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This is the story of our overpowered boy named Baki, he’s a muscular guy who went through intense training ever since his childhood. While most of us were just chugging on some apple pies, this guy worked his body to great lengths! That explains why Baki has such a flexible yet muscular body. 

If you have never read Baki, you’re missing out on a lot! For instance, some banger fights and intense action! And on top of all that, Baki’s story! Let’s talk about Baki Manga’s Read Order along with its story! 

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Chronological Read Order


  1. Baki the Grappler (1992)
  2. Baki (1999)
  3. Baki Hanma (2005) 
  4. Baki-Dou (2005)
  5. Baki-Dou (2014) 
  6. Baki-Dou (2018)


Read Order + Plot

Baki the Grappler (1992) 

baki the grappler

Baki was raised by hisrich mother, Emi Akezawa who helped him financially hoping that he becomes a strong warrior just like his father, Yujiro Hanma. In the beginning, Baki finishes the traditional training and starts his journey by following the same path as his father. 

During this journey, he meets a lot of powerful fighters including his father! When Baki fought his father, he was beaten badly. After he faced defeat, Baki traveled all around the world just to train more. Years later, he found an underground arena where he fights martial artists of different styles. That’s when he truly gets a grip on his martial arts skills. 

If we fast forward to three years, Baki becomes the champion of the underground arena. Mitsunari Tokugawa comes across one of the greatest Karate fighters named Doppo Orochi and asks for a favor. The favor was nothing more than to let his son participate in the arena. 

On the other hand, Doppo comes across Kiyosumi Katou who has beaten all the fighters in his dojo and introduces him to the arena. Meanwhile, our MC trains himself for a fight at the boarding house where he’s staying. It turns out that the daughter of the boarding house’s owner has a crush on Baki! Let’s see how Baki’s life takes turns as he encounters people stronger than him. Will he be able to defeat his father? Are his sacrifices going to be worth it? 

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Baki (1999) 

baki 1999

Baki (1999) can also be referred to as New Grappler Baki: In Search of Our Strongest Hero. It is the second series that was serialized by Shonen Champion from 1991 to 2005! That’s right until Baki Hanma was released. It has a total of 31 volumes and covers the Prisoners, Chinese Challenges, and the Alai Jr. sagas. 

Baki (1999) tracks down other characters, aside from Baki, and their accomplishments as well. For instance, this made Muhammad Alai Jr. the main character in its final moments. He’s the son of a famous boxer named Mohammad Alal. Alai participated in many tournaments including the Japanese/American team. He seems to have perfected the art of martial arts using only punches!

So, in Baki 1999, we’re going to come across many other powerful fighters using different styles to knock out their enemies and win the tournaments. Baki loves fighting so he’s going to love training alongside powerful fighters. Let’s see how things go for him! 


Baki Hanma (2005) 

Baki Hanma (2005) 

Next off, we have Baki Hanma (2005) that can be named Baki: Son of Ogre. This is the third series that was again serialized by Shonen Champion in 2005 and ended in 2012. It covers Shadow Fighting, Olivia’s Fortress, The Prehistoric Menace, Retsu Kaiou’s Boxing, and the very final confrontation of Baki and his father, Yujiro Hanma! 

The story begins with a boy named Rumina Ayukawa who got bullied by his friends. His friends challenge Baki to fight with them. Yes, they ask the strongest guy around them to fight. 

Baki finds out that his father is the strongest guy on earth as he was able to kill a rampaging Giant African Elephant. This inspired him to plan out his way to fight his father. 

Hearing such things motivated our boy. Going back to Rumina, Baki told him that he can train himself using a trick called “Shadow Boxing”. Baki made this trick so advanced that he could visualize his enemy standing right in front of him. He says that he can see the spirit of his enemy and it’s nothing more than an illusion. Since he was training, he decided to visualize Iron Michael in front of him. Iron Michael is known to be a heavy-weight boxing champ who often sparred with him using a  roundhouse kick. Rumina says that a roundhouse kick is a foul in boxing. 

After he was done training, he tells Rumina that it was just a glimpse of visualization of technique and how he was planning to fight many powerful fighters. Let’s see how things go for Baki! 


Baki-Dou (2005, 2014, 2018)

Baki-Dou (2005, 2014, 2018)

Baki-Dou has a total of 22 volumes. It tells us about Miyamoto Musashi who gets challenged by Baki characters after he gets revived into the modern-day age! This gang crosses paths with Nomi no Sukune II who’s a man with various skills and the powers of a creator of sumo wrestling. This part of the manga tells us about how sumo wrestling fits into the world of Baki! 

Nomi No Sukune is one of the major characters in the newest arc of Baki Dou. He’s known as a professional sumo wrestler! He challenged the strongest man aka Yujiro Hanma but ended up losing to him. However, he earned his respect for standing still despite being punched by him. Since Nomi is a descendant with a respectable sumo wrestling style, his abilities are second to none. His gripping strength surpassed his ancestors and he was easily able to crush coal into dust! Imagine the strength this guy has! 

He also climbed a well without any safety gear which left people shocked! His overall strength is known to be massive and the fact that he’s able to create min-earthquakes using his legs is just scary! What do you guys think? Will he be able to surpass everyone? Will he fight Baki as well? There’s only one way to find out, read Baki! 


Main Characters

main characters

Since we talked a lot about the story of Baki. It’s officially the time to discuss the giant guys and their personalities. By that, I mean, the main characters in Baki! So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

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Baki is the main character in Baki The Grappler. When he was just thirteen, he decided to train himself and follow in the footsteps of his father. Baki is a muscular young man who has been through intense training. He’s a powerful fighter who can take down a bunch of fighters. 

His personality can be described as laid-back and carefree. However, hecan become quite aggressive at times, destroying everything around him. He wants to battle against his father  who is known to be the strongest man alive. 

Baki loves to train consistently and watches his progress. He knows about various techniques too, such as martial arts and shadow boxing. According to Baki, the only best way to become stronger is to fight people stronger than you. So, if you want to become strong, follow his advice! 


Yujiro Hanma 

yujiro hanma

Yujiro Hanma is the most famous and strongest man on Earth. He’s the father of Baki who’s known to be quite cruel and brutal towards other people. According to Yujiro, “Strong men have a smell… you can search the world over and still not come across a smell like this… It’s my favorite aroma.” WHOA! 

When it comes to his personality, he’s very arrogant and fierce. Yujiro highly believes in himself and considers everyone else weak. He’s ruthless considering the fact that he ripped off someone’s face. YES! That’s right, his cruelty has no end. 

Even though everyone fears Yujiro Hanma, yet they also want to fight him so that they can defeat him too! His strength is no joke and he knows so many techniques to knock people out. For instance, the axe kick, roll kick, finger grab, backhand blow, and even biting! These techniques are used by him in different battles. So, if you see Yujiro Hanma in the streets, you better hide under the sheets! 


Doppo Orochi 


Doppo Orochi is the karate grandmaster and the head of the karate school. He has been practicing martial arts for 50 years and he’s also known as one of the strongest characters in Baki. 

You can also call this man “God of War” or “Tiger Slayer”. Doppo is a man of wisdom, he’s balanced and caring. He’s fully devoted to martial arts and he’s proud of it. When it comes to fighting, he has no limits. Doppo gets hyped up when fighting tough opponents and he doesn’t step down from fighting. Doppo really has very nice traits including his sense of humor. He’s such a wholesome character that makes Baki much more interesting. To find out more about him, read Baki! 


Kaiou Retsu 


Kaiou Retsu is also one of the main characters in Baki who’s known to be an accomplished fighter. He was born in a temple in China. He’s a man of great discipline and is the type of guy who wouldn’t let anything come in his way of achieving goals. 

Kaiou is mentally and physically fit. He’s a trained martial artist who was taught discipline as well. So, these two things can make a person unstoppable! Like other martial artist masters, Kaiou can also read someone’s strengths and weaknesses. Although he’s shown to be very composed yet he’s overconfident in his abilities. 


Biscuit Oliva

Biscuit Oliva

Biscuit Oliva is one of the assassins in Baki. He has an iron body that can’t be broken. So, that tells us how powerful he actually is! He’s also titled “Mr. Chained”. Biscuit Oliva is known to be the strongest man in the US. He’s the only man in Arizona who has complete freedom! He’s not very smart but he’s mostly focused on his muscle mass. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he’s one of the fearful characters in Baki! If you want to know more about Biscuit Oliva, read Baki! 




And that brings us to the conclusion of Baki Read Order! I hope you guys enjoyed reading the blog and found the correct way to read Baki! If you’re looking for an intense action manga to read, Baki is the perfect pick for you! Do let us know your thoughts about this series in the comments down below. 

Baki has a very interesting story of how he trained super hard to defeat his own father while following his footsteps! It’s going to blow your minds! His determination and devotion is worth-appreciating. You will actually feel like becoming a martial artist after reading this manga! Anyways, see you guys on the next blog now! 

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