Apotheosis (Bai Lian Cheng Shen) Donghua Adaptation Release & Updates

There’s a new and enjoyable donghua that followers have to look ahead to this 2022 from YOUKU and that is no other than Apotheosis (Bai Lian Cheng Shen) which is a familiar name if you are an avid lover of Chinese net novels, specially, cultivation stories.

Apotheosis donghua key poster
Apotheosis donghua vital poster

This new donghua is a complete circle of fate with the main character who used to be a youthful learn of a massive family members who finished up a menial slave in services of other masters just after the decline of his family. Fortunately, there’s a particular ebook still left to him by his father and this is where by his destiny unfolds to make change.

1st issue to start with, let’s speak about the series’s history before we continue with other aspects these kinds of as its production committee and launch day, which we are also thrilled to master.

What will come into your head first when you assume about its title – APOTHEOSIS? Now, that feels like an historic word, almost never utilized in layman’s phrases. Nicely, it only suggests, the peak of one’s improvement, the supreme climax and it corresponds with the MC’s greatest growth as a cultivator and a practitioner of the mystic art.

Apotheosis donghua adaptation is influenced by a website novel – Apotheosis – Ascension to Godhood, by writer Gift of Liberation. The novel had been tailored into a Chinese manhua in 2015 underneath several titles these as The Countless Street to Divinity, The Elevation to the Position of a God, Forged Achievement, Principles of Heavens: Zen’s Cultivation to Immortality, Ascension to Godhood, or basically as APOTHEOSIS.


Zen Luo, who is now a menial slave, made use of to be a young master of a large relatives, owing to the decrease of his family, his sister is imprisoned by a solid force, and he has no alternative but to be at others’ services. Nevertheless, Just about every cloud has a silver lining, The historic ebook remaining by his father actually conceals the magical spell, which can alter a human into an instrument! What is the mysterious electric power behind all these? This is a contest with fate.

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Now, the title by itself may well recommend what its story is all about but there’s far more to it than fulfills the eye and that is why we want to watch Apotheosis upon the launch of its donghua adaptation or read possibly the world-wide-web novel or the manhua adaptation to get a whole dive working experience about it. Nevertheless it really reminds a whole of numerous cultivation donghua we had out there, A History of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality to be precise, and Battle By means of The Heavens.

Animation Studio & Launch Day

Now, let’s speak about the Apotheosis donghua adaptation, it is a co-production of Youku and Qingxiang, on which it’s been listed as just one of the former’s lineup of Chinese animation this 2022.

The Apotheosis release date hasn’t been confirmed or announced yet, having said that, we shall continue to keep you current about it after we get information from its generation team. Nevertheless, its official Weibo webpage had been continue to keep on putting up updates this kind of as marketing teasers and visuals, as effectively as character designs. If you wish to get immediate updates, you can go to the Apotheosis Weibo webpage.

Character Layouts & Thought Arts

Trailers & PVs

Meanwhile, let’s just take a initial glimpse into the donghua adaptation of Apotheosis by way of its trailer. Just like any cultivation donghua, it gives off that mystic Japanese vibe, and the atmosphere seems dope and terrific as demonstrated by the notion posters of the donghua which characteristic detail-oriented patterns.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=DhopnxLXBtY

For those who are eagerly waiting for the donghua’s release, you can bookmark its official channel on Youku now and we can be expecting that it’ll be readily available on our beloved donghua web-sites far too as effectively as on the formal YouTube channel of Youku on its release.

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