BTTH: What Are The Heavenly Flames That Appeared In The Donghua So Far?

Xiao Yan is reunited with Xuner as Battle Through The Heavens: Nian Fan continues the story of our MC in the Jia Nan Academy. First to reunite with Xuner, and second, to capture another Heavenly Flame, his 2nd heavenly which is hidden deep beneath the academy.

Xiao Yan Heavenly Flame Angry Buddha Lotus Flame

Since we are talking about heavenly flames, let me get ahead about our topic in this post. It’s all Heavenly Flames, specifically, the flames owned by Xiao Yan in the donghua adaptation of Battle Through The Heavens.

What is Heavenly Flames?

First, let’s talk about the Heavenly Flames and what are they. It is said that all types of flames bow down to a Heavenly Flame, even a Heavenly Flame fears one of its own that ranks higher than itself. By this description, Heavenly Flames are considered to be one of the major plot armors in Battle Through The Heavens, and one of the most powerful and fearsome existences out there.

These Heavenly Flames are given birth by natural forces, they are incredibly powerful and rare, and Dou Qi practitioners and alchemists are waging wars and risking their lives to capture one. Though no one must’ve been so lucky as our MC Xiao Yan who should be thankful to his teacher Yao Chen for giving him the Flame Mantra, a Dou Qi Technique that allows him to cultivate these Heavenly Flames.

We have known so far that Xiao Yan captured the Green-Lotus Core Flame during the 3rd season of the donghua when he stole it from Queen Medusa.

We also have known that Xiao Yan’s teacher, Yao Chen (aka Yao Lao) also owned the Bone Chilling Flame, an even more powerful Heavenly Flame than his Green-Lotus Core Flame.

Xiao Yan Angry Buddha Lotus Fire

In the current Battle Through The Heavens: Nian Fan, Xiao Yan only has the Green-Lotus Core Flame and he merged it with Purple Crystal Winged Lion King to create his small Angry-Buddha Lotus Flame, nonetheless, it became explosive and powerful if combined with Bone Chilling Flame which Yao Chen lend to him at times.

Hence, Xiao Yan only has 1 Heavenly Flame in Battle Through The Heavens: Nian Fan so far, that makes it two if we have to add Yao Chen’s Bone Chilling Flame to the picture.

New Heavenly Flames Appearing in Battle Through The Heavens: Nian Fan

Xiao Yan’s journey in Jia Nan Academy as I’ve mentioned is more than just reuniting with Xuner but also capturing another Heavenly Flame and that is the Fallen Heart Flame which was hidden underground the academy and utilized to help the students cultivate their powers effectively and efficiently.

Fallen Heart Flame

Let’s talk about the Fallen Heart Flame, as opposed to its name, it is a flame that won’t make you fall in love but somehow it has a power that can make you give in to your bodily desire, which I think if I am not wrong, has caused Xiao Yan and Medusa share some fiery moments. Nonetheless, the flame itself is a more powerful one than his Green-Lotus Core Flame as it already gained intelligence and was able to give him a hard time, even trying to refine him and medusa altogether.

The flame was discovered and sealed by Jia Nan Academy headmaster Mang Tian Chi, a Venerate and somehow an acquaintance of Yao Chen and Feng Xian, and he also happens to be a member of the Lei Clan, one of the eight Ancient Clans. The sealed flame was used to power the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower of Jia Nan Academy which accelerates the cultivation processes of the student if one is practicing inside it.

Sea Heart Flame

The next Heavenly Flame making an appearance in Battle Through The Heavens: Nian Fan after the Fallen Heart Flame is the Sea Heart Flame which was owned by Han Feng, Yao Chen’s former and treacherous student. It is a powerful flame on which Xiao Yan has set his eyes to capture next upon defeating Han Feng but unfortunately, someone from the Hall of Souls obtained it first until he eventually encounters it again in a later chapter of the story.

Heavenly Flames Ranking

The Heavenly Flames have a hierarchy from its strongest to its weakest but even the weaker flames are still powerful enough to make other types of flames tremble in fear. Out of all the 4 Heavenly Flames that will appear in the Battle Through The Heavens: Nian Fan, its ranking is as follows:

Name User Ranking
Bone Chilling Flame Yao Chen 11
Fallen Heart Flame None (until Xiao Yan captured it) 14
Sea Heart Flame Han Feng 15
Green Lotus Core Flame Xiao Yan 19

In this regard, Xiao Yan’s still has the weakest of all the 4 Heavenly Flames but it was made up of Yao Chen’s flame which is the strongest of them together. Meanwhile, the Fallen Heart Flame has no master, hence its power is limited and uncontrollable despite having intelligence.

With all of these being said, what are your thoughts about the Battle Through The Heavens: Nian Fan which features Xiao Yan’s arrival in the Black-Corner Region and his reunion with Xuner in the Jia Nan Academy? Let us know by sharing your comments below.

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