Fairy Tail Filler List The Complete Guide !

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Fairy Tail Filler List The Complete Guide .The ” Fairy Tail Guild”, located in Magnolia, is the story’s central focus. The story focuses on Lucy, Natsu Gray, Erza, and Gray. There is a job board available within the guild. Every wizard takes on a variety of jobs in the city. These include dangerous, easy, ridiculous, and bizarre. They can make a living by taking on these jobs and also do other work for Magnolia (and sometimes other towns). This is the main theme of the story. The story’s secondary focus is action, comedy, life-or-death situations, adventure, character development, and many other elements. Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is the latest season.

What number of fillers does Fairy Tail have?

Fairy Tail had a total number of 61 filler episodes with a filler percentage of just 19% (over a total of 382 episodes of the animated series). Fairy Tail’s filler percentage is very low in comparison to Naruto Shippuden, which has a filler rate of over 40%.

Comparison of anime and manga in Fairy Tail

The battle sequences in anime are superior to the manga for two reasons. The first is the incredible OST’s that bring the battle to life. They also hype up the viewers. The second reason is the constant desire to know who will win, since Fairy Tail often had innovative ways for characters to win (ie. Natsu’s use of his flames to defeat Erigor.

The manga’s artwork is far superior.

What are the filler episodes in Fairy Tail?

Many people dislike filler episodes. They are considered pointless and boring. Fillers can give you a glimpse into the individual experiences of different characters during this time. You won’t lose anything by skipping filler episodes.

Here’s a quick list of episodes that fill in for Fairy Tail:

Filler episodes on Fairy Tail 9-19, 50, 70-75 125-150 202-226, 268

Manga Canon episodes on Fairy Tail anime series, 1-8, 10-18 and 21-48.

This is the best way to watch Fairy Tail anime series.

The show has 9 seasons and 328 episodes . It takes viewers on an incredible adventure. The animation style is bold, and it excels at world-building. Fairy Tail requires a significant amount of time.

Fairy Tail anime is best enjoyed in the following order:

Faity Tail should be viewed according to the release date. To avoid confusion and save time, I recommend that Fairy Tail be viewed in the order it was released.

Order Fairy Tail Release Order – Best order to view Fairy Tail.

  • Season 1, 2009-2010: 48 episodes
  • Season 2 (2010-11), 24 episodes
  • Season 3 (2011):28 episodes
  • Season 4 (2011-12), 25 episodes
  • Season 5 (2012). 25 episodes
  • Season 6 (2012): 25 episodes
  • Season 7 (2014-15),: 90 episodes
  • Season 8 (2016): Twelve episodes
  • Season 9 (2018): 51 episodes

Fairy Tail Movies

  • The Sunrise Prologue
  • Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess (2012)
  • Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry 2017
  • The First Morning (2013)

Fairy Tail OVAs.

  • OVA 1: Fairy Hills, Welcome! (2011)
  • OVA 2: Fairy Academy – Yankee-kun & Yankee-chan (2011)
  • OVA 3: Memory Days (2012)
  • OVA 4: Fairies’ Training Camp (2012)
  • OVA 5: The Exciting Land of Ryuzetsu (2013)
  • OVA 6: Fairy Tail x Rave
  • OVA 7: Fairies Penalty Game (2016)
  • OVA 8: Natsu vs Mavis (2016)
  • OVA 9: Fairies Christmas (2016)

This is the fastest way to see Fairy Tail.

For those who don’t mind any complications, this is the best order. Just follow the seasons and you will reach the final.

  • Fairy Tail (2009)
  • Fairy Tail 2 (2014)
  • Final Series: Fairy Tail
  • Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest

Fairy Tail: Is it worth the effort?

Although it’s an excellent anime, intellectual haters will claim otherwise. The characters, story, OST, plot and fight scenes in fairy tail are all near perfect. This is one of my favorite animes. I have never been as emotionally affected by an anime other than this one, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Naruto.

If you liked Fairy Tail, there are similar series.

Fairy Tail: Bleach is an anime series that’s similar to Fairy Tail.

Both Bleach and Fairy Tail have a lot of action, but also have a little humor. The action is never-ending and the stories could go on for hours with their unstoppable heroes. Both heroes travel with and fight in groups, and share a sense of comradery with the other members. This post contains more information about Bleach and the filler arc.

Fairy Tail: Groove Adventure Rave is an anime series that’s similar to Fairy Tail.

This story comes from the same author. Natsu and Haru are very similar, as is Ellie, Lucy, Gray, and Musica. Both include talking creatures, magic, and dragons.

Fairy Tail: Edens Zero is an anime series that’s similar to Fairy Tail.

The series is about a group friends who go on exciting adventures and use magic to defeat their enemies. Both series have characters who are very similar (design and personality) and heavily rely on themes such as family and friendship. They also contain plenty of comedy and fanservice moments. Fairy Tail was created by the same mangaka as Edens Zero. Edens Zero is a mangaka that you might like if you enjoyed Fairy Tail. The trailer can be viewed here.

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Fairy Tail anime isn’t worth it.

Good episode. Understanding Fairy Tail Guild is a little difficult at first, but it’s a great episode. The beginning of Fairy Tail is very enjoyable, up to the Phantom Lord Arc. (Reason being that it introduces…other similar traits like the main character. It was just a matter of bringing moments after another. It has character knowledge, which I can accept. For example: Gray stripping and the reasoning behind it. After the Phantom Lord Arc, I find the arcs not very enjoyable and cannot believe there are any good ones.
Overall, I enjoyed some of the arcs.

Here are 4 reasons to watch Fairy Tail anime.

  • The characters Although Fairy Tail has many characters, you should only be able to choose a few that you like. I find all of the characters to be very likeable. My favorite is Natsu, who seems strong, but isn’t slow, stupid, or dense like many shounen heroes. Our characters also have interesting relationships, and fairy tail is able to make them both close friends, as well as romantic, which is something that is very rare in Shounen. There haven’t been many girls who watch series like Bleach or One Piece and wish for romantic relationships. Fairy Tail is a series that can provide you with – although not all the time – lots of romantic possibilities.
  • The story: While the story of fairy tail is funny, there isn’t a lot going on. The majority of what happens seems very random. The story centers on Fairy Tail, a mage guild that focuses on friendship. This story works well without any plot. Fairy Tail is never boring because we have interesting and fun small arcs every day, instead of a plot. Fairy Tail is still in progress, which means there are many unanswered questions. It is possible that a deeper plot will emerge at the end.
  • Sound and Voice: Fairy Tail has an incredible Voice Acting cast (In japanese). They have some very well-known seiyuu’s like Happy’s voice actor Kugimiya Ri (Alphonse. Taiga. Shana. Louise. etc.) and Lucy’s voice actress Hirano Aya (“SuzumiyaHaruhi. Izumi Konata. etc.) as well as my personal favorites Kakihara Tetsuya, Greed. Gai, Greed. You can check it out!
  • Enjoyment Unless your problem is with half-naked girls or breasts (which Fairy Tail can’t escape from), it shouldn’t be possible to not enjoy this anime. It’s funny and hilarious, but also has its moments of seriousness. Fairy Tail surprises me many times!

Where to find Fairy Tail episodes.

You may be able to find Fairy Tail depending on where you are located on these streaming platforms: Hulu and Netflix. The episodes can also be found on a free online website, just like One Piece.

If you are Italian-based, Fairy Tail can be found in the dubbed version on Anime Unity.

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