Cheer Up” Episode 6 Permits the Heroine To Decide on Between Actuality and Aspiration

Owing to rumors and threats, Theia loses many new associates in the 6th episode of Cheer Up. However, they resume their preparation for the festival.

As Min-jae threatens Hae-yi about her deal with Youthful-woong, this designed her ponder if she wishes to proceed cheerleading for the income or not. On the other hand, Solar-ho quits Theia simply because of Hae-yi and attempts to go on by relationship a random female.

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Cheer Up

Cheer Up Episode 6 Highlights

“The cheering squad with a extensive heritage and tradition releases a new song at the competition each and every yr.”

After Theia’s industry journey and confession about their heritage to new squad members, most of the rookies remaining the crew. Nonetheless, Hae-yi, Sun-ja, Yong-il, and Min-jae stayed and had been tasked with yet another assignment.

Woo-chan orients them that they are in demand of composing a new music for Theia that will be carried out at the competition. They will be working with the school’s band, but however, Hae-yi’s ex-boyfriend is a member of the band. 

Additionally, Sun-ho lastly quits the crew following conceding that Hae-yi has emotions for Captain Jung-woo. He then right away observed a woman and dated her being aware of that he’ll instantly shed his thoughts to Hae-yi.

Conversely, Hae-yi felt tiny once more now that Captain Jung-woo’s first love finally returns for fantastic. Since Yoo-min’s arrival, she always sees him with Yoo-min.

Cheer Up

“You ought to depart voluntarily. Or… Do not consider this dollars. If you’re only listed here for the dollars, it is variety of uncomfortable that you act like a member of the squad.”

Min-jae finally confronted Hae-yi about the deal he discovered at Young-woong’s bar. He also revealed that the sole explanation why he enrolled at Yeonhee was to be component of Theia. 

Immediately after realizing that Hae-yi has been obtaining unique treatment, he felt that this was unfair to other associates who built an effort and hard work. With that, he threatens Hae-yi that he will reveal her offer with Youthful-woong if she persists to stay at Theia for revenue.

As she ponders what Min-jae’s claimed, Solar-ho’s comment on how she expresses joy when teaching struck her.

“There’s a person who doesn’t use his time to get the job done on his resume. So, there should be men and women who day a person with out dollars.”

Deciding to examine in their club home, Hae-yi bumped into Captain Jung-woo coincidentally. They then go exterior to capture up with every single other even though Hae-yi tries to open up up about her conversation with Min-jae. 

Their chat was slice off when they noticed a couple in the vicinity of them celebrating an occasion. Hae-yi then complains about how relationship demands a good deal of dollars, specially due to the fact quite a few anniversaries needed to be celebrated.

Even so, Jung-woo argues that one can freely day without having considering a lot about its charges. He takes advantage of himself as an case in point who does not have to have income when courting.

Cheer Up

“Then are you bringing her to Medical Students’ Evening? Why not? You can bring a partner. Bring her. Let us see that bold girlfriend of yours.”

However ashamed that Hae-yi broke up with him, Jae-hyeok was pressured by his seniors to invite Hae-yi to their celebration and confirm that they are still together. As he pleads Hae-yi to pretend as his girlfriend, she will become additional furious and rejects him. 

Even so, at the Clinical Students’ Evening, Hae-yi unexpectedly arrives, which surprises Jae-hyeok and his seniors. At the location, Sunlight-ho was also there with his new girlfriend, but he cannot take his eyes off Hae-yi. 

As Hae-yi decides to go home, Jae-hyeok at the time once again asks her to give their connection yet another opportunity. Even so, Hae-yi is company that she will not return to the guy who is ashamed of her position.

“I experience like pulling out of this sport may be worse than shedding it. So, I’ve determined to squander my time on some thing worthless. Because I really do not want to regret it. Let us do it jointly. It could possibly be pleasurable with you.”

Following viewing Hae-yi at the event, Sunshine-ho also at last built up his thoughts to return to Theia and stop his marriage. With his return, Theia celebrated at Young-woong’s bar. 

In addition, Min-jae approached Hae-yi yet again with the deal but Hae-yi quickly tears the paper. She also assures him that she will give up the dollars just to remain at Theia. 

During their celebration, Theia customers turned nervous that Hae-yi out of the blue went lacking. Sadly, Jung-woo uncovered her unscathed and scolded him to not make him worry again.

Cheer Up Episode 6 Musings 

Progressively, Hae-yi learns that lifetime really should not be dependent on revenue. Her preference of giving up the one particular matter she enjoys in excess of cheerleading reveals that she at last selected herself for the first time. 

Considering the fact that her father’s dying, Hae-yi has sacrificed her liberty and aspirations to enable her spouse and children. This time, it feels heartwarming that she can now give time for herself and take pleasure in school everyday living. 

On the other hand, the collection proceeds to split viewers’ hearts with Sunlight-ho. However, this episode also confirmed that Sunlight-ho has a new reason, other than Hae-yi, to return to Theia. 

Even with being the 2nd lead, Sun-ho effortlessly won viewers’ hearts due to the fact of his character growth. Even even though he however plays with other girls’ hearts, we’ve witnessed that he uncovered legitimate really like with Hae-yi. 

Moreover, Yoo-min’s return is suspicious right after looking at that Hae-yi’s missing cell phone was with her. Is Yoo-min genuinely a target? Or does Theia’s misfortune fabricated by her?

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