Cuphead Still Has Undiscovered Easter Eggs – And the DLC is Total Of Them As Properly

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According to Cuphead co-creator Maja Moldenhauer, the primary Cuphead recreation nonetheless has undiscovered Easter eggs.

IGN interviewed Moldenhauer at Summer Recreation Fest Enjoy Times, an function at which the game’s long-awaited DLC, The Delectable Past System, was available to participate in. A further sport that was also at the event was Road Fighter 6.

All through the job interview, Moldenhauer spontaneously asks if we had the possibility to perform Street Fighter 6. To some, Moldenhauer’s fascination might arrive as no shock: Just one of Cuphead’s manager battles is recognized for its references to the Road Fighter series.

Just about every Nintendo Match in Growth

“Street Fighter is certainly a single of the main online games that affected us,” Moldenhauer admitted.

When asked if the DLC will contain references as properly, Moldenhauer answered with a large certainly.

“Oh my goodness, there’s a whole lot! It is almost certainly 1 of the most exciting points about creating online games. They’re all more than the position. This is basically just one of Jared’s – one particular of our co-creators – favored points to do, as he likes to spend homage to his favored games. It wouldn’t even automatically have to be anything big, but probably just one thing like a qualifications element. When folks uncover them on their have it is so fun to look at their expressions,” Moldenhauer suggests.

‘People are sleuths’

Besides Avenue Fighter, the initial Cuphead is known for all kinds of references ranging from Last Fantasy VI to Dragon Quest and even Kirby. Moldenhauer’s comment that “they’re all in excess of the place” manufactured us speculate if there might be any Easter eggs that haven’t been located still.

“There’s a pair. Men and women are sleuths and they’ve discovered I’d say 90 percent of them, but there’s a pair that we have under no circumstances read any individual mention,” Moldenhauer says.

Even so, Moldenhauer refuses to give us any leads to what these unfound references could be. “No hints! I’m a vault. I love that even though. Will we just take this to our grave? Will any individual figure it out?”

Have you discovered any references in Cuphead that haven’t been stated in advance of still? Be absolutely sure to let us know in the remarks.

Esra Krabbe is an editor at IGN Japan. Beating Cuphead could be a single of his life’s most important accomplishments.

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