Devlog #1 Gameplay & Features news – Kingdom Sieges

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Some insight into the evolution of Kingdom Sieges, with a spotlight on the intense gameplay and other fascinating details of the medieval third-person RPG.

Hail to you, you bold and brave knights and servants! We would like to welcome you to our second Development Update on the evolution of our medieval RPG, Kingdom Sieges. It has taken a while for
us to release a new update, but nevertheless, we have obviously been very creative and diligent.

Since the early days of developing the project almost 1.5 years ago, we constantly made a focus on a high level of authenticity and good quality. By creating a medieval world that feels as realistic as possible, our ambition is to provide players with a fascinating, interactive game environment.
For this, we have spent countless hours researching, visiting historical sites, photographing and mapping for inspiration.

Kingdom Sieges Development Update

One special feature of Kingdom Sieges, the construction and further elaboration of own castles, receives much and significant importance. In a broadly distributed network of functions and Logics within the entire game world, a wide variety of factors and influences are taken into account for the construction and prosperity of the player and his/her properties.
Based on the medieval strategy of the time, it is also of strategic importance in Kingdom Sieges where the castle or fortress is built. A compound and site far from any supply such as water, raw materials for construction or transport routes to generate road tolls will have a hard time progressing in the future.

Kingdom Sieges Development Update

Another not unimportant way to get access to goods and resources is to loot villages and settlements.
This option should not be underestimated, especially at the beginning of the game, even if it is daring and risky. However, depending on the scope, the consequences are sometimes disastrous: if a settlement is plundered that is under the protection of another lord of the castle, this can lead to a bloody conflict.

Kingdom Sieges Development Update

As the name Kingdom Sieges already suggests, there will not only be minor feuds and clashes of power in the progress of the game, but also massive and bloody battles with sieges.

And this is what the next update will be about. For the time being, that’s it for the Kingdom Sieges insight, we hope for your continued support. Please also check out our social media, where we regularly post new impressions and progress on Kingdom Sieges.
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