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That’s Wano folks: when it’s on, it’s REALLY on.

The drama between the Akazaya Nine and Shogun Orochi takes up the first half of our episode. It’s good stuff as per usual, full of the dramatic tension between these two groups. Orochi and the Akazaya Nine both see the world through the filter of Oden’s legacy, but they have completely different perspectives on it. The retainers see Oden as the beginning of their ascent from their troubled pasts into not only higher society but better versions of themselves, finding purpose and camaraderie in equal measure. Orochi sees Oden as a continuation of the injustices Wano has visited on his family and as his own stepping stool to rise from obscurity into the bloom of bloody vengeance. Kinemon brings finality to this current clash, with his usual flair for dramatic slashes.

But the back half of the episode is largely focused on the roof battle, and here there is less pathos more mashos. It’s a battle of the gods on the top of the world and no punch is left unpunched, no explosion left unexploded. Whether sequences like this are fatiguing or exhilarating are a function of the animation fidelity and cinematography.

The Toei team delivers in both respects with flying colors. Literally.

I was reminded at times of DBS: Broly in terms of the vibrancy and creativity with which the relentless punches and explosions were delivered (and I mean that as the highest compliment). It’s one screen shaking blow after another, but I can’t help but feel hyped for the next big impact. Roof Piece as it is lovingly/jokingly referred to is very good when it’s good, and I hope Toei can maintain the momentum. As long as this consistent energy is here for the long haul I think we’re all in for a legendary run of episodes.


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