“Blind” Episode 8 Revisits a Earlier Entire of Traumatic Recollections

On a mission to save An Tae-ho, Sung-jun goes to the area of Hope Welfare Centre in Blind.

Sung-jun and Sung-hoon monitor Supervisor An’s earlier addresses and learn about his variety mother nature. The two and the jurors acquire a spam-like concept with a url demonstrating An Tae-ho tortured. Eun-ki figures out wherever Manager An is, so Sung-jun rushes there but passes out immediately after getting injected with a material.

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Blind Episode 8 Highlights

“So what if that’s unscientific and illogical? All that matters is that I capture the offender.”

Quantities 11 and 13 beg for their life to be saved. Instead of conserving the children, Kyung-ja warns the men to get rid of the youngster with vicious eyes.

The police put on an APB for An Tae-ho right after getting spotted in the CCTV footage in close proximity to the bride’s chamber.

Sung-jun asks his brother if it’s him whom he observed at the marriage location, but Sung-hoon denies being present that working day. Easily confident, Sung-jun thinks his brother, who avoids reunions and such functions.

Falling into an argument about sensible investigation approaches, Sung-jun and Sung-hoon get scolded by Eun-ki.

Sung-jun decides to keep track of Manager An as a result of Detective Kim’s idea, but Sung-hoon confiscates the motor’s keys from Sung-jun. Instead, they observe down Supervisor An’s earlier addresses alongside one another even though Eun-ki by itself also tracks his oldest ones.

Taking a break, Sung-hoon asks Sung-jun if he’s having things flippantly. Recalling his pleased moments, Sung-jun tells Sung-hoon he appreciates having with him even even though he cooked salty ramyeon in the earlier.


“That was the only time I ever felt content. When I sat throughout from you and we ate jointly.”

Pretending to be a mate of An Tae-ho, Sung-hoon listens to the story of the lady he observed in Manager An’s shots on his wall. 

He hears how Manager An saved the woman although she was nonetheless pregnant, resulting in him to limp. In addition, he also constructed shelter houses for solitary females.

Viewing the boy or girl in a acquainted spot in the playground like in his blurry reminiscences, Sung-jun rushes to take the boy or girl down even ahead of falling.

Eun-ki lookups Supervisor An’s previous addresses and sees that 1 address cannot be uncovered.

Chief Yeom scolds Mr. Baek for losing An Tae-ho. Listening to that a further murder transpired, Mr. Baek remembers a man termed Mr. Kang that was a supplier at Hope welfare heart.

Stopping Yu-na to go to the centre, Eun-ki suddenly leaves her at the healthcare facility immediately after hearing that Detective Kang is coming to the centre. Yu-na follows her, and sees Sung-jun and afterwards Sung-hoon. She insists on signing up for them in exchange for her silence.


“The legislation and principles? There is no judge who truly cares about that things.”

Detective Kang barges into the middle, only to see Eun-ki, Yu-na, and Sung-hoon in a mentor-mentee course. He fails to see Sung-jun, and Eun-ki motives out calling Detective Kim considering that they are relationship.

Yu-na follows Sung-hoon, and he gets a seeming spam information where by the hyperlink spells An Tae-ho to be saved. Soon after giving their assertion about the wedding ceremony, the remaining jurors get together and obtain the similar textual content concept. Sung-jun also gets the exact textual content information.

Mr. Bae, the reporter, draws the relationship of the murders by stating women’s mouths were being ripped. Eun-ki clicks the connection, and sees An Tae-ho, who waited for Yoon-jae not too long ago, getting tortured with a timer in the qualifications.

The law enforcement observe the IP deal with, but only sees an vacant seat at the net cafe. 

Each hour, the noose goes up, and Sung-hoon compares the circumstance to a match. Figuring out the place Manager An is, they hear a familiar seem, and Sung-jun remembers the identical clock sound at Mr. Choi’s.


“No make any difference how hard I try to operate, I can hardly ever get away from it.”

Adhering to his intuition, Sung-jun and Eun-ki rush to Mr. Choi’s place but only see a hanging model. Meanwhile, the police track where by Supervisor An’s telephone was last detected. In there, they see bones with a necklace. Gathered with other jurors, In-seong ignores his phone. 

As the noose goes up, An Tae-ho apologizes to Yoon-jae for squealing their programs of escaping not realizing selection 24 will essentially die. Adding to his apologies, he calls out quantities 11, 12, and 24.

Seeing the walls, the black curtains drop off. The jurors see what’s written on the wall which reads, “Someone’s in here. 11, 12, 13. Help us.”

Familiar with what he has noticed, Mr. Bae revisits his tapes on Hope welfare centre and cries in panic.

Showing himself to his moms and dads, Sung-jun urgently asks his mom about the information of his adoption but hears no solutions. He then gets from Eun-ki the deal with of the place and leaves his mom with his father who’s in disbelief. 

Arriving at Hope welfare centre, Sung-jun endures his agonizing headaches, ignoring phone calls from Sung-hoon who is getting tailed by Mr. Baek’s adult men. 

Moving into the area, Sung-jun follows a man dressed in a black poncho, but passes out after remaining injected. At the identical time, time operates out for An Tae-ho.


Blind Episode 8 Musings

Summarizing what has transpired so much, almost everything started out with the murder of Baek Ji-eun, the daughter of Mr. Baek, the ‘crazy dog’ from Hope welfare centre. The adhering to victims are Ms. Yeom daughter of Main Yeom, and Mr. Choi, who are the two associated in torturing children in the earlier.

Including to that, Mr. Kang and his daughter are killed recently, revealing that Mr. Kang was a dishonest provider at the heart. An Tae-ho, variety 7, also will get killed right after betraying the team in their escape.

Much of the hints stage that the demo is filled with men and women relevant to Hope Welfare Middle. Kyung-ja is the lady who overlooked the youngsters in the forest, and also Mr. Bae who maybe kept silent about the welfare middle. 

Of the jurors’ previous not still confirmed as getting linked to the heart are Charles, In-seong, and Eun-ki. On the other hand, In-seong seems to have the optimum chance of devising this kind of advanced torture equipment considering the fact that he is in engineering business.

Yoon-jae is pointed as the head of all the murders, but this episode exhibits Sung-jun passing out even though trying to help save An Tae-ho. There are still a whole lot of concerns to be answered in the remaining episodes on how he is getting framed, and if Sung-hoon, In-seong, or one more character is powering the murders.


View out for new hints on the serial killer in new episodes of Blind every Friday and Saturday on Viu.

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