Does Zenitsu Become a Hashira?

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Oh boy, when we thought anime couldn’t get any better, we got slapped with Demon Slayers. The fight scenes are just as awesome as Dragon Ball’s, the storyline, just as gruesome and exciting as Attack on Titan’s, and the design, don’t let me start on the design, it’s out of this world, as it beats every single anime on Earth!

Now let’s talk about the cast, we have three MCs on board, one is a cheesy overpowered good guy without a shred of malice in him, another is a hyper beast with no manners but with the face of a princess and the last one is a whiny coward who hides a lot of potential behind his never-ending brawling breakdowns.

All of them started at the bottom of the food chain, weak and helpless, but they began to grow. Tanjiro mastered the most powerful breathing technique, the Sun Breathing Technique, Inosuke turned out to have such a weird body that he can actually change the position of his organs and thus evade any kind of fatal blow.

And then we have Zenitsu, not only is he annoying, but he also doesn’t have the desire to grow stronger. Always trying to stay out of danger, far away from demons, all he wants is to find a woman- any woman that will agree to marry him.

However, there is more to Zenitsu than meets the eye. Did you know that he is actually stronger than Inosuke?

I know, it’s difficult to believe, right? But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the truth and I’ll tell you why.


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Zenitsu possesses a very special ability, his sense of hearing is monstrous, to say the least. He can detect danger from miles away, tell the difference between humans and demons, can tell the emotions of the people around him and the most important thing is that it enables him to fight asleep.

Yup, you read right, the guy fights demons when he is in the world of dreams. Too much of a coward to face the enemy head-on, and as a defense mechanism, his body puts him in a comatose state. Shouldering the burden of emotions, no more, Zenitsu let his body, his muscle memory, fight for him. Using his enhanced hearing, he can fight with his eyes closed determining the enemy’s every move through the slightest movement. And like a bat uses the echo of sound to scan his surroundings. Pretty cool, don’t you think?  (Demon Slayer Manga: Chapter 72 page 4)

A user of the Thunder Breathing Technique, the Demon Slayer makes Flash look bad. His speed is an immense weapon that can overwhelm any opponent. You can’t even see the guy when he moves (Demon Slayer Manga: Chapter 23 page 9). Since he can only use one form of the technique, the First Form: Thunderclap and Flash, he created an extension of the technique, an extension only he can use since through thorough training and leg decimation, he managed to unleash the techniques eight times in a row  (Demon Slayer Manga: Chapter 93 page 7).

Finally, as stupid as he may look, Zenitsu turned out to be quite the strategist. He is the only one of the trio that actually uses his head, analyses the situation before jumping head-first right into the enemy’s dent.


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Tsuzumi Mansion Arc: Zenitsu Agatsuma vs Tongue Demon

In one single slash, he decapitated the Tongue demon as he was slicing butter and he did it in less than a second.


Mount Natagumo Arc: Zenitsu Agatsuma vs Spider Demon (Son)

He was in a pinch, poisoned by the Spider Demon Son, and agonizing in pain, he was slowly turning into a spider himself. Greatly weakened and alone against an enemy who was in no way weak, he activated his ultimate technique and took a hold of victory.


Mugen Train Arc: Demon Slayers vs Enmu

He may not have directly fought against Enmu himself, however, he can be sure that the Demon Slayers wouldn’t have won this fight without him. He stayed behind to protect the passengers that were being attacked by the demons’ tentacles and managed to keep all of them safe while attacks were coming from every corner of the wagon.


Entertainment District Arc: Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira vs Daki

That fight was indescribable, really! He was at the end of the rope; his legs were broken after repeatedly using Godspeed and yet Daki was still breathing. In order to kill the Upper 6, he and Tanjiro have to decapitate the siblings at the exact same time. If he gives up, then everything is over.

In a last desperate attempt, he unleashed his technique one more time, the die was cast, or he landed a decisive blow, or they all died. Well, he did not let us down, and take note, he killed one of the Upper Moons. He had help from Inosuke, but he was the star of the moment.


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Infinity Castle Arc: Zenitsu Agatsuma vs Kaigaku

Kaigaku was the Demon who inherited the rank of Upper Six after the death of Daki and Gyutaro. He was once a student learning the way of the Demon Salyers under the same master.

Okay, I’ll stop here, many of you may not have read the manga yet and I wouldn’t want to ruin the story for you. I’ll just say that he gave a run for his money.


Will Zenitsu Ever Become a Hashira?

Now I have a legitimate question to ask. After all those achievements and the fact that he is now just as strong as most of the Hashira, will Zenitsu ever be granted the title of Hashira himself?

Spoiler Alert! Don’t go any further if you don’t end the end of Demon Slayer revealed.

When the Demon Slayers finally killed Muzan, all the demons followed him to the grave. At the time Zenitsu was still not a Hashira. Since the world did not need the Demon Slayer Corps anymore, the organization ended up dismantling. Of course, they were not going to promote people just to tell them they were out of a job the second later.

So, no, Zenitsu does not become a Hashira at the end of the manga.


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Zenitsu may have never received the title of Hashira officially, however, it is undeniable that the boy was a Hashira at heart from the very beginning. Not only did he fight and put his life on the line to defend their values, but he also went up against the most dangerous of demons and succeeded where many of them didn’t. He earned their respect, their approval, and saved the world. I don’t think we need to decorate him to acknowledge that his place was among the all-mighty Hashira.

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