Best 10 Most Common Fairy Tail Characters

As you all know, Fairy Tail has ended but let’s not examine its ending or plot tale. Fairy Tail started out with an incredible story and undoubtedly, superb people. It cannot be denied that Hiro Mashima has supplied us, Fairy Tail fans, a wonderful plot as we went nuts about his figures. How several of you fell in enjoy with far more than just a single character?

Now let us have a seem at the best 10 most liked characters in Fairy Tail. This checklist is dependent on the character poll in Weekly Shonen Journal as properly as my personalized choice.

10. Wendy Marvell

How can we not love this small lady? She may possibly be very little but Wendy is a fantastic guidance human being all through a combat, making use of her healing capability and a powerful-willed fighter any time her good friends are in threat. This Sky Dragon Slayer is shy but lovable and caring at the exact 10

9. Gajeel Redfox

Currently being an Iron Dragon Slayer, a former S-mage from Phantom Lord. Immediately after he attacked Fairy Tail, Gajeel was charmed to modify. His initial impact was chilly, apathetic, and rather cruel but he became quite committed and faithful to the guild he is with. When he becomes a Fairy Tail member, his brutality continues to be but he is keen to guard his comrade and specially Levy. This pair is very lovable. And Gajeel tries to sing failing comically at it. This is additional than sufficient to enjoy him. And, I are unable to help laughing when Gajeel is so sentimental about getting the only dragon slayer not having a 10

8. Laxus Dreyar

A Lightning dragon slayer, a fashionista, and the 2nd strongest S-mage just after Gildarts. Laxus is liked by many in his guild. At the commence, he appeared egocentric, arrogant, who only cares about the toughness and reputation of Fairy Tail. Having said that, deep inside, he cares about his comrades, and individuals in his town. He is form-hearted and protecting. In other text, He is both fierce and light. This is more than enough to take the fan’s heart 10

7. Juvia Lockser

Juvia, like Gajeel also defected to Fairy Tail after Phantom Lord is defeated. She was emotionless with a lonely earlier. It is extremely heartwarming to see her change when she is with Fairy Tail soon after going nuts about Grey. Her unrequited adore for Gray is admirable and cute. Afterwards in the series, by giving Juvia a change of seem, Hiro Mashima will make much more of us tumble for 10

6. Mirajane Strauss

She is in all probability the most unsafe girl in Fairy Tail. When you start off Fairy Tail, you will slide for her innocence, kindness, and beauty. You may possibly also assume she is just a side character, who serves a consume at the guild. Nonetheless, soon, you will locate out how monstrous she is. Hiro gave followers a big surprise with the twist and this, in fact, gets Mirajane even far more appreciate from the admirer. She is a cheerful lady but also a scary mage when 10

5. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy cheerful, caring, and persistent. She is a single of the primary people of Fairy Tail. She is not exceptional when it will come to battling but her existence is often required. And she was the to start with in the “most common character poll” posted in the Weekly Shonen Magazine. She is cute when it arrives to Natsu. She uses her magic to summon 12 unique 10

4. Pleased

Surprise but no shock! This checklist are unable to be comprehensive with out Content, the ‘legendary’ blue cat from “Fairy Tail”. Joyful is lovable, humorous as his idiocy tends to make us giggle tricky. Even though he is just a cat, he is a accurate member of Fairy Tail. Like many Fairy Tail associates, he is keen to stand against any opponent to protect his comrades. He is the most trustworthy and caring good friend for Natsu. Also, his voice is super 10

3. Natsu Dragneel

Natsu is a carefree and reckless who is a Hearth Dragon Slayer at Fairy Tail guild. He is brief-tempered when looking at a person hurting his friend or his guild. Natsu is fiercely protecting and faithful. He would bounce straight into the opponent’s confront and melt away the enemy promptly. Natsu is violent but also displays kindness and sincerity for pals. Natsu is cherished by a lot of for his easy temperament and energy. Natsu’s combat can be really fatal, severe, epic, psychological, and also hilarious at 10

2. Grey Fullbuster

Grey is probably the coolest man in Fairy tail. He utilizes ice magic which is amazing in Anime. He is laid-again most of the time but receives severe when the circumstance phone calls immediately. He is the rival to Natsu at the guild and gets into fights with him for very small factors. On the other hand, they are correct pals. And what’s even much better? Some Lovers like his abnormal pattern to strip even in the center of a 10

1. Erza Scarlet

Erza, properly acknowledged for her stunning pink hair, monstrous strength, is the strongest female S-mage in Fairy Tail. Regardless of her acquiring a tragic past, Erza is strong and cool. She can be scary occasionally, but she is also whole of kindness, brightness, and warmth. She has a excellent sense of justice and carries satisfaction in staying a member of Fairy Tail. Many fans ended up amazed when they discovered that she can also have a gentle side especially with Jellal. Ezra, together with Natsu and Grey, is a fierce team and fantastic entertainers. Erza is loved the most for her epic and spectacular battling with many attractive armors. She is certainly the most stunning flower on any 10

Fun Reality: Did you know, most of the figures in this record have their individual theme tunes in the anime?

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