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Updated October 18, 2022 by Ernie

As you all know, Golden Kamuy is back with a new season, and fans are really hyped about it. It is one of the most popular ongoing shows and is known for its amazing cast of characters and action sequences. 

The third season aired back in 2020 and it was an artistic masterpiece tbh. Everything, including animation, storyline, and fights, was just fascinating. 

Well! In this blog, we’ll be talking about its watch order. I’m pretty sure you know there are two types of watch orders, right? The one in which the anime was released, and the chronological one, in which fans suggest you watch the show

Watch orders can create a lot of misunderstanding, and it can possibly ruin the show for you as well. In my opinion, it is better to watch most shows in Chronological order. Some peeps might say that the release order is better. I guess it depends on the viewer.

Golden Kamuy has a total of 4 seasons and an OVA. We’ll take a look at both the release and the chronological watch order. 

SPOILER ALERT! The following paragraphs might contain potential spoilers!!!

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Golden Kamuy Seasons Release Order

First, we’ll talk about the order in which the anime was released. 


Golden Kamuy Season 1

The first season of this gem aired back in 2018. It was animated by the Geno Studio. 

Saichi Sugimoto, a former soldier, is known among his peers as Sugimoto the Immortal. Why? He has managed to survive every deadly situation he has been in. Whether it be gunshots, bears, or even knife stabs, he has survived them all. One of his close friends died on the battlefield. 

Sugimoto promised to take care of his wife and get her illness treated. However, treating her would cost some fortune and Sugimoto had none. Someone told him about a man who had stolen gold from the infamous Ainu tribe and hidden it somewhere. Only people with maps on their bodies know about it. 

Sugimoto had no other option, so he decided to look for it. On his journey, he was saved by a little girl from the Ainu tribe, Asirpa. This marks the beginning of their journey together to look for the lost treasure. Interesting, right? 


Golden Kamuy Season 2

Golden Kamuy’s second season also aired in 2018. It was also animated by Studio Geno.

The season continues as Asirpa and Sugimoto continue their journey in the search of Gold. Their war was against the 7th division and Lieutenant Tokushirou Tsurumi. Tsurumi planned to outsmart his rivals by developing fake skins with tattoos. And only he was able to distinguish these tattoos from the real ones. 

He also started rumors of bodies with tattoos found in the town. Sugimoto and his companions also heard these rumors and went to take a look. Will they be deceived by Tsurumi’s tactics? Or will Sugimoto the Immortal find some way out of this situation? 

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Golden Kamuy Season 3

The Third Season aired back in the Winter of 2020. It was animated by the same Geno Studio. It is the highest-rated season out of three with a MAL rating of 8.46. 

The story took a new turn as Sugimoto got separated from Asirpa after the prison battle. Asirpa teamed up with Kiroranke and Ogata, who decided to take her to Karafuto. Shirashi AKA the Escape King is also accompanying them. With Asirpa’s father died, she was the only person on this planet who could solve the mystery of the treasure

On the other hand, Sugimoto had to team up with Lieutenant Tsurumi and Division 7th. He forms an alliance with Tanigaki, Tuskishima and Koito, and decides to venture toward Karafuto as well. Will they ever reunite? 


Golden Kamuy Season 4

Season 4 started airing on 3rd October 2022. Just one episode is out, and we can’t possibly spoil ya. 


Golden Kamuy OVA Release Order

Golden Kamuy has just one OVA that aired back in 2018 after the first season. 

Sugimoto is not the MC of this one. This OVA follows Ogata Hyakunosuke, Division 7th’s Private, and Toshizou Hijikata, Former Shinsengumi Vice Commander. 

The story continues as both of them are stuck in a gang war, and that too on opposite sides. The war was regarding a rumor about Hidoro gand possessing a tattooed skin. Both, Ogata and Hijikata decide to fight this war. However, they have to choose their companions wisely or it can seriously damage them. 


Golden Kamuy Chronological Order

The Chronological Order of Golden Kamuy is not that weird. You can just watch the show in the order in was released as there is just one OVA and no movies. Still, I’d list the chronological order below:

  • Golden Kamuy Season 1 (Spring 2018)
  • Golden Kamuy OVA (Summer 2018)
  • Golden Kamuy Season 2 (Winter 2018)
  • Golden Kamuy Season 3 (Fall 2020)
  • Golden Kamuy Season 4 (Fall 2022) On-going.



This concludes the blog I guess. There was not much to explain. Golden Kamuy is one of my favorite anime that is airing this Fall. You guys better catch up! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.

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