Best Psychological Manhwa

If, like me, you love a good psychological story, if you’ve run out of other, more compelling stories, where would you look?

Best Psychological Manhwa

Do you want to see what we have to offer? Believe me, you won’t be disappointed! Before I go any further into these stories, I should probably point this out. These stories are often obscure, inflecting and not suitable for young audiences! So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best psychological cartoons! Since there are enough people interested in the best psychological manhwa. So here are the 34 best psychological manhwa waiting for you:

34. The Flowers of Evil

The Flowers of Evil

The story starts in a small town in Gunma Prefecture  and follows Takao Kasuga, a middle school bookworm whose favorite book is Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du mal. One day after school, he impulsively steals the gym clothes of Nanako Saeki, the classmate he idolizes. However, a girl named Sawa Nakamura sees him and blackmails Kasuga into a “contract”. At the same time, Kasuga grows closer to Saeki and manages to become her boyfriend.

33. Nowhere Boy

Nowhere Boy

After earning the title of world’s unhappiest person, Lee Hyun was granted a wish by God. He then wishes for the end of the world. God accepts but under a specific condition; the end of the world will take place over 100 days, and Lee Hyun will only be allowed to “change his mind” once.

32. Subtle Disaster

Subtle Disaster

A webtoon writer, Songshin Ha, lives in the apartment, at the top of the hill, which has serious problems with noise from neighbors; and he desperately wants to solve the problem with his neighbors. Writer Sungshin Ha lives in an apartment on a hill and has a serious problem with the noise from his neighbors. And he really wants to solve the problem with his neighbor.

31. Metronome


A bloody man standing in front of a frightened girl. He professes his love for her and makes this ominous declaration: Within a year she will die alone or be with him forever.Now kills any boy who declares his love for her There are many rumors about the cursed girl.

30. My Deepest Secret

Having a handsome, kind and caring boyfriend like Elios means the world to Emma. Even a look at him makes her heart flutters. But little does she know about a secret lies deep in their relationship. What is the said secret?

29. My Student Can’t Be A Psychopath

My Student Can’t Be A Psychopath

Jung In-tae may be the first to admit to a school nurse (his favorite person) that he’s a psychopath, but he certainly won’t be the last… Then Miss Kim dealt with a lot of psychopaths in high school, but it doesn’t really seem like it… But if you dig a little deeper, it seems that everyone at school hides a secret. Like obsessions and the kind of fear that Miss Kim sometimes feels.Someone at school is really a psychopath, but who?

28. Melvina’s Therapy

Melvina’s Therapy

Melvina’s Therapy is an episodic horror webcomic. The frame story is centered around the eponymous Melvina, a mysterious and cruel therapist whose patients have an unfortunate tendency to meet grisly ends when trying to confront traumas of their past.

27. Death’s Game

Death’s Game

He’s perennially unemployed, his ex-girlfriend has moved on, and he’s just lost all his life savings to a bitcoin scam. Burdened by societal pressures, Yijae Choi decides to take his own life. Insulted by his flippant attitude towards dying, Death comes to punish him with her game: he must experience death over and over again through 13 other lives. But if he can find a way to survive the imminent death coming for these lives, he gets to live out their lifetime. His life was a bust, but what about the lives of others?

26. Pig Pen

Pig Pen

A relaxing vacation in paradise or a death trap? A young man wakes up on a beautiful beach with no idea who he is or how he got there. As difficult as it may be for him to try to piece it all together, unraveling this tricky mystery is no easy task when all the clues lead to even more perplexing questions.

25. It’s Mine

It’s Mine

There is nothing Johann Do knows about his unrequited love, Dajeon. Where she sits in class, where she works after school, and even where she resides. But he can’t get near his girlfriend, he watches his girlfriend from a distance and will do anything to protect her.

24. Secret Alliance

Our Secret Alliance

From childhood to lovers! SE-I Yun and JAEHA KIM are exemplary high school students who bonded the alliance to escape the prying eyes of strict parents. Until something separated them, they were childhood friends. Can this false alliance be supported by them?

23. An Uncomfortable Truth

An Uncomfortable Truth

Yoseob, who is usually very calm, has been convicted of stabbing eight civilians to death at a police station. Everyone wonders if he actually committed the crime. Is there any reason for him, an ordinary high school student, to do such a terrible act? Could it have something to do with his brother’s obsessive love for Jaeha?

22. 340 Days

340 Days

Lynn is a shat destined for a life of undying love for one person. Dosung says he’s Destroy and is always on edge to cover up the violent outbursts they’ve been known for. In this world, it’s not just their genetics, but their psychological traits that set them apart: just as Lynn is coldly rejected by Do-sung, a series of gruesome murders threaten her life. , her investigation is getting closer and closer. In this society of differences, everyone has a secret, but can Lin Dosung get back together? The countdown to the heart-wrenching love thriller begins.

21. Escape Room

Escape Room

Overly rational. Sociopathic, even. Sean’s unfeeling personality consistently drives people away from him. That is, until he wakes up after a night of heavy drinking in… an escape room? Now he must use his unique mind and join hands with other players to survive sadistic games of life and death. The only way out is to escap

20. Rotten


Jae-shin can see dead people, and Officer Han can sniff out evil… literally. A search for her missing boyfriend leads her and professional stuntwoman Yoohyun into a tangled web of terrifying cover-ups and twisted violence. Can they handle the overwhelming stench of evil?

19. Sweet Home

Sweet Home

Now a major adaptation for streaming. After an unexpected family tragedy, a withdrawn high school student is forced to leave home only to face something far more terrifying: the reality that monsters are about to wipe out humanity. He must fight alongside a handful of reluctant heroes to save the world before it’s too late.

18. Your Throne

Your Throne

Tensions rise beneath the seemingly calm surface of the Vasilios Empire, a kingdom ruled by the Imperial Family and the Temple. Lady Medea Solon has lost her place alongside her Crown Prince Eros, but she is understandably determined to do whatever it takes to regain what is hers. Will she regain her throne?

17. killstagram


Remi Do has it all, is super cute, endorses top brands on social media, and gets 10,000 likes within seconds of posting a selfie. Oh, and she also has a serial killer following her every step.

16. Hanged Doll

Hanged Doll

5 from BGscans, 24 years old. Their first memories begin in 1994 and it’s all about a mysterious crime that happened…will they be able to escape the danger?

15. Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels

Magee Sinclair is dealing with financial hardships caused by a string of recent failures at her family’s advertising agency. How can she prove she deserves the promotion her father has in mind for her?

14. Catharsis


Fear is a powerful emotion that overwhelms life. Leon thought he knew, but when he was thrown into a demonic realm ruled by catharsis, he learned there was more “real” fear than he could have imagined. But will he learn to deal with it?

13. The Savior’s Time

The Savior’s Time

When the youngest Yuu commits suicide, her brother begins to investigate her untimely death. The only clue left is his recording of messages on Saviour, his mysterious online community for those who need to break free from reality.

12. All Of Us Are Dead

All Of Us Are Dead

Major adaptation on streaming now. Life at Hyosan High School is nothing special…until the students find themselves at the epicenter of a deadly virus that turns its victims into carnivorous monsters. When the virus tears his classmates apart in hours. They find they have nowhere to run. Trapped in a high school with their zombified friends and teachers, they must fight and find a way to escape to save their lives.

11. Moritat


At the hospital, Jesse has complete amnesia and meets a man who claims to be his girlfriend. But the only memory he has of this man is when he tried to kill him. Who is that man ? Can he trust his memory? Who is telling the truth and what is really going on? And why is he in the hospital?

10. Distant Sky

Distant Sky (Best Psychological Manhwa)

“Is it only me who survived?” When the boy woke up, he realized that he was in a building full of corpse, and Gangnam was wrapped in a complete darkness. There is no car, no electricity, no stars in the sky… It seems that the whole city, not only Gangnam, but also the whole city.

9. Tales of Greed

Tales of Greed (Best Psychological Manhwa)

Everyone has what they want: beauty, wealth, power. You can get whatever your heart desires, depending on what you are willing to risk. You can be beautiful with a swipe of an app and be someone with the push of a button, but it all comes at a price. How far will you go to get what you want?

8. The Tales of the Unusual

The Tales of the Unusual (Best Psychological Manhwa)

Human instincts and impulses take unusual forms in dangerous urban legends and dark ancient myths. Discover strange and exciting depths in Tales of the Unusual. Often the person we fear most is ourselves.

7. Chasing Tails

Chasing Tails (Best Psychological Manhwa)

After 9 college students were trapped under a collapsed building for 14 days, only 6 survived and only 4 were able to speak. The bodies of her fellow students have been brutally mutilated, prompting the police to investigate the case as a possible murder. Dr. Yonghwa Joo examines testimony and inconclusive physical evidence to uncover the truth. But how do you solve a locked room murder when every witness is a suspect?

6. Hive

Hive (Best Psychological Manhwa)

Giant, oxygen-rich bees are trying to dominate humanity by reversing the food chain. Lee is a middle manager in a large company who has only one goal in mind: saving his family from the bug apocalypse.

5. Banquet Box

Banquet Box (Best Psychological Manhwa)

Five people who went to the same high school suddenly lose consciousness and are kidnapped. When they regain consciousness, they find themselves trapped in a container box. Then a mysterious voice commands them, “If you want to escape for your life, repent of your past sins.”

4. Ghost Teller

Ghost Teller (Best Psychological Manhwa)

Think your ghost stories are creepy? Hear these tales from the spirits themselves.

3. The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse (Best Psychological Manhwa)

France, 1835. Rose Dupre is constantly threatened by the village youths because of her rumors that her mother is a man-devouring witch. Nevertheless, her two friends, Marie and Pierre, decide to protect her at all costs…but those rumors don’t seem so unfounded…

2. See No Evil

See No Evil (Best Psychological Manhwa)

Bongang Choi has a secret. He lives a peaceful life as an ordinary college student, but he was born with the special ability to read people’s minds. He prefers to stay to himself and never acts on what he learns from his mind-reading skills. However, when he reads the mind of another student at the school, Hun Jo, and learns that he may have killed someone, Bong Gan quickly realizes that he cannot turn a blind eye to evil forever.

1. Seed

Seed (Best Psychological Manhwa)

Welcome to the future, our world has become an exercise in contradiction. We are more connected than ever, but alone. Healthier than ever, but sick. Safer than ever, but ultimately vulnerable. Seed is a story for such a future. The girl’s relationship with an AI system was simple at first, but soon the world situation will be compromised

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