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You should be aware of probable spoilers!

Lee Hwon is the crown prince and the throne’s heir. He has an more mature brother, prince Yang Myung, who’s the son of a concubine and for that reason not eligible for the throne. Prince YM has no fascination in the throne and so, the two brothers get alongside even though PYM has to dwell out of the palace. Things get messy when equally brothers drop in appreciate with Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a superior-rating formal who only reciprocates Lee Hwon’s thoughts. Quickly, she’s declared the Crown Prince’s fiancée and the preparations for the marriage are manufactured. On the other hand, the queen dowager with Yoon Bo Kyung (a minister’s daughter) in thoughts, manages to get Yeon Woo out of the palace by giving her an unknown disease.  She finishes up “dying” of it but is shortly saved by a shaman.

8 years afterwards, Yeon Woo who became Wol, is now a shaman but she is unaware of her identity as she forgot every little thing due to the shock of being buried alive.

Music Jae Rim performs the job of Kim Jae Woon, Lee Hwon’s own guard and Prince Yang Myung’s greatest close friend. He delivered an excellent efficiency despite portraying a somewhat serious, silent, and secretive character. His fight scenes ended up amazing, and he just had that charisma you can not draw your eyes off. He also experienced an lovely bromance with the king’s brother. (And he looked definitely fantastic with extended hair.)

Our favorite line: 

 “Woon-ah, are you all set?”

“If my master’s command is there, I’m all set anytime.” 

This line rather significantly exhibits how a lot regard and loyalty he holds for the King, which is true.

Certainly… we almost certainly know what you’re previously wondering: “Why contain Nail Store Paris?” Nail Shop Paris, the drama that retains a present all round MDL score of only 6.3/10. Nonetheless, one of, if not THE biggest issue about this drama is Song Jae Rim – even men and women who never even like Tune Jae Rim will admit it! He is effortlessly the standout actor out of all the cast (even though the character he plays is a little sketchy at situations), and he is genuinely the only a single to put believability in his role (sorry, not sorry).

Track Jae Rim plays a warm-headed nail artist who at some point falls in love with the FL (even though it is a ton much more complex than what it sounds). His character also considers peoples’ thoughts, even if he won’t want to exhibit that caring facet of his at situations. 

Though the drama itself isn’t in all probability heading to acquire you about, scenes that include Track Jae Rim as Kay will. 

Jang Tae San is a young man who operates in a pawn store. His ex-girlfriend abruptly arrives back and informs him that they have a daughter jointly, who however suffers from leukemia and that he is the previous likelihood for her to survive. As he is about to get started the method, Tae San finds himself accused of murder but manages to operate away. With the law enforcement browsing for him and a mysterious killer on his tail, Tae San only has two months to establish his innocence and conserve his daughter, Soo Jin.

Tune Jae Rim portrays the character of Mr. Kim, a killer who was despatched to just take again a electronic camera that was pawned by a consumer. That digital camera looks to hold a lot of strategies and Mr. Kim is prepared to destroy Tae San to get it back again. Stern and chilly-blooded, the killer chases Tae San till D-working day, the day of the intervention for Tae San’s daughter. You could assume his only backlink to the tale is this job of killing Tae San, but as the plot unfolds, we find that he is considerably a lot more included and has reasons to pursue this mission.

Yet again, Track Jae Rim showed his flexibility in this drama. If I was in like with his character in Unkind Ladies, I preferred to make him put up with here, lmao. Which is how you know anyone is superior at what they do. His rigorous expression was so on stage! He in no way after smiled which was kinda similar to Moon Embracing the Sunlight but nevertheless colder.

This line is not from him but from a character that’s linked to his tale.

“I did not give you that fountain pen to use as a knife.”

This sentence is quite impactful and kinda describes a great deal about Mr. Kim’s story.

In Surplus Princess, Tune Jae Rim plays the character Kwon Shi Kyung, who commences off as an arrogant chef struggling from facial blindness, but his coronary heart of ice finally warms up to the FL, and it is a fantastic drama to see the distinct sides of his acting capabilities (whilst this drama did like to zoom in on his ass 1 way too many occasions). 

What we also like about Song Jae Rim in this drama is that it gave him a opportunity to flourish with a challenging character. Some actors, when playing a character that has this sort of a deep character development, become unbelievable in their position. They are acting as the similar character as before, just with a smile. But not Song Jae Rim, a grasp of the performing craft. It was honestly like seeing two various people. That is how considerably of a skilled Music Jae Rim was in this drama. It is really a rarity when you are watching a drama, to imagine that there are two different people performed by the identical a person man or woman. But Song Jae Rim manages to do it right here in Surplus Princess

Facet note: Whilst we absolutely loved Song Jae Rim and this drama – what in the blue hell was that ending?!

The very first period of Thumping Spike (just the drama in general) is a single of the finest surprises we have witnessed. It really is a sporting activities miniseries drama that focuses on volleyball in a university location. Track Jae Rim plays a 20-year-previous (even nevertheless he was 31 when this was filmed – he still simply gets absent with playing this kind of a young character – this male is better than Pharrell Williams when it comes to this things). His character is a little standoffish at periods but resilient and he means perfectly. There is also a healthy sum of romance that just isn’t annoying and Song Jae Rim’s chemistry with the FL (Hwang Seung Eon) below is to die for. 

It is very clear to see who takes the centre phase with his phenomenal effectiveness as normally but this drama looks like just one of Track Jae Rim’s individual favourites too with the quantity of joy you can see on his encounter when filming some of the additional action-packed pleasurable scenes. 

Most likely his most underappreciated purpose is in just one of his most-recognised dramas, Cleanse with Enthusiasm for Now, wherever he performs a uncomplicated-on-the-outside the house still elaborate-in-the-center kind character. If you are an Extremely Enthusiast or not of Music Jae Rim, generally this would be the drama you would know him from (if not, Moon Embracing the Sunlight). 

We cherished observing this drama. Specifically for the performing. Although it was really obvious that he was the SML, that didn’t matter as he was an absolute scene stealer with his functionality in this. Every time we saw him on our screens, we understood we had been in for a trip. We sense that quite a few other actors would have miserably unsuccessful seeking to portray the character of Choi Ha In/Choi Daniel, but Tune Jae Rim manufactured it look effortless. Having said that, not numerous people chat about his functionality in this drama. Who knows why? 

Song Jae Rim’s most latest main purpose is a different delight, despite the fact that we would have appreciated him to have a lot more display time (irrespective of acquiring a main role, there were being a few episodes the place he was however non-existent). In this, he performs a considerably mysterious director who is adapting the FL’s (who is a webtoon artist) do the job into a reside-action film. In the course of this time, he notices something isn’t really rather right with the FL, who is going as a result of a tricky time with her like lifetime at this issue. He tries to assistance her experience greater, even if she does not realise it. 

We love Track Jae Rim in this drama for the reason that it just adds a different drama to his resume of fantastic performances with a tricky character to portray: an individual who doesn’t like to clearly show their thoughts way too a great deal. It can be just a type of character he was born to play. He tends to make nothing at all glimpse like one thing, all the time. When he does demonstrate his feelings, his smile is quite addictive to see. He helps make us wait for it! 

Who else agrees that his smile is overwhelmingly addictive?

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