Fantasy Town Diary: Working day 1 – Our first tentative techniques with Gamigo’s newest farming RPG

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Fantasy City a position exactly where the laughter never stops, troll assaults appear to be all as well frequent, and exactly where we appear to be to have fallen into the purpose of a newly appointed (and fairly reluctant) mayor. This is the location for Gamigo’s latest farming sim slash RPG, and on very first inspection it looks like a really intriguing fare with its Trove style visuals and journey/exploration factors.

Above the coming weeks, we’ll be preserving a diary of all the trials and frivolities we face to give some perception (with a several spoilers) into what you can count on to find. Let’s begin…

Working day 1

Next a troll assault that’s left the city in complete shambles, our much less than enthusiastic hero finds himself presented the unwelcome obligation of correcting up the location and bringing prosperity back again to the community. With his odd blue hair design and somewhat modest attire, he surely doesn’t appear the component of a chief in-truth our own butler Tommy, an assiduous feline guide whom we’re instantly launched to, appears to be like positively regal by comparison with his dapper waistline-coat and blonde locks.

However, even if our new mayor seems a little underwhelming, we’ll persevere…

With Tommy’s support we quickly set about restoring some of the hurt the trolls prompted, restoring a dwelling, and a steady (exactly where we’ll be storing our farmed resources).

Following dabbling in a little bit of design, we moved on to farming wheat to feed the townsfolk and its 3 lovely cows who rewarded our attentiveness with tasty milk. Outfitted with milk and wheat we immediately set about getting the town’s bakery up and operating once more. However whoever was in cost of baking before is no for a longer time all-around (presumably he acquired drained of the troll attacks and fled) but thankfully Tommy whipped up some magic and recruited us a new baker named Coggs who, in spite of his deficiency of expertise, seems keen to get the job done. It results in being conveniently evident that recruiting citizens will be a vital factor in progressing the video game, and although Coggs may be a little bit of a bust, our following recruit seems a whole lot a lot more promising.

Following the kidnapping of one of the townsfolk by the troll captain, we’re persuaded by Tommy to correct up the town’s inn to support attract far more citizens that can help us (the inn primarily serves as Fantasy Town’s gacha-pool). And help we most undoubtedly acquired in the type of a menacing seeking ruffian known as Max. In no time at all, our new 5 star citizen invaded the trolls’ encampment and retrieved their hostage – an aged and unassuming gentleman named James.

Despite the fact that we’re even now in the tutorial stage, it does truly feel reassuring that in just a couple of minutes we now saved some people, obtained crops escalating, fixed properties, and have freshly baked baguettes. The stress-free orchestral melody that performs throughout the activity also seems to make the complete working experience go even extra swiftly and effortlessly. All in all it doesn’t seem to be like it is going to be too significantly issues finding the city again into condition, even if our hero appears to be to disagree…

At every obtainable possibility, our blue protagonist attempted to flee his civic duties but located his attempts blocked each and every time very first by bumping into a dragon who, fortunately, turned out to be a effectively educated asset utilised for trading, and then later on into a rather unusual, wizened previous man referred to as Mine Spirit. This new peculiar acquaintance would, soon after some chatter, open up up the mining part of the video game for us the place we can accumulate important resources for constructing.

So considerably so fantastic immediately after viewing a number of advertisements we have managed to recruit two far more citizens to our steady, just one of which remaining a Legendary Class Cleopas who’ll definitely be an asset later on up the highway, and we’ve also learned how to make bread at the town’s bakery (evidently the townsfolk had been obtaining drained of the all baguette diet regime). Possibly this city is acquiring the mayor it deserves following all…

Remain tuned for our up coming arms-on update next week. In the meantime, if you’d like to get in on the experience you, you can uncover Fantasy City accessible to obtain for no cost from the iOS App Retail outlet and Google Perform Retailer.

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