“Blind” Episodes 5 and 6 Unite Two Brothers in Search for the Truth

Pursuing the truth of the death of Jung Man-chun and his family, Sung-jun receives help from Eun-ki and Sung-hoon in Blind.

Left with no one to ask for help from, Sung-jun takes his chances by calling Eun-ki, who positively responds to rescue him. Though he has doubts about Sung-hoon helping him, Sung-jun gets persuaded by Eun-ki. Together all three find ways in searching for the truth about the murders accused on Sung-jun.

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Blind Episodes 5 and 6 Highlights

“Adults never like to hand things out for free.”

Cleaning the bathroom for the routine inspection, one of the boys gets held by sergeant Choi, but Mr. Baek arrives and interrupts them. He warns them of children beaten up to death after asking for help during the inspection.

Boy number 13 becomes restless as Mr. Baek grabs his necklace, but number 11 intervenes, and gives number 13 the same necklace as Jung Yoon-jung.

News about Sung-jun spreads, and his family’s public standing gets affected. Eun-ki sees that Sung-jun’s father is Judge Ryu, the judge who saved her in a trial when she was still in high school.

Sung-jun escapes from Mr. Baek and goes to the nearest payphone calling Detective Kim and Eun-ki. Only Eun-ki responds and hides him from Mr. Baek who is searching for him in the payphone booth.

In his office, Sung-hoon receives a box said to be from Jung Man-chun, and it contains a knife with the note murderer who arrested an innocent man.

Jurors gather in Charles’ restaurant and In-seong opens up to Eun-ki that he too believes Detective Sung-jun is innocent. Chiming into the topic, Kyung-ja reveals that she saw that the detective fears dogs. 

Though he is suspected as a serial murderer, Eun-ki unties Sung-jun and tends to his wounds. 

Detective Kang feels sure of Sung-jun being a culprit while the others in the team maintain their trust. Midway through his secret phone call with Sung-jun, Detective Kim tells Detective Kang that he is talking with his girlfriend.


“The really scary thing is when you find yourself in a position where you’re being wronged, and you scream for help at the top of your lungs, but nobody sees you. And nobody is by your side.”

Sung-jun sees the news about Jung Man-chun and his family, and he is sure that Won-woong was still alive when he left. His DNA has been found in the crime scene of Jung Man-chun’s wife and son, but the medical examiner doubts that Sung-jun would leave traces as a culprit.

Dreaming again of his past and a familiar whistle, Sung-jun wonders if it was from his childhood that Mr. Baek knows him. Concluding, Sung-jun believes someone used his name Yoon-jae to kill people. 

Eun-ki looks after Yu-na and warns her of what’s scarier than being expelled. Mr. Baek and his assistant barge into Eun-ki’s temporary place at the shelter where she also hides Sung-jun. She then pretends not to know who Sung-jun is.

Eun-ki refuses to let Sung-jun go out alone since it’s dangerous. She asks if there are other people who could help him, but he claims there is none. 

Though he has a brother, Sung-jun believes Sung-hoon prioritizes the law over him. Opposed to his beliefs, Eun-ki persuades him to still try and hands him a paper from Sung-jun in the courthouse.

Sung-hoon gives the note to the police, and they wait for Sung-jun in their meeting place. Chased by the police at their supposed meeting time, Sung-jun gets shocked to see Eun-ki bringing Sung-hoon to their hideout.


“You know better than anyone what kind of power evidence can have.”

Boy number 7 snitches their group’s plan of escaping on the routine inspection day. Crying to his sleep, boy number 13 notices number 7.

Sung-hoon succeeds in tricking the police and Sung-jun on their scheduled meet-up through the help of Eun-ki and Detective Kim. Sung-hoon clarifies that he is only interested in catching the real perpetrator.

Confused with the autopsy report, Sung-jun swears that he isn’t the perpetrator and hasn’t found the recording Jung Man-chun was talking about.

Explaining what he’s been through, Sung-jun recalls finding Jung Man-chun’s wife and Won-woong unconscious, but both were still alive, he even resuscitated Won-woong. He only ran away because Detective Kang threatened him with a live gun, thus assuming the two were murdered after his escape. Adding to his experiences, Sung-jun tells how Mr. Baek captured and tortured him.

Challenged to step down, Sung-hoon assures his mom not to do so since Sung-jun is not the perpetrator. 

Sung-hoon provides Sung-jun with everything he needs and orders his younger brother to ask permission for every move he does.

First searching for the recording Jung Man-chun was talking about, Sung-jun searches Mr. Baek’s house since the police don’t have it. 

Located at the back of a picture frame, Sung-jun fails to retrieve it and Mr. Baek arrives on time as his wife calls him saying their deceased daughter’s boyfriend is in the house.

Frustrated with the lost flash drive, Mr. Baek accidentally throws his wife to the side and her head hits on the side of the furniture. 


“Why are you guys fighting? We’re on the same team.”

Neither Sung-jun nor Mr. Baek has the missing flash drive. Instead, it gets thrown into the fire by the real culprit. Bleeding to her death, Mr. Baek puts his wife in the freezer.

Recalling the day Jung Man-chun died, Sung-hoon remembers seeing a drone, which adds to the things they should look over.

Yu-na rides in the taxi of Mr. Choi, and she gets attacked by him. Calling Eun-ki, she gets rescued by her and the police. Recovering in the hospital, she gets interviewed by police, and she recalls the spider tattoo on the arm of the perpetrator.

Mr. Choi claims that it wasn’t Yoon-jae whom he saw on the day of the trial, but rather it was number 7 who had a burn mark. In that, he and Mr. Baek assume the group colluded to get their revenge. Calling him on the phone, Mr. Choi calls number 7 the rat.

Eager to clear his name, Sung-jun runs Ms. Yeom’s nail through his contact in the forensic services. They find one unidentified DNA, which potentially debunks Sung-jun as the culprit. 

The envelope of the result reaches Sung-jun’s team, but Detective Kang brings it to Chief Yeom who decides to keep it quiet.

Investigating on his own to compare the unidentified DNA with Mr. Choi’s, Sung-jun finds the man lying unconscious and answers a phone call from In-seong who was late in his meeting with the other jurors. 

Sung-hoon scolds his brother but later calms down after they listen to the recording of Mr. Choi getting whacked in the head by number 7 after saying that number 24 died because of him.

Relistening to it, Sung-hoon notices the difference in stride. Sung-jun tests and reenacts it, identifying it as a limping sound on the stairs, and remembers Mr. An from the day of the trial.


Blind Episodes 5 and 6 Musings

In both performing a crime and catching a perpetrator, meticulous planning is necessary. As said when Sung-jun’s DNA was found, the likelihood of him being the perpetrator is low.

He is likely to be framed and misunderstood if his temperament was the basis not unless he was really faking all his statements of not being the perpetrator.

For the episodes that have passed, the crucial hints at the beginning were more making sense in these episodes. Understanding the children’s attitudes could provide hints on who they were at present. 

Sung-jun was certainly part of the group, and there’s also the likelihood that either In-seong or Mr. An was also part of it, seeing how they were late or absent in their meeting of jurors.

Number 24 was said to have died, and this gives that only four of the boys survived. With the hints given, it can still be confusing, and we may foresee an unexpected turn of events.


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