Bayonetta 3: Everything We Know


Bayonetta 3 was first announced at The Game Awards in 2017, and since then, updates on its progress have been few and far between. That all changed recently with the announcement of a release date, which came alongside lots of details about the game. Platinum Games revealed a new playable character, a new mode that should make it a little more family-friendly, and a special edition. Here’s everything we know about Bayonetta 3.

Release date

Bayonetta 3 releases on October 28, 2022. That release date had been a long time coming, since the game went largely silent since its reveal in 2017. We had seen hints and teases for years afterward, and last year a trailer confirmed it was destined for release in 2022. Even then, fans were kept waiting for more details, prompting Nintendo to reconfirm it was still on track for this year. Given that this year has been rife with delays, eager Bayonetta fans were understandably apprehensive.


Like its predecessor (and unlike the original Bayonetta), Bayonetta 3 will be published by Nintendo, thus making it an exclusive for Switch.

What is Bayonetta 3?

Bayonetta 3 is the next entry in the cult-favorite action game series developed by Platinum Games. Beyond that, we know basically nothing more about Bayonetta 3 regarding its premise or new gameplay mechanics. On the game’s official website, it’s described as “Climax Action,” which certainly sounds like the over-the-top gameplay we’ve come to expect from the series. You’ll also be able to play as a new character, Viola, who wields a sword alongside a little cat companion called Cheshire. Past games have been compared to Devil May Cry, a series created by original Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya.

Naive Angel Mode

Bayonetta is a series known for being risque with its tongue-in-cheek heroine, whose form-fitting suit (made of her own hair) shapes to her body. The franchise tends to linger on close-ups of Bayonetta herself, and Platinum seems to have decided that this tendency could prove embarrassing or uncomfortable to play in front of others. With Bayonetta 3, it’s introducing a “Naive Angel” mode, which will strategically censor the almost-nude scenes. Rather than seeing her shapeshifting suit form around her almost-naked body, she’ll simply appear in her full apparel at all times. Platinum says it hopes this will help “more people [to] fully enjoy it.”

The trailer that debuted the new feature showed that it will also apply to secondary characters aside from Bayonetta, if they happen to be similarly scantily clad.

Development team

Bayonetta 3 is being directed by Yusuke Miyata, who previously served as a game designer on Astral Chain–despite that game releasing two years after Bayonetta 3’s original announcement. In a blog post explaining his approach to directing the game, Miyata said he aims to make Bayonetta control exactly how the player wants her to, creating “action connected directly to the brain.” It’s an important aspect of the first two titles, as well, particularly with how it rewards perfectly-timed dodges.

Hideki Kamiya, who directed the original game, is the executive producer on Bayonetta 3. He is still responsible for “overseeing the world and story” in the game. Prior to his time at Platinum Games, he worked at Capcom on games like Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 2.

Some elements are changing, however. JP Kellams, who worked on previous Bayonetta titles, is not working on this third game and published a lengthy Twitter thread criticizing certain aspects of its production, while still saying he’s excited to play it. One big change from Kellams’ time is that Hellena Taylor is no longer voicing the lead character of Bayonetta.


Bayonetta 3’s debut trailer offers little details about what will be happening to its pistol-wielding witch protagonist this time around. The brief trailer alludes to Bayonetta taking on her strongest foe yet, potentially pushing her to the brink of death.

The latest trailer, which debuted the release date, showed off the new playable character Viola, the Naive Angel mode, and a special edition.

Special edition

In addition to the standard version of Bayonetta 3, Nintendo will release a Trinity Masquerade Edition. That version will include a 200-page art book and three reversible game cases. A price for the Trinity Masquerade Edition has not been announced.

Preorder details

Bayonetta 3 is up for preorder at various retailers, including Best Buy, Walmart, and Newegg. For more details on how to secure yourself a copy, be sure to check out our Bayonetta 3 preorder guide.

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