Episode 18 – Lease-A-Girlfriend Time 2

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A single of the a lot of disheartening factors of Lease-A-Girlfriend is that, regardless of possessing a premise tailor-produced for wacky hijinks, it pretty much hardly ever capitalizes on any of that. Exactly where any other rom-com or harem series would indulge in nuts misunderstandings, immediate-fire jokes, or just some excellent ol’ fashioned comedic banter, RAG is articles to pad things out with Kazuya internally freaking out while the rest of the globe stands still in Uncomfortable Silence, waiting around patiently for him to end shouting within his head. These kinds of is the circumstance with “Booze & Girlfriend” as we circle all over to Chizuru in the Girlfriend Batting Purchase for a remarkably uneventful mixer at a bar.

Definitely nevertheless, am I insane in wondering there’s way a lot more room for precise jokes than the display ever tries for right here? You have the set up that Kazuya and his group of horrible close friends all wind up ingesting jointly with Chizuru’s college or university pal group, and the sheer absurdity of the girl’s Clark Kent disguise need to be fodder for some sort of wackiness. Perhaps Kazuya and Chizuru have to nonverbally communicate and operate interference for each individual other in the course of the evening, or we make a working joke about how clueless the guys are to not see by her paper-slender mystery id. But alternatively the present functions like Chizuru donning her hair distinct and putting on glasses is truly ample to trick people today, a person of whom has been on a complete-duration day with her. What is actually extra, there are only a couple of punchlines of any form ahead of we move into the doldrums of these scarcely present figures playing drinking games, and the episode’s misguided try at drama with Kazuya sacrificing his liver to retain Chizuru from possessing to chug some beer.

If that appears like an extremely weak hook, that is since it is. Probably I just know far too lots of who have been holding their liquor like boats because large faculty, but the concept that Kazuya wants to “rescue” Chizuru from consuming a few pints is a unusual move to me. It feels like a swiftly thrown-collectively circumstance that started off with the purpose of “Kazuya does a selfless factor to receive Passion Details with his girl love” and worked backwards from there. For one, she in no way asks for his enable or even alerts that she’s in problems, so it is really totally an assumption in Kazuya’s crush-addled mind that he wants to save her. For two, purposefully screwing up the consuming games so he receives plastered is potentially the the very least drastically interesting way to go about this. If Kazuya is currently providing support devoid of being questioned, why not have him specifically stand up to their buddy team and say they should not make the light-weight overdrink? That would at least invite some friction with the other figures and have Kazuya behaving in a way that will take some precise spine. Soon after all, isn’t his whole protracted character arc supposed to be about studying to deal with unpleasant or uncomfortable conditions head-on, rather than lying and self-deprecating to prevent them?

Alternatively, we get Kazuya mildly earning a doofus out of himself among the close friends who previously take care of him like cracked asphalt, then invest quite a few minutes throwing a drunken pity party inside his have head. And boy, if it was frustrating to listen to Kazuya beat himself up over items he basically did mistaken, it’s insufferable to listen to it over stuff he didn’t have any handle in. He did not set up this social gathering, did his (relative) very best to retain Chizuru’s mystery, and in retrospect his presence in all probability helped retain it less than wraps additional than nearly anything. Sure, it is an uncomfortable night, but if the display is likely to make Chizuru forgiving him over the shit he pulls synonymous with her falling for him, at minimum enable him really fuck up. But hey, Kazuya would under no circumstances miss out on an excuse to extol Chizuru’s virtues more than his failings, so we devote the waning minutes of this episode watching him cry, complain, and spew chunks just before mercifully passing out, all amounting to a further token instant of Chizuru assuaging his guilt.

We’ve entered a quite outlined holding pattern now, swapping from female to female each episode and accomplishing small of note, and I can properly say Chizuru episodes have develop into the most tiresome to get via. At the very least with Ruka or Sumi, the episodes haven’t been built fully all over Kazuya’s incessant monologues, and though I know we will in no way truly get any progress from Mami, the display keeping that football out in entrance of me is at minimum anything to focus on. Chizuru’s committed episodes this period have uniformly been the most cumbersome, repetitive, and anti-entertaining of the large amount, so I am contacting it below: Chizuru is Worst Female. Do not @ me.


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