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Cheer Up: Episodes 5-6

This 7 days we look into what it indicates to be a team, from team bonding actions to contacting it quits when you just just cannot hold. The Theia teammates who stick it out grow closer — specially our leads — even as a essential player in our secret materializes with the risk of tearing them aside.


Cheer Up Episodes 5-6

We dash back into the action with Jung-woo reaching the management place behind the phase and acquiring no 1 there. With out evidence that an individual dropped the gentle over Hae-yi’s head, everybody retains telling him it was just an incident. But it sets him off stressing about Hae-yi and emotion liable for her as group captain (at least, that is his official justification).

When Hae-yi will get entirely trashed at a group drinks evening, both equally Sunshine-ho and Jung-woo want to assistance her get house. This sales opportunities to all 3 in the backseat of a taxi with Hae-yi lolling from a single man’s shoulder to the other, until eventually she perks up enough to start enacting cheer routines and smacks them equally in the experience. Sunlight-ho finds it amusing, but Jung-woo looks irritated — making me ponder (and it is not the initial time) how she doesn’t like Sunlight-ho even a little.

Cheer Up Episodes 5-6

The drama is even now toying with the adore triangle, even as Hae-yi has produced it apparent the place her crush lies. When she and Jung-woo get partnered in class and have to chat about their best relationship partners, Hae-yi states revenue is the most important detail in a marriage although Jung-woo suggests it is enjoy. We later see, though, that she’s composed her perfect mate is exactly Jung-woo: a leader who’s warm-hearted as soon as you get to know him. Jung-woo writes his suitable mate is someone that will make him smile, wondering of Hae-yi (but I can depend on a single hand the selection of moments he’s smiled in this drama). In the meantime, Sunshine-ho smiles at almost everything she does.

Jung-woo does start off opening up a minor when Theia goes on a team area vacation. He and Hae-yi are late to be a part of and she sleepily snuggles up to him on the bus ride there. His coronary heart skips a defeat and he anxieties about an arrhythmia, haha. It’s evening when they get off the bus and Jung-woo is pointing out constellations, leading to them to maintain palms briefly when he guides her hand in the course of a specific star. In these scenes, I get a feeling that Jung-woo likes Hae-yi, but as the squad captain he feels it would be inappropriate to present it.

Cheer Up Episodes 5-6

Just as Jung-woo is bandaging up a scrape Hae-yi will get although operating for the area excursion food, Solar-ho stumbles on them sitting shut. Sun-ho’s holding an umbrella for the downpour that out of the blue starts off — hoping for Hae-yi to sign up for him beneath — and we wind up with the trio cramming in to share it in its place. It’s a amusing impression, almost certainly my beloved this 7 days, but I’m place off by the continuous bickering in between Jung-woo and Hae-yi, which the drama is applying to show their thoughts for each individual other. Sun-ho can not just take it either and leaves them to argue by yourself less than the umbrella.

During the industry trip, pieces of the secret puzzle start out to come together. When Sun-ho and Hae-yi are strolling soon after darkish close to some teach tracks, Sun-ho spots an individual having pictures from below a teach. He chases the person and it is another person from the broadcasting club, who is also on a team job with Hae-yi in one of her courses. Hae-yi states not to be concerned about it due to the fact she has the guy’s phone selection, and Sunshine-ho lets him go. (I’m getting a minimal drained of Hae-yi shrugging off every thing that occurs. Fairly than seeming joyful-go-blessed she’s starting off to strike me as an idiot.)

Cheer Up Episodes 5-6 Cheer Up Episodes 5-6

The broadcasting club photographer posts his photos on a web-site, inquiring if a single of the Theia associates will die this year. The web page consists of some backstory for the lacking member of the team, LEE YOO-MIN (Park Bo-yeon) — who we’ve also come to know was Jung-woo’s 1st crush (who, according to Ha-jin, he’s in no way gotten above). Yoo-min disappeared two several years in the past soon after a light-weight fell on her throughout a rehearsal, and it’s rumored she died. Now, the internet site points out, there are parallels among that time and this time. They are so similar, in fact, it appears to be somebody is hoping to execute the prophecy.

Most of the team quits soon after looking at the details on the web-site. Sunlight-ho also decides to stop and shift on to a new girlfriend considering that he has no chance with Hae-yi. Then, Yoo-min seems, thoroughly out of slim air, and will not say nearly anything about the place she’s been the very last two decades. Jung-woo is so happy to have her again, Hae-yi feels dismissed and jealous. It would seem she does have a reason to be wary of Yoo-min, even though, due to the fact someway everything she states appears like an underhanded risk (not that Hae-yi would choose up on that).

Cheer Up Episodes 5-6

When Jung-woo and Cho-hee obtain out (through the internet site) that Hae-yi has been obtaining threatening texts, they are upset and Jung-woo is considerably far more concerned than right before. The rest of the story about Yoo-min is that, like Hae-yi, she was also locked in the storage room. At the time, she was being bullied for dating a freshman on the squad (and supplying him “preferential treatment”). So, all the occurrences have been chalked up to bullying. The slipping gentle was assumed to be an incident from a wornout cable. But later, we study that Yoo-min was also obtaining texts, saying “break up with him.”

This parallels the texts that Jung-woo is receiving now, telling him to kick Hae-yi off the crew. In this situation, it seems they are coming from 1 of the latest Theia freshman — who is familiar with about Hae-yi’s a person-month agreement to get paid for being on the squad. He tells her she has to both quit or not choose the income. Or else, he will go general public about the agreement. Soon after a ton of back again and forth with herself about what she definitely values, Hae-yi decides to tear up the contract and continue to be on the crew. (Superior. Maybe we can have considerably less arm waving and more backflipping in long run routines.)

Cheer Up Episodes 5-6 Cheer Up Episodes 5-6

At an additional Theia pub evening, Hae-yi goes lacking from the bathroom and Jung-woo operates all about the neighborhood to discover her. When he does, she suggests she dropped her cell phone (no notion why she’s exterior) and Jung-woo is so apprehensive and relieved that he hugs her. Hae-yi normally takes this as a really passionate minute, eyes huge, asking yourself regardless of whether or not to hug him again. The epilogue displays us that Yoo-min is the just one with Hae-yi’s cell phone, creepily looking through her messages in the dim.

So, I know that Jung-woo is the guide listed here but I just don’t truly feel the chemistry. With the hug at the finish, I really feel like considering that Yoo-min just came again into his everyday living he’s terrified of anything similar taking place yet again and that Hae-yi will vanish as well. As well as, he’s accountable for the staff now. If Hae-yi goes lacking on his observe, he’ll come to feel even even worse. The hug appears to be like it transpired in that context. On the other hand, following Solar-ho quits, he rejoins the team, and breaks up with his new girlfriend, mainly because it will be much more enjoyable to be there with Hae-yi, even if he knows he does not have a shot with her. How is he not the evident choice right here?

Cheer Up Episodes 5-6

Although I’m not tremendous stoked on the OTP, these episodes give us a several new doable pairings that could be far more enjoyable. My most loved between them is IM YONG-IL (Kim Shin-bi) with his adorable crush on Cho-hee. Till now, Yong-il has largely followed close to Sun-ho and I did not assume a great deal about him. Through the discipline vacation, he receives on phase with Hae-yi and Solar-ja, and the a few dance to Twice’s Cheer Up. The tune may possibly be on the nose but person is their dance protect smile-inducing.

Afterwards, Yong-il sticks up for Cho-hee when someone is declaring dreadful issues behind her back again. He also supports her when her rugby captain ex-boyfriend is threatening her — and movies it when she beats the crap out of the ex just after he slaps her. Cho-hee tells Yong-il not to like her but he’s already head around heels. And, truthfully, so am I. I have liked Cho-hee since the beginning and Yong-il is just also cute crushing on her (gotta appreciate that accent). He’s now at the prime of my list of all the adult males in this present.

Cheer Up Episodes 5-6

A person issue I’m really loving about this drama is the way it handles interactions amongst female people. With Hae-yi, Cho-hee, Ha-jin, and Sun-ja we have bought a bunch of robust personalities. And yet they’ve all gotten alongside with every single other appropriate from the get-go. There’s no in-preventing or competitiveness and, even much better, they all assist each other in whatsoever comes up. The easy friendships and modest acts of kindness are just so attractive to look at. If I have a single significant complaint with these episodes it is that there is not adequate Ha-jin — she’s this kind of a rockstar.

And talking of receiving along, we obtained a scene this week of camaraderie between Hae-yi’s mom and Sunlight-ho’s mom — exactly where the two polish off 3 quarters of a bottle of whisky outside the house a comfort keep and reminisce about outdated periods. Although I’m continue to not certain where the show is taking us with this, I did like observing the two laughing jointly rather of the identical aged combating and one-upmanship.

Cheer Up Episodes 5-6

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