Episode 6 – I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Remaining Boss

Structurally, this episode of I am the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Closing Boss is a little bit on the strange aspect (although I necessarily mean that in a superior way). Previous episode ended with Aileen in a facial area-to-face confrontation with James which threatened to place their secrets out into the open. This episode also finishes with her in a encounter-to-experience confrontation with James which threatens to put their strategies out into the open. Absolutely sure, the site and conditions are different but that will not modify the point that the anime generally sidesteps its personal cliffhanger for 20 minutes only to return there in the conclude. And very best of all, it works.

This 20-minute diversion clues us into a good deal of crucial information—like that Auguste and Kyle are spies for the church and Rebecca is about as villainous as a soaked noodle. But what’s most fascinating is all that we understand about Selena. At this stage, there are two prospects (and each may well be accurate at the moment). The very first is that she is a reincarnator like Aileen and is applying her knowledge of the future to carve out the ending she wishes. The 2nd is that she is currently being fed data from a reincarnator—i.e., Lilia.

Even though it was hardly ever explicitly said that Lilia is just one, the reality that she wrote her have kidnapping letter when Aileen strayed from the plot and utilised strains from the match to consider and seduce Claude are quite big hints in that path. But now, she has been denied the delighted close she wanted—having dropped not only her situation as crown-princess-to-be but the holy sword maiden as effectively. It would make sense for her to be out for revenge. And figuring out that the protagonist of the second game is her obsessed lover and that Claude is heading to that place, what superior revenge could she get than having Selena seduce Claude? He’d lose his strongest backer for the throne in Aileen’s spouse and children and Aileen would be a coronary heart-damaged mess.

If this is the circumstance, Selena might be practically nothing far more than a naïve pawn. The factors she’s doing—like posting the appreciate letter publicly and attempting to hook up sure characters with others—seem to be created to crack her possess romance flags so that she is totally free to pursue Claude additional than everything else. And if Lilia advised her to preserve the Demon King with her really like from the evil faux sword maiden, I can not imagine Selena rejecting the idea.

Of system, the trouble with such a strategy is the exact same just one Lilia faced in the 1st arc: Aileen’s immediate interference. The foreseeable future any reincarnator would know is now hopelessly distinct from what is unfolding. The generation of the security staff and obtaining Aileen on the university student council puts her at the center of the motion even much more than Selena is. Generally, at this stage, it feels like we have a collection of fifty percent-baked designs all colliding in a chaotic mess. And truthfully, that will make the anime super attention-grabbing heading forward.


Random Ideas:

• I’m happy to see Aileen has a appropriate chest binder with some solid support in its place of just bandages or the like. It goes far to clarify how she is capable to carry on the charade for so extensive without the need of issues.

• Duck accommodate Aileen is again for spherical 2! (However I preferred that Selene recognized “Ailey’s” voice suitable absent.)

• While she may perhaps be humiliated by all the lovey-dovey stuff, Aileen is just as obsessed with Claude as he is with her.

• Since it is really unbelievable that Claude would at any time cheat on Aileen, I are unable to aid but question why he is going out of his way to maintain her near.

• Another prospective approach could be that Lilia needs Selene to seduce Claude with some “special incense” producing Claude go berserk dragon on every person. That’d get Lilia back again to remaining the next princess actual darn quick.

• Solid villainess go from Aileen to protect Auguste and Kyle by claiming they perform for her and her kingdom instead of the church. She’s mainly blackmailed them into accomplishing what she says (at least in community).

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