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Dragon Ball woman Characters are a simple fact. They are not only strong but also charming to fulfill and entertaining. Though the manga was accessible from 1989 to 2022, the anime television sequence aired from 1990 to 2022.

Intriguing Dragon Ball woman Figures

15. Baba


Fortuneteller Baba, an aged hag, isn’t physically perilous to anybody. But brawn is not constantly the ideal indicator of who is or is not highly effective. Baba is a gifted magician and is not frightened of demonstrating this ability various times. Baba’s electric power is so impressive that she can bring back the lifeless, even temporarily.

Although this is just a person instance of her highly effective capabilities, it is not unreasonable to imagine she has a couple far more, particularly ones that would render Mai’s weapons and martial arts obsolete.

14. Start


A Dragon Ball character that extra-or-much less disappeared in spite of a few blink-and-you are going to-miss out on-it cameos here and there, Launch was when an powerful primary figure in both Goku’s and Master Roshi’s life.

Start was generally a satisfied woman most of the time. But, when she sneezed it all went out of the window. Start is now explosively angry, and will consider on any person she sees. She had numerous superior-caliber weapons available to her. Despite the fact that her battle expertise might seem very similar to Mai’s, Start is a freedom fighter for the reason that of the unpredictable character of her rage. Start is like a cornered tiger, and she shouldn’t be provoked.

14. Mai


Mai, the one from Trunks’ damaged potential is not scared of brutal conflict. She is a trusted leader and survivalist, as effectively as a expert with hand-to-hand beat. Mai, in spite of remaining a person rank beneath the powerless Marron but still a formidable and harmful chief.

Mai, in spite of seemingly getting no ki management is continue to considerably much less successful than she should really be. Mai just just can’t maintain up with the other ladies in this series.

13. Bulla


Bulla is the second child Bulma and Vegeta’s youngsters. Her remarkable energy comes not only from her parents but also her status as a 50 percent Saiyan. Even though these points may counsel Bulla is a strong character, Bulla is not a fighter by her mother nature and has considerably to establish.

GT Bulla prefers to shop over fighting. Even even though the “Dragon Ball GT Fantastic Files”, condition that she could turn into Super Saiyan if supplied the right circumstances, this never ever comes about. Her extraordinary probable need to be enough to make her a star, but she fails to reside up the legacy of her dad and mom.

12. Fasha


Fasha, irrespective of her reduced rating, is a fierce, determined, and ruthless fighter. She enjoys the destruction and carnage like a true Saiyan. Fasha is a expert ki-person, brawler and sassy fighter. She can also be transformed into a Terrific Ape to grow to be a perilous and harmful power.

Fasha and Gine have really similar skillsets, and possibly boast very similar electric power stages. Nevertheless, Fasha can defeat Goku’s mother because of a fight spirit that Gine does not have.

11. Gine


Gine, Goku’s mom, is a Saiyan pureblood and 1 of the most powerful females in the sequence. Dragon Ball Super describes that not all Saiyans are suited to fight, even while they are warrior races. Gine may well have been a comprehensive trainer, but her legacy is not even shut to her son’s.

According to the manga, she does in fact have battle expertise as a low class warrior. That, together with an “almost mastery” of ki-based mostly tactics, standard electricity, Oozaru-transformation abilities, and Saiyan blood, would permit her to very easily finest individuals beneath her.

10. Videl


Videl just can’t design and style a weapon to kill Goku Black but she was properly trained by Gohan and could defeat any Saiyan warrior, even just one as reduced as Gine or Fasha.

Videl would get rid of her edge like Gohan. But at her top she was virtually indistinguishable as a superhero. This was some thing she was sure to use in her function of Great Saiyaman 2. Despite the fact that she would in no way be capable to achieve the electricity-up heights of many others who function further than human limitations, Videl is unquestionably no pushover and her enthusiasts are hopeful that she will return to the fray in a future tale.

9. Pan


Despite the fact that Pan is nevertheless a toddler in Dragon Ball Tremendous it is already apparent how impressive she is. She’s been seen undertaking superior methods even even though she is not potty-educated.

Flash ahead to Dragon Ball GT and Pan, an more mature Saiyan fighter, is brief to show that her impressive Saiyan blood flows through her veins. She’s an very highly effective fighter and can go on perilous adventures with Goku or Trunks devoid of obtaining to be concerned about her protection. She has the prospective to turn out to be a Super Saiyan, and even far more so she is in a position to compete with these who rank under her.

8. Zangya


Zangya was to start with viewed in 1993 Dragon Ball Z film Bojack unbound. She was an impressively qualified fighter. Bojack’s only female member, she was ready to effortlessly defeat the Z Fighters and even pose a substantial threat from Long run Trunks. It took Super Saiyan 2 Gohan’s might to defeat her.

She is easily the strongest woman character to have appeared in a Dragon Ball motion picture, and her appearances are usually worthy of noting.

7. Caulifla

7. Caulifla

Caulifla was recognised for her challenging-doing the job perspective and willingness to struggle. But, when she found how to harness the energy of the Tremendous Saiyan states, it was a recreation changer. Caulifla proved to be an extraordinary learner and was ready to grasp kinds that would normally take years.

She is very easily rated amid Dragon Ball‘s most influential females owing to her relaxed manner, strategic head and rapid-mastered powers. It will be appealing to see how she finishes up being much more risky than her latest placement.

6. Android 18

6. Android 18

Android 18 was not able to contend with the super-run Tremendous Saiyans that emerged from the HyperbolicTime Chamber. This was proven by Upcoming Trunks who reconstructed his timeline. This would suggest that Zangya should really be crushed by Android 18, but she isn’t.

Android 17’s Match of Electricity confirmed that even Zangya could not match 18 if they were to go through serious teaching. It is feasible to know the opportunity, but it must be shown in apply. Probably some instruction time with her brother in the wilderness would be a fantastic notion.

5. Android 21

5. Android 21

Android 21 hails from FighterZ. It’s hard to gauge because the plot of the sport requires equalizing and/or lowering all main players’ power amounts. Android 21 is a powerful fighter, no matter of this caveat.

Android 21, considerably like Cell, is manufactured up of the cells from the most impressive fighters (which include Majin Buu) and she can increase her ability by the absorption of other folks. Android 21’s finest strengths are her brilliant intellect and amazing manipulation capabilities. Android 21 is a formidable menace for the reason that of her unrivalled intelligence and sheer electricity.

4. Kale

4. Kale

Kale appeared at initial like a pushover. She was timid, comfortable-spoken and averse towards any sort of beat. Any hopes of Kale turning into a fighter, permit alone a formidable a person, appeared a pipe aspiration right up until she recognized that it was possible.

The unique Broly was clearly the inspiration for Kale’s explosive fury, which brought on a new transformation. The power-up Kale was a formidable, muscular monster who raged with uncontrollable fury. She proved to be a risk not only to Goku but also to anyone at Event of Electric power. There’s no telling what could have happened if she weren’t contained.

3. Kefla

3. Kefla

Mixing Caulifla’s savage struggle spirit and potent electric power with Kale’s seemingly limitless swimming pools of berserker-rage-fueled opportunity benefits in Kefla, the scariest, swiftest, and most unsafe feminine Saiyan in the sequence.

2. Chi-Chi

2. Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi is normally thought of a comedian relief character. She is most effectively-identified as Goku’s love passions. She’s an undeniably sizeable component of the character’s lifetime, but the operating gag of her nagging disapproval of her buddy-turned-partner hinders her.

While her expertise and qualities are not always at the forefront Dragon Ball’s story arcs she has shown herself to be a formidable fighter that can retain up with Goku or Gohan. Even though she is undeniably strong and fast, she is even now considerably behind some of the series’ extra intense feminine fighters.

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1. Bulma

Bulma’s strength is in her remarkable intellect. This opens up the doors to lots of wild possibilities. Bulma’s intelligence is unsurpassed and she could construct an all-impressive arsenal if she required to.

Supporters have even observed her generate a bullet that could wipe out Goku black. Inspite of her Goku-slaying qualities, which finally failed to operate out, Bulma is a formidable risk to all those people beneath her.

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