Episodes 1-3 – Raven of the Internal Palace

In an Ancient China that probably in no way was, there is a consort to the emperor dwelling in the inner palace. Termed the Raven Consort, she on your own is exempt from the nighttime duties predicted of the emperor’s other brides, as an alternative performing as a medium/magic practitioner and living by her possess set of regulations. We know by episode 3 that she’s not essentially similar to the preceding Raven Consort, and that each and every is selected by a magic feather from the sacred hen Xing-Xing, but beyond that? She’s as mysterious as the opening topic needs us to feel.

Largely this is simply because Raven of the Interior Palace is getting a slow approach to allowing us know about its entire world and people. In yet another collection, it may possibly not have worked, but for the reason that every single episode has its possess thriller (even the two-parter that opens the series is decently self-contained in both equally episodes just one and two, even although it will not resolve till the latter), it makes it possible for us to see the story on two stages: the mysteries that heroine Shouxue is tasked with resolving and the increased thriller of who she is and the place she arrived from. If you happen to be thinking that this appears at least a very little bit like Natsume Hyuga’s light-weight novel and manga collection The Apothecary Diaries, you’re not wrong – Mao Mao and Shouxue even share a nutritious disdain for their passionate passions together with their mysterious pasts in a fantasy version of Historic China. Equally characters also share the gumption of the heroine of The Story of Saiunkoku, so not only are we working with a extremely common set of tale tropes, you’re also probably to discover one thing to like in this tale if you liked possibly of the other two.

Shouxue, of class, has excellent rationale to maintain herself to herself. Above the course of these episodes, we master that she’s the orphaned kid of a sex worker, and that her naturally white hair, inherited from her mother, was a loss of life warrant all through the administration of the preceding emperor. Immediately after her mother’s loss of life, she was sold into slavery and later rescued by the Raven Consort, who passed the title alongside to her. All as well aware that her mom died for the reason that of the coloration of her hair, Shouxue carries on to dye hers, while when Emperor Gaojun learns of her white locks he isn’t going to seem to really feel anything at all like an urge to destroy her. In section, that seems to be simply because he is actively doing the job to proper the wrongs of his predecessor, whose empress had his mom killed. But he is also expanding increasingly fond of and fascinated with the prickly Shouxue, and her hair just provides to her allure.

Given that by episode two Gaojun is building resolved moves toward upending the custom about the Raven Consort staying a consort in name only, Shouxue has some things to be involved about. But Gaojun is just not the only a person intrigued in creating inroads into her reserve Jiu Jiu, a young court docket girl, and an additional girl who had her tongue lower out to avert her from speaking the real truth about what she noticed (turns out she’s literate, nevertheless, so ha ha, jerks!) are equally devoted to Shouxue even with her protests that the Raven Consort just isn’t supposed to have females in waiting, and the additional she interacts with many others, the additional precarious the traditions governing her seem. You will find a sense that the Raven Consort is held aside from the other individuals primarily based on superstitions and spiritual strictures about people who can converse to the lifeless, and as time passes and people beliefs no lengthy keep the electric power they as soon as did, Shouxue results in being a lot less of an untouchable staying than the moment she was.

The concept that she’s held apart since of what she does and can do is an appealing component of the tale, because in both conditions that she solves, her major process is to summon and speak to the dead. It is truly worth noting that neither of these tales pull their punches – both the fundamental tales are of fans unjustly separated by demise, and this isn’t really one particular of those people tales that is heading to convey them back again. There is a tragedy powering both equally circumstances, and that appears to be extra significant than a mere quirk of storytelling or an try to be darkish and edgy, mainly because each also are tied to the former empresses, the female Gaojun wrested power from when he arrived to the throne. That he failed to get rid of her instantly speaks to him wanting to be a various sort of ruler than she was that when he does, she claims some thing we’re not yet privy to indicates that just mainly because she’s useless, it does not necessarily mean that she’s completed tormenting him.

The Raven of the Inner Palace feels like one of those people sequence wherever you want to observe every episode 2 times, and not just so that you can see the lovely imagery when Shouxue takes advantage of her hair ornament to forged magic. (And if you do like it, you are in luck, because we see it a great deal.) There are levels to this story, and peeling them back could need very careful observation. But both way, therefore far this will additional than maintain me above till we ideally get an adaptation of The Apothecary Diaries.


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