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Netflix Japan and Netflix Anime unveiled the teaser photographs for the future dwell-motion adaptation of YuYu Hakusho.

YuYu Hakusho, also known for its English title Ghost Fighter, will have a stay-motion sequence premiering in December 2023. Additionally, on July 16, Netflix Japan uncovered teaser images for the series on their social media webpages. In point, the adaptation will have a star-studded Japanese solid.

Takumi Kitamura is an A-checklist Japanese actor, singer and design. The 24-yr-old star is the chief of the Japanese pop-rock band DISH//, which Stardust Promotions regulate. Takumi will be taking on the main position in YuYu Hakusho. He is set to portray Yusuke Urameshi.

He will be joined by renowned Japanese actors Jun Shison as Kurama, Kanata Hongo as Hiei and Shuhei Uesugi as Kazuma Kuwabara.

In particular, the approaching Netflix sequence is dependent on the serialized manga written by Yoshihiro Togashi. This legendary Japanese manga was initial produced in Weekly Shounen Soar in 1990. For 32 many years now, about 50 million copies of the manga have been offered. For that reason, the lovers from both of those the more mature and young generations foresee how the stay-action will change out.

YuYu Hakusho Character Sketches

Yusuke Urameshi

In element, Yusuke is a university student in junior large faculty student who likes to interact in fights. One particular day, he dies in an incident although making an attempt to shield a modest child. Subsequently, he struggles to settle for the simple fact that he is looking down on his useless human body. Incidentally, a woman named Botan, who describes herself as the spirit entire world information, tells him a revelation.

Seemingly, no 1 predicted that a delinquent like Yusuke would die carrying out an act of goodness. As a final result, there was no place for him in possibly heaven or hell. As a result, Yusuke is brought back to life. He then turns into an underworld detective immediately after passing a trial. Considering that then, Yusuke has been drawn into the unfamiliar that encompasses the human, demon, and spirit realms.

YuYu Hakusho teaser photo

This is not the initial time Takumi Kitamura will star in an adaptation of a Japanese manga or anime. He has been starring in quite a few Japanese series since 2008. In addition, he begun undertaking visitor and guidance roles right up until he at some point grew to become renowned for his main roles.

To enumerate, he has starred in stay-action collection, together with I Want To Eat Your Pancreas (2017), Really like And Lies (2017), Waiting For Spring (2018), You Shine In The Moonlit Night (2019), Like Me, Enjoy Me Not (2020) and Tokyo Revengers (2021). 

Not only that but he is also known for his splendid performances in non-adaptation films this sort of as Overdrive (2018), 12 Suicidal Teens (2019) and Our 30 Minute Periods (2020) and Tonbi (2022). Not to mention, he has starred in a Japanese BL series (Boys Like genre), Tonari No Kazoku wa Aoki Mieru (2018).


To illustrate, Kurama has been alive for hundreds of years. He has honed his expertise as a strategist, tactician, and analyst as a result of many a long time of fighting practical experience. In individual, Kurama was once a learn thief and an A-Classed Demon Fox throughout his previous everyday living. Before, in his thieving vocation, he and Yomi, his second in command, stole valuable items from the secure services of Makai to attain ability. Thus, he formed a group of persons.

Jun Shison will be actively playing as Kurama. The 27-calendar year-outdated Japanese actor is a member of the male actors’ group D-BOYS & D2, which is affiliated with Watanabe Enjoyment. He is regarded for his position as “Akamiya Masaru/Masa” in the stay-motion film adaptation of The Way Of The Home Spouse (2022).

Furthermore, he has been starring in numerous Japanese sequence and films because 2012. This contains his main job in the live-action of anime and manga, Anohana: The Flower We Noticed That Working day (2015) and Higher&Reduced THE WORST (2019.) Shortly, fans will witness the acting prowess he has in store in portraying the very well-beloved anime character, Kurama.

YuYu Hakusho Kurama teaser


Kanata Hongo is regarded for his part as Echizen Ryoma in the reside-motion of The Prince Of Tennis (2006) and as Armin Arlert in the two Assault On Titan (2015) dwell-action flicks. What is far more, the 31-12 months-outdated Japanese actor and model performed as Envy in the stay-motion movie of Whole Steel Alchemist (2017). 

This time, he is established to come to be Hiei. A person of the 4 principal people in YuYu Hakusho. His character is a spiky-haired fireplace demon.
In detail, Hiei is arguably the fastest fighter in YuYu Hakusho. He is able to cut and stab an opponent sixteen periods in a blink of an eye. Despite his compact stature, Hiei has a slender yet muscular physique. To illustrate, he wears a white headband that hides his Jagan Eye.

It is a third eye located on his brow with a purple iris. Meanwhile, the approaching sequence seemingly modified Hiei’s appearance a bit. His eyes are crimson (blood pink) in the manga or anime. Having said that, in the modern photograph teasers, Hiei’s eyes are blue. Additionally, he wears all-black apparel to match his basic villainous persona. As a final result, Hiei usually exudes a sinister aura.

Kazuma Kuwabara

Shuhei Uesugi is a 30-calendar year-previous Japanese actor. He will be transforming into the character of Kazuma Kuwabara. He produced his performing debut in the 2015 television drama “Hotel Concierge.” Kazuma Kuwabara generally termed Kuwabara, is between the primary figures in Yu Yu Hakusho. In specific, he is Yusuke’s classmate in Junior Large University.

This character has an uncommon fondness for kittens in anime and manga. Even so, he is the school’s 2nd toughest delinquent subsequent to Yusuke. At to start with, he regularly picks fights with Yusuke to confirm that he is stronger. Nonetheless, not at the time did he earn. Later on on, Kuwabara’s disappointment toward Yusuke turns to regard. What is much more, though he enjoys preventing, Kuwabara is righteous.

He never steals nor extorts money. Far more importantly, Kuwabara possesses a really formulated sixth feeling and is perfectly-versed in the supernatural. As a result, he results in being Yusuke’s assistant. Ultimately, he gains the capacity to conjure an Aura Sword.

Meet the characters of the future live-motion of YuYu Hakusho “Ghost Fighter”. The collection will premiere on December 2023 on Netflix.

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