Episodes 1-3 – Shinobi no Ittoki

Shinobi no Ittoki will make a solid initially impression. The premise is very simple adequate – Ittoki thinks he is an normal, if occupied, middle-schooler. He spends a lot of time at college, then at cram faculty, then at gymnastics and other pursuits, to the place wherever he never ever gets to shell out a great deal time with his pals. He surely does not have time for a girlfriend or intimate entanglements, and he is consistently currently being monitored by Kousetsu, a woman tasked by his mother with preserving an eye on him. But the regular grind is starting off to have on on him, and he needs to attempt out new items – enter a new prospective enjoy fascination. The only trouble is that on their initially day, she tries to eliminate him (as do a bunch of random ninjas), and it turns out that all the people today in his everyday living are hurrying to protect him for the reason that he is secretly a successor to the Iga ninja clan.

The setup is nothing at all always ground-breaking, but it is extremely well-executed. This type of secretive shadow war setup wherein several factions vie for power in concealed locations absent from the mundane entire world is constantly an evocative pitch. Ninja clans that exist in the modern working day by tying by themselves to enterprises or governments? Absolutely sure, let’s see exactly where this goes.

I consider what sells Shinobi no Ittoki is a blend of relatability and good quality manufacturing. When naturally not every person has been the meticulously micro-managed scion of a centuries-outdated shinobi dynasty, I believe the rest of Ittoki’s struggles are in all probability fairly common to the viewers. “I’m so chaotic with college that I in no way get to see my good friends, my dad and mom are as well managing, and I just want to commence residing my everyday living how I want to” is probably a universal teenage sensation. And twisting the really hefty want-fulfillment situation of a female liking Ittoki out of nowhere into an assassination endeavor is just good ninja get the job done.

The action sequences are really dynamic to boot. There are plenty of slick acrobatics, ill flips, and polished-wanting effects right here that sell the type of action-film world Ittoki is residing in. It really is a sound pitch and a robust start out, so I’m curious to see what additional the show has in retailer.


A somewhat weaker entry in episode two in contrast to the robust initial showing.

The psychological dimension is undoubtedly the ideal aspect of this episode. Ittoki is upset (understandably so) by his overall lifetime currently being turned upside down and owning to instantly come to grips with the world currently being total of ninjas. It’s a whole lot for a teenage boy to just take in, but it is really wonderful that he eventually decides to stay not only to be nearer to his mother, but also due to the fact she has gone through a identical battle.

Ittoki’s reactions in common look fair offered the problem. He is much outclassed by everyone else and has no overt skill nor solution purely natural talent (at the very least therefore far), so it really is only normal that he is terrified and awkward and feels like he is flailing just trying to continue to keep up with all these improvements. He is evidently out of his depth in the course of the trial, and whilst he has a fantastic heart, that will possible be a hindrance to him in the ruthless globe of the shinobi.

The significantly less interesting aspect of this episode for me is the ninja university conceit. I know we are buying and selling one particular tropey backdrop (secretive shadow war) for one more (magical university), so technically there’s not substantially distinction, but I individually sense like the former is significantly far more exciting. I am hoping the ninja university is only a momentary adjust of speed and we get back again to (what I thought) the exhibit was at first likely to be.

The ultimate scene with the NSC and the Koga village, although shorter, is specifically the sort of things I was hoping to see from Shinobi no Ittoki. Factions vying for power, deniable belongings currently being applied and discarded, manipulations and counter-plays – it can be all the stuff I appreciate about these stories. I am hoping we get more of this in foreseeable future installments.


Episode a few is a great encapsulation of the two the strengths and weaknesses of Shinobi no Ittoki so much.

Very first, the negatives. We go to magical school via a very long magical train ride (halt me if this appears acquainted) and get into magical school hijinks, like likely to course on time, discovering a table at lunch, and dealing with social cliques. I assume this is at the main of why I do not love the university-centered storytelling, specifically when the university is so really certainly a modern day-day college – the tropes bleed by means of in these kinds of clear methods that it all commences to turn out to be indistinguishable from other college media. It is relatable and understandable for the audience, so I get why this trope is so generally applied, but it has develop into so ubiquitous that it all just gets the similar large blob after a although. Sure, Ittoki’s bully won’t like him simply because of the assassination of the head of his ninja clan, but the details form of slide absent and just turn into “his bully isn’t going to like him for no good reason” and “a nice lady can help him keep away from the bully” and so on. Your mileage may perhaps differ of training course, but I am already checking out throughout these scenes.

Which is a shame, simply because the relaxation of what transpires in the episode is really very great and distinct. The ninja fits and cores are a enjoyment gimmick, specifically the idea that if the fit is not just appropriate it messes up the user’s regulate. Kirei and Ryoko are both of those pleasurable new additions to the cast with heaps of individuality (Kousetsu is interesting much too, but she’s additional constrained because of to the silent and fatal vibe she has likely on) and their voice actors each deliver energetic and entertaining performances, with some genuinely hilarious line reads. Ittoki being a full flop but making positive to get the manju in the course of the fight and aiding Kirei was a also sweet second that will make him simple to root for.


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