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Blind: Episodes 13-14

The killer’s go over could have been blown, but catching and securing evidence in opposition to explained killer proves to be one more issue completely. He’s constructed his website perfectly, and it is challenging to inform just how numerous people today he’s already drawn into it.


Blind: Episodes 13-14

In-sung looms over Sung-hoon’s hospital mattress. Before he can attempt the murder a second time, a person else enters the space, and In-sung slips out. That is not much advancement for Sung-hoon, nonetheless, due to the fact his new visitor is Moon-kang (who feigned insanity to get out of law enforcement custody).

Now mindful that Sung-hoon is #11, Moon-kang requires information about Yoon-jae, all over again resorting to strangulation when Sung-hoon refuses to respond to. The only point that will save Sung-hoon is that Moon-kang belatedly pieces alongside one another who he just noticed leaving the room. He rushes out to the hallway, but of program In-sung is prolonged gone.

Sung-joon is relieved that Sung-hoon is awake, but though his suspicions are cleared, he would like an answer for Sung-hoon’s magic formula-retaining. Sung-hoon clarifies that he experienced to maintain his playing cards hidden so he could catch the killer, and confirms that In-sung — A.K.A. Yoon-jae — is the a person they are right after.

Blind: Episodes 13-14 Blind: Episodes 13-14

In the meantime, the cafe ajumma cooks breakfast for In-sung. Even though the cracks start to display in In-sung’s act (possibly on function), the ajumma wants to believe he’s her son so poorly that she ignores the pink flags. Even when Sung-joon attempts to convince her that In-sung is unsafe, she insists that she appreciates her little one and a DNA examination is not important.

Sung-joon has the take a look at completed anyway. As anticipated, In-sung’s DNA does not match the ajumma’s, but it is very similar ample to a a short while ago unearthed skeleton to conclude that the deceased girl was Yoon-jae’s sister, Yoon-jung.

Not long after, In-sung vanishes — and together with him, the ajumma, Eun-ki, Eun-ki’s mother, Sung-joon’s mom, shaman juror Kyung-ja, and Law enforcement Main Ki-nam. That helps make eight people together with Moon-kang and PD Bae Chul-ho, who have been already considered lacking.

Blind: Episodes 13-14 Blind: Episodes 13-14

Eun-ki, as we see, was lured by a photograph of her mom in captivity. In-sung instructed her to choose a taxi (driven by Charles, who appears to be to have a deep, particular attachment to In-sung) and not to allow the law enforcement know. But she nonetheless still left a clue, which leads Sung-joon and Sung-hoon to the house where by Ki-nam assaulted Yoon-jung.

A bomb is evidently noticeable by a window, and In-sung gleefully tells Sung-joon in excess of the cell phone that the second he opens the doorway, the residence will explode, killing the prisoners. But it does not just take Sung-joon very long to deduce that no just one is actually listed here — In-sung is just keeping the law enforcement busy.

Blind: Episodes 13-14

Positive adequate, the lacking persons are in the Hope Welfare dungeon. Once all 8 wake up and choose in the scene, In-sung announces that a (actual) bomb will destroy them all in ten minutes if they really do not opt for 1 of their number to die in its place. Oh, and by the way, anyone among the them has to do the killing, too.

Eun-ki attempts to purpose with the other people to work with each other, but she’s outvoted. As a substitute, they devolve into a savage argument around who’s committed the most, and worst, sins. Awful secrets and techniques tumble out left, correct, and center, and when they all — Eun-ki incorporated — in the long run transform on Moon-kang, he decides Eun-ki has gotten in his way more than enough. Just as he raises his knife, Eun-ki’s mom blurts out that Eun-ki is Moon-kang’s daughter.

Blind: Episodes 13-14 Blind: Episodes 13-14

That stuns all people to silence, especially Moon-kang. Even In-sung seems stunned that no a single else realized. But they are interrupted by a blaring horn from exterior: Sung-joon is listed here! In-sung runs away to look at through cameras, elated that he can destroy Sung-joon alongside the some others. He presses the button to detonate the bomb… but nothing at all happens.

Back again in the dungeon, he finds the prisoners absent and each Sung-joon and Sung-hoon waiting around to arrest him. Sung-hoon stands impassively as Sung-joon handcuffs In-sung and In-sung begs Sung-hoon to help him.

Blind: Episodes 13-14

Now that they’ve obtained In-sung in custody, the obstacle becomes proving that he’s the Joker Killer. They do not have really hard proof, and In-sung appreciates it. But a person matter does appear to be to get to him: listening to Sung-joon get in touch with Sung-hoon “hyung.” In every single ensuing conversation, Sung-joon and In-sung toss the phrase “my hyung” back again and forth in a delicate but pointed assert of ownership.

Sung-joon provides Sung-hoon in to enable, but that complicates issues in worrisome methods. In-sung appears to strike some sort of whispered arrangement with Sung-hoon, and hints at fears of betrayal. When Sung-hoon shares sufficient of In-sung’s hints for Sung-joon to discover video proof of In-sung’s killings, In-sung retaliates by triggering recollections from Sung-joon’s forgotten childhood.

Blind: Episodes 13-14 Blind: Episodes 13-14

In-sung (nicely, Yoon-jae) intentionally induced Sung-joon’s memory-wiping incident and then made him feel he was Yoon-jae. When Sung-joon confronts Sung-hoon about letting it occur, Sung-hoon states he was fearful and required to guard Yoon-jae, but that he’s often noticed Sung-joon as his real brother. And Taecyeon kills me with his dog eyes.

But In-sung laughs at that idea. As he’s marched as a result of the law enforcement station, he breaks totally free lengthy ample to shove Sung-joon down a prolonged flight of stairs, triggering additional reminiscences: each Yoon-jae and Sung-hoon planted Yoon-jae’s reminiscences in Sung-joon, telling him he’d be deserted if he informed anyone.

Blind: Episodes 13-14

I equally enjoy and loathe that we nevertheless just cannot be absolutely sure of Sung-hoon’s motivations or the amount of his involvement in In-sung’s revenge. Like Sung-joon, I was tearing up at their brother-to-brother talk, and realizing that at minimum some of people terms ended up lies seriously stings. Perhaps it’s just as naïve as the ajumma disregarding warnings about In-sung, but I even now want to feel there is a lot more to the tale and that the true lie is what In-sung needs Sung-joon to imagine — that Sung-hoon doesn’t and by no means cared about him as just about anything other than a practical pawn to use.

At 1st, I was astonished that In-sung was caught so speedily. But with so a great deal else to wrap up — the whole truth about Sung-hoon, bringing anyone involved with Hope Welfare to justice, etcetera. — I’m glad the display didn’t try to cram all the things into the last two episodes.

Blind: Episodes 13-14

Like many aspects of Blind’s storytelling, the dungeon hostage sequence wasn’t a new thought by any suggests, but that did not detract from its success. These kinds of scenes normally stop in rescue and/or a fakeout, but Blind managed to pack this 1 with so considerably depth (and so numerous unstable figures) that there ended up moments I truly believed a person or more hostages could possibly basically stop up useless. Which only designed the launch of stress that much extra satisfying when In-sung’s massive sadistic moment fell flat.

I also appreciated that we followed that uber rigorous episode with a fairly quieter, a lot less action-packed one so the people could endeavor to system all the new information they ended up bombarded with. In individual, I cherished the second amongst Eun-ki and her mother, in which her mother manufactured sure she understood that, though the situations of her birth had been horrific, she was normally cherished and preferred. It’s a considerably cry from the messages Sung-joon has gained from his household literally all his lifetime, but ideally it’s a sign that, with time, some of these horribly scarred folks can eventually uncover healing.

Blind: Episodes 13-14

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