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Cheer Up: Episodes 1-2

The new SBS secret-romance drama Cheer Up is finally lighting up our screens with campus crushes, exclusive uniforms, and a down-and-out staff that desires to come across their spirit. But as the cheer squad appears to be for new recruits in the year of a lethal prophecy, it appears to be collective pep could possibly not be the only spirit they obtain.


Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

If any person, like me, was looking ahead to a drama about rapidly-traveling cheerleaders, I’m a minor unhappy to say that’s not what we have (at the very least so far). The crew at the center of this clearly show is much more like a pep squad — they never stunt, tumble, or do intricate dance routines. What we do get is songs, lights, costumes, chants, and a whole lot of electricity — which is all the motive I have to have to watch, even if it’s not what I assumed I was acquiring into.

We set the stage at Yonhee University in 2019 in which the majority of our tale will unfold. Our heroine, DO HAE-YI (Han Ji-hyun), is outside of fired up for her initially day at these types of a prestigious university. Though trying to manifest cash by way of affirmations, she arrives on campus in a vintage varsity jacket she obtained on the internet and will take shots with her busted up, nowhere-close to-the latest Apple iphone.

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

Hae-yi has the makings of a common Candy, doing the job in the up to date gig overall economy. Along with tutoring high college young ones and shelving library publications, she takes gigs on a “butler service” application wherever she does all the things from provide dry cleansing to get rid of roaches — all for horribly lower expenses. This is how she’s having to pay for Yonhee and why she’s tremendous proud of herself to be there. Her diploma is likely to raise her position in culture 1 working day and she’s spunky enough not to enable something stand in her way.

Our female lead meets cheer captain and all all around do-gooder, PARK JUNG-WOO (Bae In-hyuk), when she’s graffitiing the stadium bleachers with her identify and he tells her to clear it off. The two get off on the completely wrong foot, regularly operating into each and every other on campus, exactly where outspoken, scene-generating Hae-yi clashes with quiet, rule-adhering to Jung-woo. There are hints of a change when Hae-yi sees Jung-woo accomplish at the orientation-day pep rally and she’s mesmerized by a little something on phase. (Is it him? Or all the pyrotechnics?)

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2 Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

Jung-woo is doing with the cheer workforce, Theia, which will be the coronary heart of our story. The staff is enduring a series of complications. They currently have only 4 customers, which is not sufficient to carry out all their routines. The flag team accompanies them through their performances, but it turns out there’s beef involving members of flag and cheer. And their funding is getting cut right after a 50-yr-record at the university, as protestors stand outdoors the pep rally demanding Theia be dismantled.

Among their more substantial problems (IMO) are their uniforms, which — for no apparent explanation — glance like rococo fulfills cowgirl. When Jung-woo statements they ended up produced by vogue designer Andre Kim, I uncovered myself receiving guiding their funds cuts. It is not all undesirable, even though, for the reason that Bae In-hyuk seems to be like a entirely unique person when he’s dolled up with his bangs pushed again, so that much I’ll acquire.

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

To spherical out our campus crew, we have a number of other individuals to introduce. There’s JIN Solar-HO (Kim Hyun-jin), a very well-known (also loaded) med pupil, who Hae-yi satisfies when she provides a cake to him on his birthday (from his girlfriend who’s breaking up with him via cake concept). He comes off like a jerk to begin with, hitting on Hae-yi right after she tends to make the supply, but later he spots her all over campus and begins to seem truly interested.

There’s also BAE Young-WOONG (Yang Dong-geun), a former member of Theia (from like, 17 a long time ago) who hangs out with the latest users and attempts to relive his glory days on the workforce. He’s also the bartender at their local hangout, referred to as Cheers (the relaxation of this article ought to just be eyerolls). When he notices that Sun-ho likes Hae-yi he will get the plan to try out to recruit Hae-yi to the cheer team. They will need to recruit amongst the freshman and he thinks that given that Sunshine-ho is so preferred, if another person Sunshine-ho likes is on the group then everybody else will want to join.

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2 Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

Hae-yi of system needs to join the financial investment club so, to make it well worth her though, Young-woong will pay back her to join Theia for a thirty day period. Immediately after she symptoms up, so does her bestie JOO Solar-JA (Lee Eun-saem) and, unexpectedly, Sunlight-ho himself (in an exertion to get nearer to Hae-yi).

Tryouts are dreadful. The 4 standing members sit by way of a single horrible regime following a different. Then, Hae-yi demonstrates up and lands a triple again handspring. Uh, tryouts around. But in truth, only twelve individuals experimented with out, so they enable them all on the group because they have to have the figures. We later on appear to learn that Hae-yi was on a dance staff as a kid, but the working day of her huge recital was also the working day her dad died. Her buried really like of overall performance begins to be unearthed, but can it defeat out her need for funds?

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

This is only one particular of quite a few concerns the initially two episodes existing. Another: is a person of the group users likely to die this yr? Yep. The drama is marketed as a romance/thriller and, useless to say, it’s not mild on the secret factor. One particular thread has to do with a shaman that gave three cursed prophecies to the cheer workforce again in 1999 and, so considerably, two have come real. The third, set to happen in 2019, is that a member of Theia will die. A 2nd thread, that we know fewer about, has to do with a former member named Yoo-min. A phase mild fell on her through a efficiency and now she haunts the dreams of Jung-woo and possibly the halls of Yonhee.

The romance and thriller commence to braid together at the end of Episode 2 when Sunlight-ho and Hae-yi are picked to shift up and perform with the four upperclassmen. Jung-woo is training the two freshman when it commences to rain. Solar-ho goes to get an umbrella for Hae-yi, but when he returns she and Jung-woo are sitting shut and laughing. Sun-ho seems quite jealous. We see someone observing from afar, holding Hae-yi’s application form for Theia. Just then, she starts receiving texts on her phone: “Quit the squad. Or one particular of the members will die. Recall the third prophecy.”

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2 Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

Without the need of examining her cell phone (and with Sun-ho instantly not in sight), Jung-woo and Hae-yi clean up up the follow machines. They’ve become a lot a lot more welcoming considering that Jung-woo informed Hae-yi he also does not have a father — and she shouldn’t believe terribly about herself for working all individuals careers to shell out for school. The truth is, she’s creating it get the job done. The two are in some type of basement storage room when the doorway slams shut and the lights go out. They are locked within, which triggers a memory for Hae-yi and she commences to stress and hyperventilate.

Effectively, ought to I be the to start with a person to say it? Male is this exhibit hokey. It continue to has a chance to be really exciting if it knows specifically how hokey it is and doesn’t consider alone at all significantly. There are indications that this is the situation. The tone reminds me of those self-conscious slasher flicks that were being common in the 90s – or, did anyone ever browse the Worry Avenue e book sequence? It’s fully that vibe. There are a lot of definitely cringey scenes, like when Jung-woo tells Hae-yi, “As you see, our group has a lot of principles. Believe cautiously about if you want to be on the group.” Blech. But because she phone calls him a “fogey” soon after this, I’m hoping the present is making pleasurable of alone.

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2

And in terms of story, we’ve obtained traditional stakes and about a million complications to fix. The stakes? The cheer group will be ruined if they really do not get new users and greater routines. The difficulties? Very first, who desires to be on a team where by somebody will die this 12 months? In addition, is there a ghost roaming around? Will they be capable to show up the flag team and their rival Hokyung College? Can Hae-yi pick out among Solar-ho and Jung-woo (and ultimately get her ex-boyfriend off her back)? Grrr, the ex-boyfriend — I did not introduce him since I’m hoping we hardly ever see the man all over again. We’ll see how fortunate we get future week.

My favored character so significantly is Hae-yi’s mother, SEONG CHUN-YANG (Jang Younger-nam). Hae-yi complains to her that being inadequate sucks for the reason that you simply cannot ever system for the long run, you have to fret so significantly about having to pay for nowadays, you can only plan for the current. But instead than be offended, her mom tells her to continue to keep stating all that smart things, “it allows me know I have a daughter at a prestigious college.” How can you not appreciate that? On best of it, she tells her daughter to be part of Theia and love her time in higher education. I’m seeking forward to all their upcoming interactions. With these tiny heartfelt moments developed in amongst the cheese, I’m optimistic this demonstrate can supply some brightly coloured pleasurable.

Cheer Up Episodes 1-2
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