Episode 5 – Raven of the Inner Palace

I can not enable but see a symbolism in the reversal of the opening and ending themes in this week’s episode of Raven of the Internal Palace. The ending concept comes a bit above midway by way of the episode, particularly just after we understand the reality about Wei Qing’s earlier as Que Er, the baby of a sexual intercourse employee in the purple gentle district. Despite obtaining developed up and physically moved away, he is obviously nevertheless traumatized by what took place to him as a boy or girl, and very well he may be – just after his mother’s suicide, Que Er experimented with to escape intercourse do the job by joining the palace as a eunuch only to obtain that the learn assigned to him enjoyed preying on the boys in his care. I’m not certain whether or not he was essentially castrated, mainly because he was taken in by Gaojun following he ran absent, who as the crown prince could have fudged the specifics. But no matter the state of his genitals, Wei Qing was specified a new identify and a new life, a single which has failed to absolutely triumph over Que Er’s experiences. It’s when he decides to go from Gaojun’s text and convey to Shouxue about the ghost that seems to him nightly that Wei Qing lastly begins to go ahead, and therefore the ending theme is symbolic of his lifetime as Que Er, bringing it to a shut.

It can be certainly really worth noting that equally he and Shouxue entered the palace from the pink-mild district and that both equally have been the young children of sexual intercourse staff. In between their upward momentum and Gaojun lastly getting rid of from electric power the girl who killed his individual mom, we can see the a few of them as agent of a new earth purchase for the palace, 3 individuals who overcame the odds to uncover positions of power. Gaojun is unquestionably the most susceptible, for all his place is the greatest it largely tends to make him more noticeable than the Raven Consort, whose existence not absolutely everyone even believes in, and Wei Qing, who has the anonymity of a servant, or at the very least could with no far too much problems. This could tie into how it is Gaojun who is haunted somewhat than the other two, both of whom definitely carry their own ghosts alongside inside of them. The assumption Wei Qing is operating less than (that the ghosts, regardless of any actions on their part, are there to do the emperor damage) might in point be the reverse of what is heading on – that Ding Lan and Gaojun’s mom are observing above him in get to guard him.

That may well not operate with what we know of the empress dowager, who murmured a little something right before her loss of life, but it really is almost too simple to believe that the ghosts are in Gaojun’s room at her behest – the ghosts we’ve seen so far, just after all, have all returned to give something to all those they liked. They might have seemed scary, but if we work on the idea that ghosts keep their appearances at demise for eternity, they could barely aid it, since all of them we have viewed have had violent ends. They only return to their regular appearances following Shouxue helps out, and that along with the point that Ding Lang and Gaojun’s mother are fundamentally standing sentinel at his door could possibly propose that they are retaining something extra dangerous from obtaining to the emperor.

Due to the fact Shouxue is on her way to his chambers at the time she clears up the detail of the throat-slice ghost beneath the willow tree, we are going to shortly find out. She and Wei Qing are shifting in direction of a improved comprehending of every single other, which will support them both of those to protect Gaojun, and the situation of white hair and the previous dynasty is likely to come up again in the close to long run, likely as a roadblock. Shouxue’s potential to give the dead back their voices may possibly turn out to be the most highly effective weapon in Gaojun’s arsenal going forward – while that excess fat chicken doorbell of hers just isn’t to be sneezed at, either.


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