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Hello there! It’s nice to see that you stumbled on this blog. Do you love adventure? Are you bored? Have nothing to do? Don’t know what new and interesting show to watch?  Well, I have something that might be of an interest to you Anime loving folks *winks*. Have you ever heard of Fairy Tail? Did you watch it? Did you enjoy it?  Did you love it? Did you miss your favorite characters?  Well, I have some happy news for those of you! The creator of one of the most beloved and well known  anime,  Fairy Tail; Hiro Mashima introduces us to a new science fantasy anime called Edens Zero. It is currently available to watch on Netflix.

What is Edens Zero, you might ask? And why is it recommended? Well you might want to continue reading this blog so you’ll get an idea. And who knows? Edens Zero might become one of your favorite Shonen Anime




Quick Filler Guide

Edens Zero is an ongoing anime that first started airing in 2021. Edens Zero anime episodes have no reported filler episodes, which is good news to those who absolutely find filler episodes annoying.  It consists of 25 canon episodes and is enough for you to enjoy the first season.

Episode No. Title Type Date Aired
1 Into the Sky where the Cherry Blossoms flutter Manga Canon April 11, 2021
2 A Girl and her Blue Cat Manga Canon April 18, 2021
3 Adventurers Manga Canon April 25, 2021
4 A Man named Weisz Manga Canon May 2, 2021
5 Clash!! The Sibir Family Manga Canon May 9, 2021
6 The Skull Fairy Manga Canon May 16, 2021
7 Warship of the Demon King Manga Canon May 23, 2021
8 Wind Howls on the Highway Manga Canon May 30, 2021
9 Planet Guilst Manga Canon June 6, 2021
10 The Great Naked Escape Manga Canon June 13, 2021
11 Sister Ivry Manga Canon June 20, 2021
12 New Friends Manga Canon June 27, 2021
13 The Super Virtual Planet Manga Canon July 4, 2021
14 The Girl on the Hill Manga Canon July 11, 2021
15 Great Kaiju Shiki Manga Canon July 18, 2021
16 Fireworks Manga Canon July 25, 2021
17 The Temple of Knowledge Manga Canon August 1, 2021
18 Words Will Give You Strength Manga Canon August 8, 2021
19 From the Planet of Eternity Manga Canon August 15, 2021
20 Stones Manga Canon August 29, 2021
21 Reset Manga Canon September 5, 2021
22 My Mother, the Machine Manga Canon September 12, 2021
23 Until the Day It Turns to Strength Manga Canon September 19, 2021
24 Taking Up the Torch Manga Canon September 26, 2021
25 Someone to Love Manga Canon October 3, 2021



Edens Zero

The anime starts with a young boy watching a shooting star with two robots. One robot whom he calls Grandpa, tells him to go and explore other kingdoms and not to be stuck in one place since he won’t learn much from being there, and to make a lot of friends he can treasure forever. The boy’s name is Shiki, he is one of our main characters. He is an orphaned boy raised by 2 robots living on planet Granbell, in the Sakura Cosmos. an abandoned theme park planet that is operated mainly by robots for 100 years. He has  lived all his life on the planet as a mechanic and the only human in the abandoned theme park along with other robots who basically raised him since he was a child.

A few years later Rebecca Bluegarden and Happy ( yes that’s right! Happy is in this anime too! Yeheey! ) travels to Planet Granbell in hopes to record some amazing content for her online B-cube video since her goal is to gain 1 million subscribers/followers for her Aoneko channel. Did I mention that Rebecca and Happy are called B-cubers, kind of like the equivalent of Youtubers. 

Upon reaching the main entrance of the theme park, they are greeted with a bunch of robots who suddenly start singing, welcoming them, since they haven’t had any guests for 100 years. They eventually encounter a human boy with black long unruly hair who was fixing a huge cat robot. He then starts haras—*coughs* inspecting Rebecca, studying her and concluding that she’s a human just like him, and he also meets Happy (who is a blue talking cat) and wonders if he can be eaten. He introduced himself as Shiki, the only human on the planet. Since he’s the only human in the Granbell planet, it just means that he has had zero experience nor social interactions with other humans and aliens outside the Planet. So obviously his social skills were quite awful and he approached Rebecca with a scary face with the intent of becoming friends, scaring her in the process and got misunderstood as a creep or a weirdo and started running away from him.

They eventually met back in the town and Rebecca eventually softened up to him upon witnessing Shiki and the other robots’ friendship. The next morning, Shiki freaked out looking at the mirror and found out that his long hair was cut short, he then heard Rebecca screaming from a distance and went to them. Rebecca and Happy woke up tied up in a pole in the middle of town with a lot of the robots surrounding them with hostile intent

The King of the robots, Lord Castellan suddenly appears and reveals that they have been waiting for 100 years for someone with a ship to visit and to take their ship so they can get out of the planet and to rule among humans.  They had the intent of killing Rebecca and Happy, which Shiki is opposed to since they are his friends.

The robots started telling them that humans were their enemy who only uses them as tools and discards them when no longer needed. Rebecca guesses that the robots might have been infected by a virus since according to Shiki, they have been acting strange recently. Lord Castellan reveals that it is in fact the case and the virus gave them the ability to think for themselves. 

Shiki sees that Michael, one of his closest robot friends, thinks of them as the enemy. He swore to fix them, but Lord Castellan told him that he can’t fix them because he is not a real mechanic and that he was only playing the role as one. Feeling betrayed by his closest friends and the only family he has ever known, Shiki lets the robots beat him up hoping that they didn’t mean anything they were saying. 

Seeing what was happening in front of her, Rebecca pleads to the robots to stop since they were Shiki’s friends and cries for Shiki. After seeing Rebecca’s tears, Shiki’s powers activate, revealing that he has Ether Gear, a power from the Dark Ages given to him by his Grandpa the Demon King, that can control gravity. He rescues Rebecca and Happy and they make an escape and go for Rebecca’s ship, the Aqua Wing. Rebecca eventually accepts Shiki’s friendship, and reveals that came from another planet in the Sakura Cosmos.

Unknown to the three of them, the robots started breaking down from old age shortly after the three of them were off the planet. The robots staged their infection in order to save Shiki from loneliness on their own planet, Granbell. 

The three new friends then set off to explore the universe in their spaceship and in hopes to be one of the first humans to find the fabled Goddess of the cosmos called Mother.



Edens Zero is the perfect anime for those of you who enjoy action packed adventure, awesome fight scenes, a pinch of fan service (not too much though) *winks*, all the feels, and just the right amount of humor and let’s not forget the power of friendship! *fist bumps the air*. And for  those who miss their favorite Fairy Tail characters, do not worry since you’ll get to see some of them in Edens Zero as cameos. 

There’s news that the second season is already in production but no news when it’s going to be released to the public yet, but one thing is for sure is that we will be waiting and looking forward to more future adventures of Shiki, Rebecca and Happy as they continue to explore the universe and find the fabled goddess of the cosmos whom they all call as “Mother.” I personally can’t wait for Shiki to make more interesting new friends on other planets.

So? What are you waiting for? Start watching now! And enjoy all the adventures in this fun anime series.

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