“Cheer Up” Episode 5 Continues To Dampen Theia’s Mood Because of Negativity

To celebrate their achievement in the joint pep rally, Theia arranged a area trip in the 3rd 7 days of Cheer Up, but rumors and insults persist bringing them down.

In the fifth episode of Cheer Up, Captain Park Jung-woo starts off to have emotions toward Do Hae-yi. On the other hand, Jin Sun-ho however pursues Hae-yin irrespective of understanding that Jung-woo is now ahead of him.

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Cheer Up

Cheer Up Episode 5 Highlights

In the past episode, the very same incident happened for the duration of Theia’s effectiveness, and this built Captain Jung-woo notice that it was intentional. Sad to say, the person who purposely broke the phase gentle disappeared speedy prior to Jung-woo arrived.

Additionally, other senior associates of Theia check out to serene Jung-woo down and assures him that it is an incident. Yet, he secretly investigates the incident from two years back and the persons associated in installing the phase lights.

Irrespective of the incident, Theia celebrated the accomplishment of the joint rally at Bae Youthful-woong’s bar. Their exciting and vivid ambiance then altered when Soo-il provides out the incident yet again and provokes Jung-woo again. 

“But cheerleading gave me the spite to keep out.”

On the other hand, Do Hae-yi even now reveals her vibrant electricity inspite of her close to-dying experience. She then has a brief dialogue with Youn-woong, who is providing her to terminate their agreement considering that the joint pep rally has ended. 

Hae-yi refused his give not exclusively due to the fact of revenue but because cheerleading has now steadily supplied her much more purpose. Hae-yi became curious about her senior immediately after realizing that Youthful-woong was not born with a silver spoon. 

During his days as Theia’s squad member, he discovered that he also juggles do the job, experiments, and instruction. When requested how he was capable to do that, Younger-woong expressed that cheerleading gave him toughness and inspiration to get the job done hard in lifetime.

Cheer Up

“What’s completely wrong with me? Do I have coronary heart arrhythmia?”

With her senior’s encouraging terms, Hae-yi is extra identified to carry on to be portion of Theia regardless of the threats she has been receiving. Subsequently, she also made the decision to join their area journey and take a break from doing work. 

Coincidently, Captain Jung-woo and Hae-yi continue to have to finish some of their particular agendas and made a decision to adhere to the other members to the location collectively. All through their vacation, Hae-yi dozes thinking about that she performs in various sideline jobs. 

As Hae-yi leaned her head on Jung-woo’s shoulder, he felt a spark and his coronary heart fluttered. He then denies this emotion and acted commonly in front of Hae-yi. 

When the two arrived at the location, Hae-yi admires the stars initial in advance of heading to the meet-up put. As an astrophysics pupil, Jung-woo points out and names diverse stars to Hae-yi. 

Moreover, Sunshine-ho observed the two which broke his coronary heart. With that, he was not ready to delight in their subject and overthinks Jung-woo and Hae-yi’s feasible partnership.


“What’s this accident from two many years back?”

As Theia’s users and alumni get pleasure from the evening, gossip, envy, and negative-mouthing wreck their celebration. Initially, gossip about Tae Cho-hee spreads about her being named a ‘cheer simply call girl.’ 

She is familiar with that her rugby ex-boyfriend distribute this because of their unresolved argument about their partnership. Also, Sunshine-ho caught a pupil, Tune Ho-min, who was secretly using pics of him and Hae-yi. 

When Hae-yi identified him, he promptly fled and posted a movie about Theia. The clip contains gossip and theories about the 3 Prophecies that the workforce received.

It also implies Hae-yi was acquiring several threats, generating her the achievable member who will die based on the prophecy. The clip also created the new members bewildered about the accident from two several years in the past but Young-woong eventually uncovered it to them.

Cheer Up

Cheer Up Episode 5 Musings 

Captain Jung-woo and Hae-yi’s like story carry on to establish up in the current episode of the collection. Nevertheless, I cannot assist but also come to feel heartbroken for Sunshine-ho. 

He has tested that he is really serious about Hae-yi, and even with knowing that he could get rid of, he continues to make Hae-yi feel appreciated and beloved. Sun-ho also persists to shield Hae-yi from the threats and does not again down from his ‘fight’ with Jung-woo. 

In addition, additional clues about the human being at the rear of Theia’s misfortunes step by step area in this episode. Following Ho-min posted the clip, it is now doable that he may well be affiliated with the mastermind.

This episode also exposed that the mishaps that Yoo-min experienced were being intentional right after rumour about her distribute in Yonhee. Rumors about her disappearance given that the accident was also cleared following she finally confirmed up. 

Now that Yoo-min, Jung-woo’s first adore, showed up, will his feelings resume to lean towards Hae-yi, or will he pursue his initially appreciate? Also, will this induce additional uproar, and will Yoo-min be the important to discovering solutions to Theia’s misfortunes?

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