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CSotD: All Trussed Up And No Spot To Go

Very well, that did not consider extended, even though, as 1 wag pointed out on social media, Liz Truss served two monarchs.

However, as Ben Jennings depicts it, she was tossed out like yesterday’s trash right after 44 days. Even very poor Ann Boleyn managed to stick for 1,000.


Juxtaposition of Juxtapositions

(David Rowe)

(Matt Golding)

Rowe and Golding chimed in from Australia with a pair of artistic diversifications, Rowe of Henry Fuseli’s “Nightmare” with Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt perched on Truss’s agonized physique, and Golding of Banksy’s “Rage: The Flower Thrower,” swapping the well known head of lettuce for Banksy’s bouquet.


Juxtaposition of the Python

(Walt  Handelsman)

(Chip Bok)

And a pair of Yanks also tied her downfall to a piece of vintage artwork.


Person Venables posted this commentary, which not only encapsulates the Quick Reign of Liz Truss the 1st, but maybe foreshadows the destiny of whoever is fated to subsequent head a collapsing Conservative Party.

And Matt invokes Male Fawkes as the British government falls just about as fast as the British pound with out any exterior intervention essential.


Meanwhile in a former colony …

(Mike Smith — KFS)

(Ann Telnaes)

This is an exciting juxtaposition, due to the fact, though they the two make the very same argument, Smith lays it out plainly, in words. though Telnaes allows the graphics have the message.

The argument in favor of Smith’s option is that he fills in the gaps for any individual who hasn’t been next the story, while the Telnaes argument is that every person understands the story and the rats in the smashed pillar make a a lot more forceful argument than a sequence of talking heads.

I absolutely feel she’s correct in that any individual who doesn’t comprehend the stakes just cannot be attained at this stage, but Smith suggests a more patient attempt to attain that human being who has not definitely believed it in excess of, even if it may well be futile in 90% of cases.

Which delivers us again to what Marc Murphy said in that AAEC panel earlier this month:

At this stage, the aim might not be to convert any person in any case, but, alternatively to encourage people today to vote, which contains chipping absent at despair and defeatism by building that sense of solidarity.

Either approach — Smith’s didactic rationalization or Telnaes’s depiction of probable doom — can enable rally those people who hold back, the kinds Thomas Paine condemned, stating

These are the times that attempt men’s souls. The summertime soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the support of their region but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and many thanks of guy and female.


Paine utilised the phrase “try” not in the perception of stressing anything, but of examining the benefit of a mineral sample, and Steve Brodner places the summer soldiers and sunshine patriots to the test by comparing them to the generation who fought and died to resist authoritarians and racists.

I drastically admire his fury, but, once again, he’s not likely to get the selfish, indolent uninvolved doofus out of his Barcalounger.

But Paine was not addressing that slothful lump either, but shaming the “summer soldier” who went property as quickly as his one particular-12 months enlistment was up, and the “sunshine patriot” who was all for Washington as very long as we had been winning battles, but disappeared when the true patriots were hunkered down on short rations and doubtful fortunes in the cold of Valley Forge.

Shaming persons for currently being rural or weak or not having Ivy League levels is counterproductive and just hardens our divisions. But Brodner, like Paine, asks “Which aspect are you on?”

That is a worthwhile issue. Creating it distinct that you are on just one side or the other can make the fence-straddlers select, and Brodner lays the situation out clearly.


(Kirk Walters — KFS)

(Paul Fell)

Walters and Fell place out that, for all that the GOP has hammered Biden around inflation, they don’t look to have a proposal, outside of — as Walters implies — continuing to “own the libs” by assailing Hunter Biden.

What little they have really proposed is speedily watered down, like Rick Scott’s Rescue The united states tax hikes, or contradicted, as with Lindsey Graham’s proposal for a federal antiabortion legislation.


When Pat Bagley factors out that inflation is a world-wide phenomenon with a broad quantity of will cause, only a handful of which are below Joe Biden’s control.

It is, of study course, typical apply to heap accusations on the opposition, and incumbent presidents invariably get blamed for factors they could not have improved, but there is a stage at which “spin” turns into “gaslighting,” especially when GOP candidates develop into far more and more reluctant to engage in debates with their political opponents.


Dana Summers (Tribune) walks a fantastic line with this criticism of Biden’s release of oil from the reserve. Democrats can increase a credible argument that this is accurately what the reserve is for, although the reaction is that we need to continue to keep that oil for a real crisis.

Though, if OPEC’s revised manufacturing targets and Russia’s stranglehold on European strength are not a genuine disaster, why is the GOP complaining so significantly about large gas price ranges?

Summers’s advocation for the Keystone Pipeline is beating a useless horse, and, even if it went by, the 800,000 daily barrels of tar sand oil would scarcely be recognized amid the 94 million every day barrels American refineries at present approach.

As for leases, the President has eased up and entertains even extra of them. The oil companies simply just aren’t making use of for them, as CNN experiences:

New exploration for oil and gasoline has fallen sharply worldwide this calendar year. However bruised by an oil-selling price crash prolonged by the covid pandemic, fossil gas organizations are now concentrating on spots they know will make money, and far significantly less on exploring for new areas to drill.

Fracking is also a thing that Biden only proposed curtailing, but has not.


And if Summers introduced a just about vacant quiver to battle, Gary Varvel (Creators)’s assault on Biden’s pardon for uncomplicated possession and his buy to re-examine federal marijuana rules is incomprehensible.

Legalization would stop the profitability of smuggling and illegally providing cannabis.

Varvel may possibly as effectively have depicted Dutch Schulz and Al Capone celebrating the conclusion of Prohibition.

Occur on, gentleman: I’m mad, but I’m not outrageous.

If you’ve under no circumstances seen “Gaslight,” you definitely really should. It’s effectively truly worth Amazon Prime’s $2.99 rental.

Nevertheless, as Madge applied to say of Palmolive, “You’re soaking in it!”

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