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Chinese Fantasy Donghua Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao Launch & Updates

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A new fantasy donghua is coming this summertime from Tencent Penguin Images and that is Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao or also known as Fantasy Mountain and Sea Ballad, a magical and mysterious trip that ought to notify a tale of a youthful adventure from an additional planet.

The Chinese fantasy anime sits in between numerous genres that will make one’s heart psyched and eagerly hold out for its premiere. For 1, it may remind them of the supernatural donghua, The Guide of Hundred Demons (Bai Yao Pu), and Tao Yao’s journey, on the other hand, Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao resembles a basic tale that we generally in standard Chinese literary works with its abundant folklore beautifully blended with traditions and customs of Ancient China.

Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao Overview

Right translated as Fantasy Mountain and Sea Ballad, Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao is 1 of the earlier introduced donghua from Tencent during their 2020 yearly meeting and was originally slated for launch in November final calendar year as aspect of the Drop 2021 Chinese anime seasonal lineup.

Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao

Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao is an first tale that provides off an isekai (transmigration) vibe as it features a woman who experienced been pulled into a mysterious fantasy earth that resembles Historical China but with magical antics often observed in quite a few stories about Chinese myths and folklore.


A woman named Chu Yao was pulled into the mythical earth of mountains and seas by an inexplicable power. There are limitless impressive territories and numerous magical lives, but also unpredictable potential risks and ruthless divine law. Who is it that pulled her into this planet, and what will be her fate in this article? Is it to struggle against the complete environment and turn into a legend or to combine into this earth and make the entire world of mountains and seas a legend…

Resource: Tencent Video

Animation Studio & Release Date

Studio Cloud Artwork is managing the generation of Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao when Tencent Penguin Photos is serving as the producer. This is just one of Cloud Art’s impending donghua assignments and the initial a person to get a launch from Tencent’s new reveals.

Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao

The studio is also managing the manufacturing of Jade Dynasty, an adaptation of a popular Chinese world wide web novel. Cloud Artwork is also animating Honor of Kings (Wang Zhe Rongyao), the highly anticipated Chinese anime adaptation of the Arena of Valor MOBA activity.

Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao’s launch day is scheduled for July 4, 2022, and it will be obtainable for formal streaming on its site on Tencent Movie: Fantasy Mountain & Sea Ballad. This is wonderful information following the donghua has been delayed quite a few instances from its original announcement in August 2020, and until finally it was confirmed once all over again through the 2021 Tencent Video clip Animation Annual Convention.

Trailers & PVs

Quite a few advertising videos and teaser trailers had been unveiled for Huanmeng Shan Hai Yao which capabilities distinctive figures from the new donghua as perfectly as idea arts and previews about its environment environment.

Alongside the a variety of PVs are character posters and important visuals for the series which even further include a glimpse to its planet which is crammed with tales of chivalry and martial arts.

Now, get prepared as this new donghua claims to provide fantasy to new heights in Chinese animation and might basically remind you of all those stunning donghua films this kind of as Big Fish and Begonia, The Legend of Hei, White Snake: The Origin, Nezha: The Devil’s Delivery, and The Legend of Deification. If you would like to get direct updates in advance of its release, look at out its formal Weibo website page listed here: 幻梦山海谣.

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