Carousel Buffet Review : As good as before? | The Wacky Duo

Carousel Buffet Review : As good as before? | The Wacky Duo

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It’s buffet time!

Since Apr 2020, the self-serving buffet has been banned due to COVID-19. After
a long break of 2 years, it is finally back.

That means the diet would have to wait as we head down to Carousel to have a

Pre-covid days, Carousel has been a favourite destination for locals and
foreigners to have a feast. This halal restaurant for its wide selection of
dishes, you can take your pick from Asian to Western to seafood. 


For frequent buffet diners, the first thing that most will head for will be
the seafood. Carousel has a mix of Japanese Shasimi as well as an assorted mix
of shellfish that would satisfy your taste buds. The snow crabs and prawns are
a must on our list.


 The only downside is that we are missing crayfish and rock oysters to
complete the experience. As for the sashimi, it only serves salmon and tuna
while we are there. 

After the seafood, you would probably head to your favourite Asian or Western

Korean Dishes

Here you have dishes from Korea, India and local delights. 

Indian Dishes

Surprisingly, other than soba and sashimi, there was a lack of Japanese

As for the western, the beef will always be the queue with the longest

Pizzas are on the menu too.

During our visit, we do not see a lot of chicken dishes. This is probably due
to the chicken shortage that we were facing at that point in time.

There are also live stations for those who prefer to see their food cooked in
front of them.

Other than the main dishes, the assortment of desserts will please most.

Desserts Corner

That are puddings ( we love the chocolate puddings), fruits, Asian desserts,
savoury cakes and ice cream.

It will be hard to choose, but since this is a buffet, we will take one of


Overall, we were happy to be back to enjoy buffet once again. It is definitely
an experience you do not get to savour during Covid era. While the restaurant
was packed during a weekday visit, we are still glad to be back. Food-wise,
the quality and quantity are both above average for a buffet.

Packed on a weekday

For promotions, they have a 15% discount if you pay via paynow or selected
bank partners ( AMEX, Citibank, Maybank, OCNC, DBS / POSB and UOB. Offer is
valid till 31st December!

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