Best Anime Snipers: Our Top 40+

Best Snipers Anime. The anime, in its evolution has known and continues to make known to us the characters whose powers are immense and incomparable. starting from nothing, weak, one becomes a pillar of his entourage. here it will be a question of making a classification of the best anime snipers which makes the fights even more breathtaking.

Top 40 Best Anime Snipers Of All Time

Here is the ranking of the best anime snipers:

40. Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

Best Anime Snipers

Best Snipers Anime. Vash the Stampede is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series of Trigun. Vash is also known as The Humanoid Typhoon due to the destruction and chaos that often surrounds him. Wielding a huge nickel revolver, he travels from town to town to learn more and protect what his adoptive mother, Rem, treasured most: love and peace. He is initially discovered by Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, two Bernardelli Insurance Society representatives investigating claims made due to damages caused by the mysterious Humanoid Typhoon.

39. Shino Asada (Sword Art Online)

 Shino Asada (Sword Art Online)

Best Anime Snipers. Calm and cool are two words that best describe Sinon’s personality. In battle and most of the time in the game, she keeps a cool head. It is actually said that Kirito is the first one to make her extremely angry. Despite all this, Sinon, while perhaps hard to approach, is generally a friendly person and does not mind helping others.

Shino, however, can be a fragile-minded character. This is due to her childhood incident that involved her killing a robber. If someone were to act as if they were shooting her in real life Shino would have a nervous breakdown and be on the verge of collapsing. People have used this to take advantage of Shino before. Not only this, but the guilt of taking another’s life haunts Shino the same way killing Laughing Coffin members haunts Kazuto. After the Death Gun Incident, Shino has made progress with handling her trauma, as she did not have any serious reactions to seeing a model gun when Endou threatened to shoot her with one, and was even able to use it while feigning that she was not affected by it.

38. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Best Anime Snipers

Best Snipers Anime. Sometime in 2068, in circumstances that are not told, Spike meets Jet Black who becomes his partner and friend. They embark on the ship known as the Bebop and quickly become the most feared bounty hunters of the Solar System. Despite the passing years, Spike continues to search for his beloved Julia.

Spike was partnered with Vicious in the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate criminal organization, and the two garnered a reputation as the Syndicate’s strongest fighters. But all that changed after Spike started a romantic affair with Vicious’ girlfriend Julia, causing the two to become bitter enemies. After finding happiness outside violence, Spike tried to leave the Syndicate, and was then forced to fake his own death and separate from Julia in order to leave. After Spike fakes his death to escape the Syndicate, Julia never arrives to rendezvous with him instead she goes into hiding to avoid betraying him or being killed herself.

37. Tooru Yukimura (Aoharu X Machine Gun)

Best Anime Snipers

Tooru is a somewhat of quiet and a withdrawn individual, and does not seem to be friendly to Hotaru Tachibana at first. He lacks physical stamina and has the least of it from among the members of his team (though he’s willing to improve if only for Masamune). He is blunt when it comes to his thoughts, and is childish in his behavior at times. He is shown to care for Masamune Matsuoka greatly, calling him by his nickname “Mattsun” because the latter was his only friend at the time, and tends to support Masamune in most of his decisions. Because his very small amount of friends, and possibly his past, he can be awkward or shy at social situations with people not in his circle.

He learns to open up to Hotaru and to Haruki Hosokawa later on, and is often shown offering advice to Hotaru whenever she appears troubled. While Tooru is quite sensitive on the trouble his friends have, he tends to keep his troubled thoughts to himself. However, he tends to tell Hotaru more than anyone else in the team as the story progressed.

36. Kurz Weber (Full Metal Panic)

Snipers Kurz Weber

Best Anime Snipers. We are six months after the end of Full Metal Panic!. Sôsuke is still on a mission with Kaname. However, a secret organization called Amalgame appears, forcing Mithril to watch over all fronts… The sequel to Full Metal Panic! and Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu is, according to the fans, worthy of the previous series. Where the original series gave pride of place to action, and the second series to humour, this one revives the origins of Full Metal Panic!.

Kurz is an outgoing person who can best be described as a Ladies man and he often uses vulgar or flippant language in conversation. He has an energetic and friendly personality and as such befriends people easily. Melissa Mao is constantly at odds with him due to his blatant sexual harassment against her. It is in this way, that he can be seen as the polar opposite of Sousuke Sagara (Kurz’s teammate). Despite this, Kurz does have a more serious side. When endangered or threatened, he becomes far more determined and aggressive.

35. Kino (Kino’s Journey)

Best Anime Snipers

Best Anime Snipers. In Kino’s Odyssey, the protagonist Kino, accompanied by a Hermes-designed Brough Superior talking motorcycle, travels through a mystical world in many different countrysides and forests, each unique in its customs and people. Kino stays only three days and two nights in each city, without exception. She thinks that’s the amount of time it takes to learn everything important about the place, while cutting down time to explore new areas. On the other hand, Kino says in the first episode (named The country where we understand the pain of others) that this explanation is probably false and evokes a second reason: “if I stay longer, I’m afraid I want to stay “.

A phrase repeated in the anime and in the novels is: “The world is not beautiful, so it is”. Kino’s Odyssey explores what director Ryūtarō Nakamura describes as “a radical sense of beauty” where brutality, loneliness, absurdity, oppression and tragedy are often juxtaposed with compassion and fairytale atmosphere.

34. Suou Pavlichenko (Darker Than Black)

Best Anime Snipers

Whilst as a Contractor, like all Contractors, he seems to find it hard to understand normal human emotions. He makes an effort to understand them, by looking at them from a scientific point of view, but has little success. As he was wheelchair bound, and didn’t leave the house, he had his twin sister to take photographs of the outside world, maybe in an attempt to understand it better. He shows concern for his sister and gets along quite well with her although it seems he doesn’t care that much about his mother. Due to his innate nature as a Contractor, his father isolated him and wanted him to have as little interaction with the outside world as possible. His father took this to such an extent as to warn his sister to stay away from him. Even so, he seems to have a good understanding of everything going on around him. Shion cares for Suou so much he creates a world for her and even calls her his sister. He also goes so far as to protect Suou from Tanya Akulova by killing her.

33. Mista (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures)

Best Anime Snipers

Best Anime Snipers. Guido Mista was a vagabond in his youth. He subsisted on small plunders, but took care not to do so violently, so as not to draw attention to himself. His life changed when surprising a group of thugs trying to rape a young woman he intervened to help her. Indeed, although the gangsters tried to shoot him down, Mista’s dormant Stand protected him from the bullets, which naturally seemed to deviate their trajectory as he approached (which would indicate that Mista has a birth Stand). After realizing this, Mista, without the slightest concern, disarmed one of his assailants and taking his weapon, killed them all without remorse.

Because of this affair Mista was incarcerated, although he pleaded for self-defense and that he had done so to protect the young woman, the fact that he had had time to reload his weapon could only lead to to a simple assassination.

 32. Usopp (One Piece)

 Usopp (One Piece)

Best Anime Snipers. Usopp is an outstanding sniper, having obviously owed his father, also a sniper, and is the sniper of the crew. He is able to shoot a distant rock with a cannon with difficulty without precision. He uses a slingshot which he handles with great dexterity, never missing his target. He employs all sorts of objects instead of ammunition such as eggs, shurikens or, more effectively, explosive or flaming balls. He uses a lot of tactics during his fights. His strategies are often surprising, even comical, but the fact is that they are relatively effective.

As a sniper, he must have perfect vision. That’s why he bought riflescopes in Loguetown. They proved to be very effective and very useful during his fights. Since the trip to Skypiea, he also uses Dials during his confrontations, extremely formidable weapons, especially when mixed with the fine tactical intelligence of Usopp. His vision is unmatched among the crew, often being the first to notice details that others miss.

31.  Isami Toma (World Trigger)

 Isami Toma (World Trigger)

sami Tōma was one of those who returned from a Neighbor world. He complained to Kinuta about the size of the boat and asked for it to be bigger. When Miwa Squad explained about Yūma Kuga, he was surprised to hear a Neighbor enlisting in Tamakoma. He agreed to starting the fight for the black trigger that night.Tōma greeted Jin Yūichi cheerfully, and answered Jin’s question about his commanding officer. Sōya Kazama told him to quiet down. Tōma showed some reluctance to start battling against Jin.

Tōma fell back from the main battle, attempting to seek favorable terrain and complaining when he couldn’t find an acceptable line of fire. Narasaka and Shōhei Kodera set themselves up and began firing. Tōma refused to fire if he knew he was going to miss. He taunted Narasaka about always being number two, and left to join Miwa’s group.

  Isami Toma (World Trigger)

Tōma shooting Tokieda through the head during the Black Trigger Retrieval Arc Tōma joined the battle against the Arashiyama Squad by shooting a hole through Tokieda’s head. He attempted to shoot Kitora Ai as well, but Tokieda pulled her down at the last second. Kōhei Izumi wanted to level the abandoned houses to get to Jun Arashiyama and Kitora, to which Tōma reminded him that the homes, while abandoned, were still people’s houses.

30. Watari (Death Note)

Best Anime Snipers

Watari first appears during an Interpol emergency meeting, informing the officers present that L is currently working on the Kira case. During the NPA’s meetings with L, Watari serves as the middleman for the officers and L.

When the Task Force diminishes in numbers and the remaining members meet with L in person, Watari appears without his disguise, in a tuxedo. He is responsible for handing out the counterfeit badges and belt buckles, under L’s orders.When L asks Light Yagami to join the Task Force, L asks Watari to never appear in person to the Task Force when Light is around and to speak with L through the laptop, as per L’s strategy of having Light think there may be more than one L. (This strategy of L’s is absent from the anime. Rather, Watari constantly serves L sweets throughout the anime.)

Watari (Death Note)

Light, as Kira, manages to subtly blackmail Rem into killing L; Rem, wanting to ensure Misa’s safety, kills Watari, an act not expected by Light. During his heart attack, Watari presses a kill-switch button which causes deletion of all data at Task Force headquarters. L told him to do this if something ‘strange’ were to happen to him.

 29. Daisuke Jigen (Lupin III)

Best Anime Snipers

Despite his name, a famous rumor claims that Jigen is not Japanese but an American under a pseudonym. In his past, he served in the military.

Jigen is a gunslinger. He is able to draw and shoot very quickly with extraordinary precision with any firearm. He wears in this but a large hat that conceals his eyes, making him even more mysterious. Episode 152 of the second anime series (“Red Jacket”) assigns him the role of sight: without this hat, he would be unable to shoot. However, this theory is only valid for this episode.

28. Bisca and Alzack Connell (Fairy Tail)

Bisca and Alzack Connell (Fairy Tail)

Bisca is a determined girl who loves Fairy Tail and is willing to fight for the good of her comrades. She is very loyal to her guild and will stand up to fight for them, even if she is unable to prevail. She demonstrates a headstrong personality when facing most of her fellow guildmates. However, this headstrong personality of hers completely disappears when it comes to her fellow immigrant from the West – Alzack Connell, whom she always secretly loved, and would eventually marry.

Prior to joining Fairy Tail, Bisca, under the alias “Mulan Rogue”, was a very arrogant, vulgar, and intimidating individual, claiming to be part of Fairy Tail and threatened people with the wrath of the Guild in order to get what she wants. In battle, Bisca was overconfident in her abilities, taking pride in her marksmanship and speed, and believed she could defeat anyone, such as Erza Scarlet. Upon losing to the scarlet-haired mage, Bisca yielded, and admitted that as a foreigner she had to make ends meet, and only became a bandit to survive, as well as pay for the medication of her friend Sunny.

27. Tanya (Saga Of Tanya The Evil)

Tanya (Saga Of Tanya The Evil)

In 2013 of modern-era Tokyo, an unnamed atheist Japanese salaryman, in the moment of being murdered by a disgruntled subordinate whom he had fired due to poor performance at work, is confronted by an entity that declares itself to be God who condemns the salaryman for not having ‘faith’. The salaryman disbelieves in its existence, criticises its various statements from his perspective as an atheist and mockingly terms it as ‘Being X’. The entity decides to reincarnate the salaryman into a world where he would face sufficiently difficult circumstances to turn to Being X for help.

The salaryman is reborn as Tanya Degurechaff, an orphaned girl in an alternate reality’s equivalent of Imperial Germany, known as the Empire, in which World War I has been delayed until the 1920s and where magic has been incorporated into the military. According to Being X, if Tanya either does not die a natural death or refuses to have faith in it, her soul will leave the cycle of reincarnation and will be sent to hell for the countless sins that Tanya has committed in her previous life.

26. Mey-Rin (Black Butler)

Best Anime Snipers

May Linn is a determined and strong-willed individual looking to prove her worth. Like the other Phantomhive minions, she is fiercely loyal to Ciel Phantomhive and deeply respects Sebastian Michaelis, whom she has a crush on due to his appreciation of who she is and his skills as a sniper. While working for Ciel, she is allowed to wear skirts, which pleases her, and is given glasses, which she cherishes and refuses to replace with new ones. She tends to remove said goggles whenever she assumes her sniper role so that she can focus over great distances.

May Linn, though clumsy and ungainly as a maid, remains an invaluable servant, as she is an exceptional marksman who guards Phantomhive Manor at night and dispatches enemies. She can discern in the distance and aim and shoot with impeccable precision. She prefers not to use scopes, keeps an abundance of rifles on the roof of the mansion to reduce reload time, and expertly uses rifles, handguns, and other high-powered firearms.

25. Chaika (Hitsugi No Chaika)

. Chaika (Hitsugi No Chaika)

Best Anime Snipers. It has been five years since the war ended between Empire Gaz and the Six Nations Alliance which saw the latter’s victory. Toru Acura is a Saboteur mercenary, currently unemployed who lives with his sister Akari, also a Saboteur. At the bend of a forest he meets Chaika Trabant, a teenager with long silver hair and carrying a coffin, pursued by a powerful and ferocious unicorn-like creature. Toru and Chaika must then join forces and narrowly manage to defeat the powerful monster. Chaika then decides to enlist Toru and Akari in her quest to find her late father’s body parts in order to give him a proper funeral. A godsend for Toru who could no longer bear his tidy and penniless life, far from the battlefields.

At the same time, Captain Gillette of the Kleeman agency visits Count Roberto Abarth, one of the eight heroes who defeated Emperor Arthur Gaz, with the aim of recovering the relic he received, like his peers, for his distinguished service. The latter refuses and dismisses the young captain because the precious relic is in fact a piece of the body of Emperor Gaz and can serve as a powerful magic source.

Best Anime Snipers

For his part Gillette and his men, worried about the resurgence of appearances of Chaika in search of the relics of Arthur Gaz decide to stay to monitor Roberto’s mansion which is not long in being the target of Chaika, Toru and Akari. The latter two then learn that Chaika Trabant is actually Princess Chaika Gaz, daughter of the late Emperor. Despite everything, they decide to remain faithful to the silver-haired girl and decide to continue the quest for the relics while being pursued by Gillette and his troupe as well as by the other Chaika also seeking to seize the pieces of the body of their father.

24. Reki (Aria The Scarlet Ammo)

Best Anime Snipers

It has been five years since the war ended between Empire Gaz and the Six Nations Alliance which saw the latter’s victory. Toru Acura is a Saboteur mercenary, currently unemployed who lives with his sister Akari, also a Saboteur. At the bend of a forest he meets Chaika Trabant, a teenager with long silver hair and carrying a coffin, pursued by a powerful and ferocious unicorn-like creature. Toru and Chaika must then join forces and narrowly manage to defeat the powerful monster.

At the same time, Captain Gillette of the Kleeman agency visits Count Roberto Abarth, one of the eight heroes who defeated Emperor Arthur Gaz, with the aim of recovering the relic he received, like his peers, for his distinguished service. The latter refuses and dismisses the young captain because the precious relic is in fact a piece of the body of Emperor Gaz and can serve as a powerful magic source. For his part Gillette and his men, worried about the resurgence of appearances of Chaika in search of the relics of Arthur Gaz decide to stay to monitor Roberto’s mansion which is not long in being the target of Chaika, Toru and Akari. The latter two then learn that Chaika Trabant is actually Princess Chaika Gaz, daughter of the late Emperor.

23. Lockon Stratos (Mobile Gundam 00)

 Lockon Stratos (Mobile Gundam 00)

Among the Gundam Meisters, Lockon is the most easy going of all. Despite his difference with others, he never let it stop him from helping out in times of needs. He looks out for his team, especially to Setsuna and Tieri. He is fair and yet considerate with other people’s feelings. He never criticizes people based on the wrongdoings they had done in the past. When someone is misunderstood, he is the one that tries to let other people, even himself, understand.

He’s also there for them when they felt doubts or when they expressed their sorrow. Despite admitting he’s only nice to women. His kindness evidently reaches out to those around him. He also has an orange Haro, which he brings along with him every time.

Best Anime Snipers

While Lockon is kind and considerate, he also has a dark side. When it comes to dealing with terrorists, he lets his judgement get blinded by anger rooted from his traumatic past. When he was young, he witnessed the KPSA suicide bombing that killed his parents and younger sister.Because of the violent death of his family, he developed a deep hatred on terrorists] especially to KPSA. While he also desired to change the world for the better, he was fixated by his past and his desire to avenge his family. Sadly, it was this blind anger that later led to his tragic demise.

22. Kohta Hirano Highschool Of The Dead

Best Anime Snipers

Best Anime Snipers. At the beginning of the story, Kohta is first seen before the announcement of the incident is made. He is peering around a corner into a classroom when Saya Takagi comes up behind him and tells him to come with her.

They find an empty classroom which they take refuge in while the other students are running through the halls in a state of panic. In the classroom, they find materials to make weapons with which includes the gas-powered nail gun that becomes Kohta’s first weapon to fight “them” with. When the nail gun is in his hands, his demeanor instantly changes. A group of “them” break into the classroom and he easily and quickly takes out each one with a single shot to the head.

Best Anime Snipers

He instantly takes on the role of Saya’s protector, which is a role he retains throughout the series. His attitude changes so much that, to Saya’s dismay, he orders her to gather the supplies. He seems to quickly go back to his normal self when the fighting is over. Later, when Saya is conducting her experiment to see what”they” react to, he is back to being awkward and nervous, and he questions Saya about her experiment. She demonstrates and he asks her if they will be walking outside, stating that he doesn’t like walking long distances. Saya responds by calling him a fatass.

Kohta is next seen in the hallway where the members of the group meet for the first time. He helps the other fight “them”, then introduces himself along with the others. In the break room, he walks in to the bathroom to check on Saya and sees her pulling out her contacts, and he is surprised to see her wearing glasses.

21. Jonathan Mar (Jormungand)

. Jonathan Mar (Jormungand)

Jonah tends to be quiet and rarely smiles, and it is unusual for him to laugh. His parents were killed in an attack on his village by its enemies who were armed with weapons sold by Kasper Hekmatyar, Koko’s older brother, and he initially wanted revenge for this as well as for the treatment that he received from Kasper before he was recruited. Jonah’s recruitment was not completely voluntary, as he exchanged his service in return for Kasper aiding three young orphans that he cares about. From his experiences with Kasper and one of his subordinates, Yusuf Gasud, Jonah developed an overall dislike of arms dealers and hatred of guns. However, his experiences with the squad and Koko have softened him somewhat. Kasper also noted two years later that it would be difficult for Jonah to abandon weapons as he had gotten so used to them.

Jonah has a maturity beyond his years, having a tendency to largely keep his thoughts to himself and not openly complain. He has a fear of needles, which caused him to delay getting a bullet that had been lodged in his rear end for some time surgically removed until Koko had him to do so to avoid continually setting off metal detectors in airports.[1] Jonah has no compunctions about killing when necessary but could not at first accept the initial human cost of activating Jormungand, 700,000 deaths. However he later accepted it as a cost of achieving world peace after two years when the geopolitical circumstances had changed drastically and the world was torn by wars and terrorism.

20. Tina Sprout (Black Bullet)

 Tina Sprout (Black Bullet)

Best Anime Snipers. Tina Sprout is a ten year old Initiator who first appeared in a set of pink pajamas. She has short platinum blonde hair. However, her main attire consists of a long green and black dress, awhich she wears during her assassination attempts. She also carries an earpiece in order to listen to her orders.

During her first introduction, Tina seemed to have the traits of a child, such as calling Rentarou a superhero. Tina is a nocturnal Initiator, and relies on caffeine tablets to stay awake. However, it is later revealed that she seems to be a proficient sniper with an IP Ranking of 98. She seems to have no form of hesitation when following orders, portrayed when she attacks a police officer under orders from her master, and eventually attacking Seitenshi. Albeit, it is later revealed that Tina is reluctant when it comes to killing;

 Tina Sprout (Black Bullet)

as her entire body shakes violently when aiming to take someone’s life. Following her fight with Rentarou, and after being taken in by Kisara, Tina seems to have returned to her lively child traits and start to adapt to daylight lifestyle. She now seems to get along with both Enju and Kisara, although she tried to kill them beforehand.

19. Shuichi Akai (Detective Conan)

Best Anime Snipers

Best Anime Snipers. Akai is a very professional agent. Even with personal problems, he remains distant and quite cold. However, he has a strong sense of loyalty. Intelligent, and capable of very good deductions, he is the number one enemy of the Organization: he has even received the nickname “Silver Bullet”. He continues to search for a way to destroy the Organization and avenge Akemi’s death. He also likes to be independent, especially with respect to the FBI and its boss James Black. James Black says that Akai is an introverted person, who doesn’t get close to other people easily, and has become even more closed off with Akemi’s death. He doesn’t often say what he thinks. Akai seems to get along well with Conan.

Akai, is a very good sniper, able to hit a small piece of gum in Gin’s hand at 700 yards, which is much more than the professional snipers of the Organization, Chianti and Korn. He also manages to shoot Gin from the same distance. Akai is also skilled with shotguns; he shoots Vermouth in the hip, faster than her with his pistol.

18. Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)

Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)

Best Anime Snipers. Yoko is shown to be a very mature and quite knowledgeable woman, especially when it comes to survival and general common sense. Yoko is a kind and caring person but can become quite irritable and aggressive sometimes, particularly when dealing with belligerent or uncooperative people, namely Kamina. Despite this, Yoko is a person who can endure and even handle most situations while maintaining a level head. Perhaps due to this, she has built up a well earned reputation as an excellent rifleman, a fact she is very confident in, as well as the resident sniper of the Dai-Gurren brigade.

Unlike Kamina and more like Simon, Yoko prefers to think things through before charging head-first into a battle and is easily the most rational member of the group along with Rossiu and generally, Simon. Yoko is also shown to be a very protective person and cares deeply for her team mates and friends.

Best Anime Snipers

Initially, Yoko doesn’t think much of Simon, largely due to his lack of self-confidence. She couldn’t understand Kamina’s blind faith in him as she believes him not to be the fighting type due to his inability to cope under pressure. However, she later warms up to him and eventually forms a sisterly bond with him.

17. Saito Ghost in the Shell SAC

Saito - 'Ghost in the Shell SAC

It is a time when all consciousness has been converted into photons and electrons in a single complex. Only individuals independent of the system were not converted. »

The series is set in the year 2030 in a city of Niihama-shi new capital of Japan in a world that has experienced a third nuclear World War and a fourth conventional. It tells the story of a special intervention squad called Section 9 de la Sécurité Publique, or more simply “Section 9. GitS: SAC features the exploits of Section 9 agents, who are drawn from the army (Batô) or the police (Togusa), and how events affect them as they try to solve each case, which will eventually lead them to the mysterious figure called The Laughing Man (Le Rieur) by the media .

16. Chaika Trabant – Chaika -The Coffin Princess

Chaika Trabant - Chaika -The Coffin Princess

Best Anime Snipers. Toru Acura is Akari Acura’s older brother. They are both saboteurs, and can boost their strength with a chant, which dyes their face and hair red. Tōru fights with two short swords, given by Shin Acura.

He meets Chaika Trabant, a strange girl with a coffin on her back. Lost in the forest, he will try to help her, without her seeming to want this help. They will be attacked by a Fayla, and Chaika will tell her about her quest. He won’t know the details right away, but will first seek out the members of the Taboo Emperor, Arthur Gaz.

He will make many encounters, such as that of Fredrica, a dragon in the form of a little girl with blond curls; but also that of the Gillette troupe, which wants to prevent him from bringing together the members of the Emperor.

15. K.K (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

15. K.K. - 'Blood Blockade Battlefront'

K.K is first seen when she meets up with Klaus & Gilbert prior to the former’s Prossfair game against the Don, having single-handedly defeated a small army of attackers.Accompanying Klaus into the Don’s demain, she is present when Ulchelko is defeated & realizes that the Don intended Klaus to sacrifice himself all along. Following the Game, she reveals the location of the Angel’s Scale distributors to Libra whilst carrying a half-dead Klaus, tearfully threatening to kill the others if they allow the dealers to escape

A drunken K.K greets Zapp at Libra’s party, promising not to attack him before voicing her displeasure at seeing the ‘Cabal’ of men gathered together, openly voicing her dislike of Steven.

14. Reiji Kizaki ( world trigger )

. Reiji Kizaki( world trigger )

Best Anime Snipers. He has short auburn hair (which was originally black, as seen in the old group picture and green eyes. He is tall and quite muscular. He usually wears a grey-purple shirt and black trousers. When in his trion body, he gets a grey-blue shirt with the Tamakoma Branch symbol on the sides of the sleeves, a black flak jacket, black military pants, and combat boots.

Reiji is a very calm and serious individual. He can be very strict, as shown when he scolded Chika for forgetting the basics of being a sniper, though she proved him wrong by showing him she didn’t. The only case in which he has been shown to lose his cool is when Yuri is around.

13. World’s Finest Assassin Features a Real-Life Sniper

Best Anime Snipers

Did you know that the new action anime The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat is so detailed that it features a real-life sniper model? The primary weapon that the protagonist is using in the anime is based on the CheyTac M200 sniper, according to the director, Masafumi Tamura. Tamura shared this bit of information during the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2021 in August.

12. Sniper mask

Best Anime Snipers

Best Anime Snipers. Prior to the grenade incident with Yuri and Nise, he is the same as the others Angel masks who are completely under its influence and are devoid of their own reasoning. He survived the explosion and as a result, his mask cracked on the right side, near his ear, causing it to malfunction. He regained his consciousness and some of his memories and is now able to talk and analyze his situation. However, he was still unable to disobey the mask’s orders to make humans commit suicide or to kill them if they do not show signs of despair. After meeting Kuon, he attempted to scare her by pointing his rifle at her, but the masked ordered him not to, to which he responded to with shock.

The mask mentioned her status and gave him no further orders, meaning he was able to talk and finally express his concerns. Later on, he was able to talk with Yuri before going into hibernation mode, a setting the mask sets “defect” angels into. Fortunately, he was saved thanks to Kuon and Nise’s help, and he was no longer forced to obey the commands of the mask. However, he was suggested to keep the mask on because the suicide command still remains.

Best Anime Snipers

So, as a human who is not under the influence of the mask, he seems to be a very intelligent man. He considers his situations carefully and makes his decisions based on what he determines to be best. Once he grows close to someone, he starts to show his concern for them, but overall, he is determined to look cool in whatever he does.

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11. Black laggon

 Black laggon

Rokuro Okajima, a young Japanese employee of a large company, is tasked with traveling the seas of Southeast Asia to deliver a disc containing secret and crucial data on the company for which he works. Unfortunately, his boat is attacked by a band of freelance pirates wanting to recover his property and he himself will be taken hostage on their boat, the Black Lagoon, an old torpedo boat.

Thinking that his company will do everything possible to rescue him, he is not overly worried. What he doesn’t know is that his superiors have hired mercenaries to silence him and destroy all evidence of the disc’s existence… At the end of this first incredible episode, he decides to abandon his life in Japan to join the adventure of these modern day pirates.

10. Archer (Fate Stay Night )

Archer (Fate Stay Night )

Best Anime Snipers. Despite his cheeky attitude, Archer is a deeply indecisive man. A character trait that is felt a lot in his fighting style, as in his actions. Torn between his ideals and his servitude as Counter Guardian, he will try, according to the three scenarios of Fate/stay night, to push Shirou to take a path different from his own. And will not hesitate to use force, if it serves its interests. In Unlimited Blade Works, he will go so far as to betray and kidnap Rin, his own Master.

Other than that, Archer is protective and helpful by nature. Wrapped in sarcasm, the advice he gives is never in vain and helps Shirou more than once to overcome the trials he encounters. Always focused, even in the heat of combat, he rarely lets his emotions take over, except when he is in the presence of Shirou. The attitude of the latter irritating him to the point.

9. Caine The Longshot (Trigun)

Best Anime Snipers

Best Anime Snipers. Cain is cold-blooded and never speaks. He is very patient as he can hide himself and wait for his targets to show up. He also is determined and not feared by death, as he chooses to commit suicide either because he failed to kill Vash or because he doesn’t want to deal with Millions Knives.

Caine the Longshot is a mute, talented sniper who can cloak his body. He carries an oversized rifle with telescopic barrel, which spans over many metres and allows him to hit targets placed several miles away from him. He also carries a revolver.

Because of the size of his rifle, Caine cannot move when he is using it, although it is unknown how he can change the trajectory due to almost no apparent mobility of the barrel. This made it easy for Vash to locate him.

8. DEATH THE KID (Soul Eater)

 DEATH THE KID (soul eater)

Best Anime Snipers. Death the Kid is first introduced while in the process of conducting a mission with his twin pistols (Liz and Patty Thompson). After failing the mission to capture Lupin, he speaks to his father, Shinigami, and decides to go after the witch Samantha. She is controlling mummies at the pyramid of Anubis. Upon arriving, Kid begins to worry about the symmetry of a picture hanging in his room back home. Kid leaves his weapons alone in the pyramid.

The sisters manage to defeat the mummies, but are later captured by the Pharaoh. When Kid eventually returns, he finds that his partners are being held captive.After successfully releasing them, Liz and Patty transform but Kid doesn’t fight as he realizes that the Pharaoh’s coffin is perfect symmetrical. The Pharaoh beats the unwilling Kid down.

7. Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

 Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood).

Death the Kid is first introduced while in the process of conducting a mission with his twin pistols (Liz and Patty Thompson). After failing the mission to capture Lupin, he speaks to his father, Shinigami, and decides to go after the witch Samantha. She is controlling mummies at the pyramid of Anubis. Upon arriving, Kid begins to worry about the symmetry of a picture hanging in his room back home. Kid leaves his weapons alone in the pyramid. The sisters manage to defeat the mummies, but are later captured by the Pharaoh. When Kid eventually returns, he finds that his partners are being held captive.

After successfully releasing them, Liz and Patty transform but Kid doesn’t fight as he realizes that the Pharaoh’s coffin is perfect symmetrical. The Pharaoh beats the unwilling Kid down. Kid then lies on the ground as the Pharaoh prepares for the final blow. The Pharaoh comes out of his coffin to end it, but Kid notices nothing symmetrical about it anymore but the smiley-face-like jewel on his forehead. Kid then gets up and shoots the pharaoh down, destroying everything but the jewel. However, in the process, he destroyed the pyramid of Anubis. As punishment, Shinigami takes all the souls he had collected

6. Kikyo (Inuyasha)


Best Anime Snipers. Kikyō was known as a compassionate, kind, caring and considerate woman before her death. She showed great sympathy toward everyone, even her enemies. This was seen when she tended to Onigumo’s well-being despite him being a bandit. She also had compassion toward Kansuke, and sympathy toward Inuyasha. Kikyō was also very good with children during her lifetime; no matter what village she went to, the children were always fond of her.

When she was alive, Kikyō was also very devoted to her duties as a priestess and completely incorruptible, not even using the Shikon Jewel to save her life when she could have, instead instructing Kaede to burn it along with her body to prevent it from falling in the hands of those that would abuse it. Despite her compassion, before meeting Inuyasha, she rarely, openly showed any emotions, always maintaining a calm, seemingly apathetic composure, akin to Sesshōmaru. Unlike him however, Kikyō did not hide the fact that she cared for others, especially her younger sister, Kaede.

5. Snipe (My Hero Academia)

5.snipe my hero academia

Best Anime Snipers. Snipe reminds Shota in the offices that students shouldn’t choose lightly for their internships.
Snipe is with the other teachers when the students arrive. He then fights Toru and Mezo, where he shoots and hides but eventually, Toru manages to handcuff him.
We see Snipe again in a flashback of an interview where he talks about Lady Nagant and her alter. He explains that he’s only the #2 long-range hero because Lady Nagant has always held the number one spot

4. Duke Togo (Golgo 13)

Duke Togo (Golgo 13)

Best Anime Snipers. Duke Togo, aka Golgo 13, is a contract killer who will stop at nothing. As soon as a contract is signed, where everyone considers the thing impossible, Golgo 13 succeeds. Of course, the more difficult the task, the more colossal the amount of money demanded; in the animated series, it is almost always three million US dollars.
Golgo 13 is the longest manga in history. In April 2021, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records for his record for “the greatest number of volumes published for a single manga series”, dethroning Kochikame.

3. Vachir (Avatar)

 vachir (avatar)

Vachir did what he was told by the prince and left the Yuyan Archers, though he kept his equipment and uniform. Sometime later, he became a part of the Rough Rhinos, and as their resident archer, he and the rest of the group attacked the village where Jet and his family lived around 91 AG.

In their attack, they killed his parents and destroyed the village, leaving Jet with a hatred of the Fire Nation for years to come. At some point between 95 and 99 AG, Vachir and his comrades were hired by Fire Lord Ozai to hunt down Onomu, a former Fire army general who had defected to the Earth Kingdom. Vachir took this mission especially seriously, believing that delivering Onomu to Ozai might help him in regaining his old status. In late 99 AG, Vachir and the other Rough Rhinos invaded another Earth Kingdom village, forcing several inhabitants to become refugees, among whom were Than and his pregnant wife.

2. Mine (Akame Ga kill)

 Mine (Akame Ga kill)

Best Anime Snipers. Mine is a pale-skinned girl with pink eyes and has long pink hair which she wears with two large pigtails reaching to her waist and held up with light ribbons. Mine is dressed in a pink dress ending in lace, black tights and also pink shoes.
Mine is the youngest member of Night Raid but paradoxically she tends to treat newcomers quite haughtily (like when she tells Tatsumi that he’s failed when he just joined Night Raid). This young rebel also has a temperamental temperament but is nevertheless very attached to her friends, we can see it when Sheele dies, she swears to avenge his death.

1. Alucard (Hellsing)

 Alucard (Hellsing)

Best Anime Snipers. Alucard fights with ferocity, and often extreme cruelty, rarely shooting to kill until his target has been completely disabled and humiliated. However, he does have some humanity left in him, as he is still capable of shedding tears and showing affection for those who are dear to him, taken by Alexander Anderson to mean that he is not completely lost.

As he is essentially immortal and invulnerable, Alucard is very egotistical. He freely taunts and belittles his opponents, often allowing them to inflict seemingly fatal wounds before healing himself and counterattacking. One of his favorite methods of fighting is to allow himself to be blown to shreds before simply flowing back together. An example is shown in volume 2 when Alucard fights Luke Valentine. When Luke gains an advantage over Alucard, victory seems within his grasp.

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