Dandadan Vol 1 [Manga Review]

Absurdism Carried out Ideal

  • Mangaka : Tatsu Yukinobu
  • Publisher : Motion, Comedy, Ecchi, Horror, Romance, School Lifetime, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Shounen
  • Genre : Viz
  • Posted : Oct 2022

Somehow combining just about each individual style less than the sunlight, it’s challenging to describe Dandadan succinctly, besides to say that it is an absurdist sci-fi shounen that feels much less like a manga and more like a surreal practical experience.

Mixing absurdism with heartfelt characterization, Dandadan is a unique blend of UFOs, spirits, and psychic powers. It may possibly not be for anyone, but if you can embrace the weirdness, you will obtain an endearing major duo and an entertaining (but odd) motion-packed plot.

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At its coronary heart, Dandadan is about two substantial schoolers who are every single seeking companionship and support for their personal exclusive beliefs. Momo Ayase is accomplished with scummy boys who belittle her perception in spirits and her grandmother’s do the job as a medium. Ken Takakura could possibly share his title with a well known (and handsome) actor, but he’s essentially a geeky boy obsessed with aliens and the paranormal.

When these two meet, they finish up daring every other to check the other’s beliefs. What ensues is an absurd initially chapter, in which Ken is possessed by the spirit of a horny grandmother who steals his “banana,” and Momo is abducted by aliens and awakens to psychic powers right before they can impregnate her.

Certainly, Dandadan is very a lot a mature read, and although we wouldn’t connect with it vulgar, there are repeated crude jokes—so keep that in mind. The plot is absurd, but will take recurrent breaks to sluggish the action so the reader can arrive to grips with each and every curve ball.

The crude humor performs in tandem with absurdism, as Ken and Momo sign up for forces to defeat the evil granny spirit and restore Ken’s missing manhood. Momo’s new psychic powers allow her to maintain Ken’s curse in test, when Ken’s curse lets him to rework and shield Momo from different spirits and aliens.

The artwork has a refined roughness to it, most likely inspired by Tatsu Yukinobu’s work as an assistant to Fujimoto Tatsuki on Chainsaw Guy and Hearth Punch. The monsters experience straight out of Jujutsu Kaisen or Bleach, even though the absurd humor and occult plotline remind us of Mob Psycho 100. The quirky motion is damaged up by some real moments of characterization that prove the sequence has extra to give than just unadulterated madness.

Why You Ought to Study Dandadan Vol 1

Dan-Da-Dan-manga-Wallpaper-673x500 Dandadan Vol 1 [Manga] Review - Absurdism Done Right

1. A Mixing Pot of Genres That “Just Works”

Glance at the listing of genres above…how Dandadan can take care of to cram so several different genres with each other with no experience piecemeal is absolutely nothing short of pure magic. Any one particular of all those genres is usually adequate to base an overall series all over, and Dandadan could have settled for just dealing with spirits, or aliens, or psychic powers.

As a substitute, Tatsu Yukinobu has pulled these discordant tips with each other and marshaled them into a strange, harmonious blend of absurdism and heartfelt characterization. It’s not a thing you will locate pretty typically, but the mangaka has pulled this weird idea off with aplomb.

2. Stunning Character Depth

With a collection like this, it would be straightforward to skirt all around the figures and alternatively aim on the plot. And absolutely, Dandadan has a good deal of motion squeezed into the 1st quantity, but it also manages to give sturdy character and convictions to the major characters.

Each Momo and Ken have knowledgeable isolation and bullying because of what they think in. Getting these beliefs established ideal gives them a feeling of self, but at the similar time, they study the other person’s beliefs also exist—opening up a even bigger globe of chance for self-assurance and growth.

Why You Must Skip Dandadan Vol 1

1. Odd Is not For Everyone

We’ll be honest—Dandadan likely shouldn’t be your to start with-at any time manga to go through, or perhaps even your tenth. Its absurdism relies on the reader currently being comfortable with a range of various manga tropes, but even so, the absurd combination of aliens and spirits and psychic powers isn’t likely to be for everyone.

That claimed, we hugely persuade you to give the very first volume a examine, and see how you really feel. You won’t know until eventually you attempt!

Dan-Da-Dan-manga-Wallpaper-673x500 Dandadan Vol 1 [Manga] Review - Absurdism Done Right

An unlikely cocktail of absurdist plot and authentic people, Dandadan meticulously walks the line in between madness and truth. From a privates-stealing granny ghost to a sumo-wrestling alien attacking a shrine, Dandadan delivers a convincing narrative about standing up for by yourself and your beliefs.

Are you likely to look at out Dandadan Vol 1? Let us know down in the responses under, and as often, thanks for looking through!
by Brett Michael Orr

Dan-Da-Dan-manga-Wallpaper-673x500 Dandadan Vol 1 [Manga] Review - Absurdism Done Right

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