Does Midnight Die In My Hero Academia? (Explanation)

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My hero academia focuses on the story of students studying to be licensed heroes in a world filled with villains plotting chaos and destruction. It inspires young ones to do the right thing and help anyone in need.

After all, Izuku is an inspiration. You don’t need a superpower to be a hero as implied in the first episode of the anime. But today we won’t be talking about our crybaby main character but instead will focus on one specific question!

Does Midnight Die in My Hero Academia?

Well, if you are ready to find out the truth? Then buckle up folks as I take you through the tunnel of truth and facts to find the answer that you have been looking for!


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Who is Midnight?

Before we talk about what happened. Let us talk about who is Midnight. And what kind of hero is she?

Well for starters, her real name is Nemuri Kayama. She is an R-Rated Class Hero under the alias of Midnight. A professional hero, and a teacher at  U.A Highschool where she teaches Modern Hero Art History.

Midnight is a tall character with a curvaceous body and notable sky-blue eyes. Her outfit is quite similar to a traditional dominatrix. But her outfit is ironically conservative.

She is a playful woman and a bit flirtatious. She is quite unpredictable and has a temperamental side. She doesn’t get interactive and please, be sensitive about her age.

Her quirk is utilized to take advantage of the enemy. She is tactful which makes her formidable. Her quirk is a bit simple, it was just a somnambulist ability to render everyone around her unconscious, by releasing a sleep-inducing aroma that can knock down her opponent whenever they breathe her gas, basically a sweet fart gas that can make you go nighty.

One of the notable things with her quirk is that it is more effective towards males.




Does Midnight Die in My Hero Academia?

Regarding the fate of Midnight in My Hero Academia, it’s my deepest remorse to tell you guys that Midnight is no longer alive in the future chapters of My Hero Academia. Her death is a living proof of the risk that her students will continue to face as they engage in a lot of hero activity.

To give you a better context of what happened, Midnight is already dead in the current chapters of the manga, although it wasn’t drawn on the manga panels. It was implied in Chapter 278, which indicates her death, and despite being on the verge of losing her own life, Midnight left her final order which secured them an advantage during the battle.

Midnight’s task was to utilize her quirk in order to put the Gigantomachia to sleep. Whom we all know as the unstoppable titan who is probably the strongest out of all in terms of physical strength. They were close to succeeding their goal to reach him, however it was interrupted when Dabi fired off his signature blue fire towards Kamui, interrupting their plans and causing the two heroes to fall.

Midnight was injured by the debris that Mr. Compressed released, along with Dabi’s flames. Before facing Gigantomachia,  she was already in a terrible state. She left her last instruction to Momo.

Thus, this was the last panel we got to see her in action. Many fans clung on to the hope she was still alive, and maybe was just captured by villains. As there isn’t any specific information on how she might have died.

However, in chapter 296 of the manga, we saw her beat up mask, as well as a panel presenting the lives that were lost because of Shigaraki’s tenacity. Therefore we can speculate that it’s either she was killed by one of the villains, or was crushed by Gigantomachia


What were her last words?

Her last words were solely for Yaoyorozu, which is an order that she left Momo with. The instruction was for her to command class 1-A and B into sedating the villainous giant. Before she died, she passed that instruction to Momo, because she knew that she was capable of taking the role of the leader.

Her final words were, I trust your judgment. Before leaving her student hanging.

Her death was never vain, and her trust towards Yaoyorozu paid off as they successfully stopped Gigantomachia. By her wise decision to have the humongous villain swallow thirty litters of sedative in order to stop the rampage.


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Midnight’s importance to the storyline

The death of Midnight shook the fans and I believe that everyone mourned her death. She was an important character, and even if there wasn’t any on-screen funeral nor giving honor to her, it is already implied. We do see however, my Eraserhead and Present Mic upset and mourning over her death.

Class 1-A and 1-B are obviously devastated, but it was Yaoyorozu, Kirishima, Rikido and Mina who were shown the morning after they discovered her dead body.

Out of all the characters, I think it was Momo who was devastated the most. She was the last person who heard her voice, Midnight passed on the leadership to her and showed her that she got what it takes to lead their classroom.

Yaoyorozu will make a fine leader someday.

She believed that Momo had the potential to become a fine leader.

It was an important trigger towards Momo who seems to have lost her confidence throughout the series. She has a lot of instances where she is seen to have a lack of confidence. The death of Midnight implies a growth for her confidence to boom.

Despite her lack of screen time in comparison to Eraserhead, Almighty, and even Mic was present. She was part of the main teachers who focused on Modern Hero Art History, as well as assisted the students in strategy in combat.

She saw the potential for the growth of her students and provided insights on how they can improve. She is observant which is why she knew that it was right to call on Yaoyorozu.

Midnight was known to be a hero who will put her life in risk for the sake of their society. She wasn’t best on combat as it wasn’t really showcased, but she is a tough opponent because of her brains and her simple  but effective quirk

In Season 1 we get to see her fend off the villains who invaded the U.S.J. She also played an important role of playing the villain role, assigned to prevent Mineto and Sero from reaching a particular area, this was their test in order to pass the final.

This was the first time we saw her fully utilize her quirk. Although it seems that she wasn’t taking them seriously, despite taking Sero down using her quirk. This was also the episode and chapter where Mineta shined as a character.

Being a fan of Midnight, our pipsqueak was aware of her weaknesses and used it as an advantage in order to pass the final exam.    

Midnight had a quiet run throughout the series, and it’s a shame we won’t get to see her in the future.

She was also there to assist them during their training in preparation for the provisional hero license exam.  One of the memorable episodes will be the naming of their hero names where it was quite enjoyable to watch her interaction with students. There’s also the trial interview where she was quite fond of Shoto’s innocence.

She was also in action during the first paranormal liberation war. During those episodes she was seen to join the mission to raid the Gunga mountain villain, to which Gigantomachia was officially revealed as One-for-all secret weapon.

Her last action was the second time they faced off Gigantomachia. In the first episode of season 6, we get to see her motivating Kinoko as they start to make their first move in the war against Shigaraki.

It will be devastating to see her die in the anime, but she will always be remembered. She is a great hero and an inspiration not only to her students but also to her fans!



Anyways that’s all folks! This is the end of the tunnel; the question has been answered. If you want to relive the moment of her death, then tune in with the current Season 6 of My Hero Academia. Where we get to see her alive, then not alive in the following episode.

It’s time to bring out your tissues because the new season will be a disaster! I hope you are ready guys!


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