touch with the law enforcement, or will it expose the adamas?

The latter turns out to be correct — OMG what an awesome reveal, adopted by an even improved twist. The scenario descends in all its glory, but the adamas is absent. Listed here we study that Hyun-jo is a good deal smarter than he appears to be like/acts and that Dragon Woman Kwon has taken the adamas to the primary jeweler. And as Episode 5 finishes, Woo-shin claims to himself in horror: he’s finding rid of the proof.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

In the meantime, Soo-hyun is meeting extra motion than he could have predicted. Also in the harmless household is a baddie that the SIH captured (who was attempting to destroy Seo-hee). This turns out to be Team Chief Lee’s child brother LEE JOON-HO (Jo Dong-in), who’s already been established up as Lee’s achilles heel.

But the child is also so courageous! He endures unwatchable (ugh) torture from the SIH but under no circumstances gives in… right until Soo-hyun bangs his way into the interrogation room. This was another preferred scene of the 7 days — Ji Sung’s acting ahhh so great — and we see in genuine-time why Soo-hyun is the prosperous prosecutor that he is.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6

Soo-hyun is sensible, nevertheless, and he realizes that the kid is keeping out simply because he has hope of getting rescued. And guaranteed enough we see Workforce A mobilizing (lol on this caricature of Terrible Guys With Massive Guns) to conserve their crew member. The SIH has no clue they’ve been compromised — it’s Wooshin back again at the mansion who pieces it jointly.

Woo-shin ties the GPS chip in his hand (ah ha!) to the captured child and realizes the SIH is about to be below siege. And then it is an additional nail-biting race towards the clock, with Tae-sung reserving it to the sat cell phone to alert the staff in time. At this stage in the display I’m generally sweating bullets — possibly more than the real team below siege is.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

They scarcely escape with their lives (and Soo-hyun proves himself as heroic as his twin), but we are remaining with vital takeaways. Staff Chief Lee’s little brother dies, which usually means he’s ruthlessly identified to pay back back again the exact to Soo-hyun. He’s a loose cannon and a tremendous violent man, and just so that we’re positive of it, he also hardcore curses whenever he’s on display. (Admittedly, I can’t obtain this 100% even however I want to — just since I like Oh Dae-hwan’s encounter much too significantly!)

Anyway, Crew A digs into the brothers, the circumstance, and many others., so that will all hit the lover shortly — in particular considering that whilst Soo-hyun and Seo-hee believe they are secure in Woo-shin’s swag apartment, they’re really staying surveilled (but kudos to the writer for that facial area recognition door lock instant!).

Adamas: Episodes 5-6

Whilst all this action is heading on — at the mansion and the risk-free household — we study a whole lot extra about the creepy men and women in the mansion. To get started, Woo-shin’s reckless wanderings into Chairman Kwon’s bed room (!) reveals a solution passage to Dragon Woman Kwon’s!

There Woo-shin discovers an album loaded with pictures of her deceased son (once again I say, there’s a big reveal ready here for us). But exterior of nervousness-inducing wanderings close to the household, we understand a little bit a lot more about Hye-soo and the hell she’s been living in. From her business enterprise transaction relationship, to the awful way she’s dealt with like a bargaining chip by her father, to the iron grasp Chairman Kwon keeps on her — 1 can understand her distress.

We also learn — and this one shocked me — that Secretary Yoon is in really like with… not Chairman Kwon, but our resident heir and junkie Hyun-jo! Really?! Hye-soo is familiar with it, and humiliates Secretary Yoon and torments her spouse (wow, she’s genuinely repaying evil for evil). I kinda like how they exposed that one particular, but the genuine enjoy concerning Hyun-jo and Secretary Yoon is bizarro for me.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6

It’s also important to be aware that Dragon Girl Kwon looks to know about their enjoy affair way too: she knows Secretary Yoon set the system in motion, introduced Woo-shin to the mansion on purpose, is aware he resembles Min-jo, and options to use it to her advantage. Every person has a scheme! And they are all so excellent at scheming!

And which is not all — we also have Safety Guard Kim, who’s now included for Woo-shin twice (if not far more), but we never know his motives however (but can he be negative with that lovable face?). Dong-rim, also, is proving much more and additional of a legal responsibility, with his father getting applied as a bargaining chip by mainly every person, which is just plain cruel.

As for the scenario that started all this mess, the latest speculation that would make the most perception is that Lee Chang-woo stole the adamas 22 years in the past, and when Crew A went in to retrieve it at the chairman’s behest, their adoptive father was killed alternatively. Even if that is real, there are however tons far more questions to respond to. And, I’m absolutely sure, tons additional turns and twists for our tale to arrive. Will I have any fingernails left right after this drama is around?

Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

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