“Blind” Episodes 9 and 10 Find out Hid Identities Lying Close by

Released from murder accusations, Sung-jun traces the link of the jurors to Hope Welfare Center in Blind.

Adhering to their mother’s ask for, Sung-hoon arms over the footage of the genuine killer of Jung Person-chun. Again in investigating, Sung-jun and Eun-ki come across men and women similar to Hope Welfare Centre. As Sung-jun sees the photo sent by the nun from Sarang Orphanage, he realizes that Sung-hoon is boy 11.

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Blind Episodes 9 and 10 Highlights

“To the wealthy and effective, a slip-up is a memory to search again on. To those people with very little, a miscalculation equals a crash.”

In the basement of Hope Welfare Heart with a digital camera in his hand, Mr. Bae finds boys 11, 12, and 13, and pledges to explain to the environment about them. Boys 11 and 13 beg that boy 12 be saved to start with since he is bleeding.

Uttering his past phrases, An Tae-ho regrets betraying the group, and fondly reminisces about their moments together enduring tricky situations. Time operates out for him and Sung-hoon attempts to conserve him. Sung-jun follows after waking up, but they are unsuccessful to help you save and resuscitate him.

Sung-hoon stops Sung-jun, telling him to just feel that An Tae-ho has picked out to punish himself. Sung-hoon then receives a text that the celebration is over.

Mr. Baek and his males arrive, and they torture Sung-hoon in entrance of Sung-jun whom they also conquer up. Nonetheless, the law enforcement get there and consider Sung-jun as Sung-hoon reported it to the law enforcement beforehand. 

Main Yeom orders Detective Kang to kill Mr. Baek just after he receives his revenge on Sung-jun. He reminds the detective that this is not his first time killing since he now suffocated Jung Man-chun’s son with a pillow.

Sung-hoon’s mother slaps him for improperly handling the issue with Sung-jun, but he good reasons out it was the finest alternative to save them the two from Mr. Baek, which shakes his mom.


“Revenge begot revenge.”

Detective Kang carries out Chief Yeom’s order, but he attempts to strike a offer with Mr. Baek to know the chief’s secrets and techniques. Mr. Baek requests to be uncuffed initially, and Detective Kang follows, but he gets assaulted suitable just after. Mr. Baek then goes to attack Sung-jun.

Hearing out his mother, Sung-hoon arms the flash push to the law enforcement that proves Mr. Baek killed Jung Person-chun. Even though they’re viewing, the staff will get informed that Mr. Baek escaped, and they see Sung-jun strangling him.

Chief Yeom briefs the push that Mr. Baek is the authentic offender of the deaths of Jung Person-chun and his family. Sung-jun’s identify gets cleared, and Sung-hoon gets a get in touch with from his mother thanking him.

The remaining jurors attend An Tae-ho’s funeral, where Mr. Bae is not aware that Sung-jun is previously cleared of the expenses.


“So, he struggled to get to the place is now. Is that why he has a good deal to disguise?”

Eun-ki notices In-seong’s wound on his lip, and he explanations it out on being weary. The director of Hope welfare centre phone calls Eun-ki informing her about a nun professional of the centre, which catches Sung-hoon’s and In-seong’s consideration.  

Mr. Baek’s dead wife is observed in his freezer, and Sung-jun finds no connection among him with Detective Kang. Even so, he phone calls the unknown variety Mr. Baek commonly termed, and discovers it to be Main Yeom’s. 

Staging a drunk scene with Captain Oh, Sung-jun sneakily grabs Chief Yeom’s cell phone immediately after observing the photos of a skeleton. In that phone, they discover a online video of his daughter staying killed.

Investigating the basement of Hope Welfare Centre, Sung-jun falls into a headache recalling a memory of remaining known as by his mother when boy 13 tries to get him, asking to be rescued.


“You really don’t know you just for the reason that you don’t forget.”

Predicting that the next concentrate on is amid the remaining jurors, Sung-jun draws their connection to Hope Welfare Center. Charles’ more mature brother went missing, and Main Yeom was the a person to notify his mother and father that their kid is not in Hope Welfare Middle. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Bae turns out to have stopped an investigative present about the center, and Kyung-ja has witnessed the boys staying dragged by men. She also recalls how she observed boy 13’s foreseeable future stuffed with blood.

For In-seong, who was adopted by American mom and dad, he can not remember substantially of his childhood mainly because of a car accident. Asked about the risk of coming from Hope welfare centre, he tears up indicating the two of his parents are useless.

Sung-jun delivers him to a restaurant he frequents, and he hears how the owner missing her son. In-seong then sees the image of the boy also named Jung In-seong, and appears to be like like boy 12.

Eun-ki tells Sung-jun how she’s uncertain of her mom’s connection to the center since her mother is a nurse. Relaying what she read from the nun, Eun-ki tells Sung-jun that Yoon-jae died several years ago and that what he remembers may possibly be a phony memory.

Going to the mass grave, Sung-jun remembers becoming termed Yoon-jae when he was about to slide in a playground. Unsure who he is, Sung-jun receives drunk and Sung-hoon usually takes him house. 

Speaking drunk as if he was confronting another person for calling him Yoon-jae, Sung-hoon gets to be deeply bothered.

Sober on the upcoming day with a food ready by Sung-hoon, Sung-jun tells his brother about his problem about Yoon-jae who was now useless yrs ago.


“Come on. Let’s go turn out to be standard persons.”

Eun-ki who visited her mom at her place of work coincidentally fulfills In-seong who also arrived there for operate. Their discussion about the Hope welfare centre gets lower in the vehicle as Eun-ki gets a contact.

Revisiting the footage of Kang Ha-na’s wedding ceremony, Sung-jun and his crew see a man all dressed in black being adopted by An Tae-ho. Sung-jun then recalls viewing his brother that working day.

Yu-na sees Sung-hoon pursuing Eun-ki, so Sung-hoon treats her in trade for her silence. In the food cart, they converse about turning into the person they want to be.

Sung-hoon confirms from his previous demo data that Nurse Jo utilised to function at Hope Welfare Center when Sung-jun follows a person of Mr. Baek’s adult men and satisfies Nurse Jo. 

Proclaiming she appreciates absolutely nothing of what occurred to the centre just after it shut down, she speaks up right after Sung-jun informs her of the the latest murders going on. She reveals the relative ages of the boys and talks about how boy 12 got badly damage immediately after remaining caught in a trap. Anxious for her daughter, Sung-jun realizes that she is Eun-ki’s mom.

Yu-na tells Eun-ki that she already has somebody to signify her in school, and enjoys looking at her shots with Sung-hoon.

Listening to a whistle, Eun-ki and Yu-na comply with the seem. However warned by Sung-jun not to go out, Eun-ki even now goes out and gets pushed to the wall with her mouth covered by Sung-hoon dressed in a black poncho with a hood.

Arriving in the centre, Sung-jun sees the photo of Yoon-jung, Yoon-jae, and Gabriel. He realizes that boy 11 is Sung-hoon, and discovers the carved numbered boys in his area.


Blind Episodes 9 and 10 Musings

Yoon-jae is useless, and this changes all the things from the investigation. Most of the occasions that took place point to Sung-hoon becoming the perpetrator. Nonetheless, his anxious reactions do not match the hints pointing to him. 

There are details not understood suitable absent in the previously episodes, like Eun-ki’s mom who was already visited by Mr. Baek inquiring her about the youngsters from the centre. Additionally, the POVs of Sung-jun’s memories clearly show he is like an observer relatively than the particular person who expert it.

A great deal of the aspects level to Sung-hoon, from the mark on his shoe sole, his bond with Yoon-jae and his sister, his carving interest, and the figures of the boys from the heart. As reasonable and plausible as it may well be due to the fact he is the particular person that shed men and women the most, his POV as the perpetrator is nonetheless to thoroughly prove everything.

Even though In-seong appears to be close to becoming boy 12, with the age and title, his past is still to be explicitly described. It has been said that boy 12 and Yoon-jae are near in age, and this could also be a hint of another revelation.

Because the middle of the collection, the drama has been demonstrating exciting hints. There are continue to explanations and connections wanted to be drawn in particular from Charles, so revisiting before episodes may well help deduce the connections.


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