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Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2

Zippy comedy Gaus Electronics wastes no time introducing us to our dysfunctional advertising group and their mishaps. Kwak Dong-yeon performs our protagonist, a sunny strolling disaster whose zeal, paired with a inclination to wreak accidental havoc, does not make him well known with his coworkers. It is going to choose a good deal to get the workforce in functioning buy, but our enthusiastic lead is guaranteed going to give it his all.


Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2

First things initially: I appreciate Kwak Dong-yeon. How is he so endearing, like, all the time? He never fails to make me root for him, and his hapless LEE SANG-SHIK is no exception. Sang-shik is a bit of a mess, albeit a lovable one particular. He’s extremely earnest, sincere, and unfailingly optimistic to the irritation of his colleagues. However for him, he ends up leading to issues rather than supporting most of the time.

He’s a aspect of the notorious Marketing Group 3 which has a track record for being ineffective and a useless end. We see a supervisor resign relatively than experience reassignment there. But not only does he resign, he then leaks files to the media detailing the present-day chairman’s embezzlement.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2

And this is in which Sang-shik does some severe injury. Amid this media frenzy, he unintentionally releases this hilarious promoting online video on his own channel that chronicles Gaus Electronic’s fairly unsavory rise, setting up with the pro-Japanese founder and subsequent chairman who produced his fortune off stolen merchandise. How he assumed that would do the job as a internet marketing software is a thriller considering the fact that it will come off like a strike piece.

Sang-shik insists the video was set to personal, but it does not substantially make any difference due to the fact it’s community now. We do capture a glimpse of somebody tampering with the configurations on Sang-shik’s computer at function, so we might just have a staff betrayal on our palms. Irrespective, with the launch of that video clip and the embezzlement scandal, Advertising Workforce 3 will get audited.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2

One particular factor that struck me about this drama is how rapidly it moves. And I really do not just imply masking a whole lot of ground, which it does. It has this practically frenetic tempo which is plainly intentional and provides to the zany design and style and humor.

Speaking of humor, I have mixed emotions listed here. There were undoubtedly scenes and jokes that built me cackle. I really like all the title puns – almost every person has a identify that usually means a little something else – and the embracing of absurdity which we see in complete force with the introduction of BAEK MA-TAN (Bae Hyun-sung), chaebol heir to Electric power Team.

Ma-tan is established to confirm himself and mingle with the commoners, and he decides the very best process would be making a title for himself at the scandal-laden Gaus. He’s hilariously obtuse and commences off his new job by basically becoming parachuted in… and instantly will get hit by a car or truck on landing. Pfft.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2

Once he heals and eventually starts off his task, he’s appalled by the commoner disorders but resolute – he will endure. But not without some desired facilities like the genuine golden spoon he carries about for foods in possibly unsanitary spots.

I just love how very seriously Ma-tan normally takes himself though staying totally ridiculous… and acquiring that hair. LOL. He treats every person like his underlings, together with his new bosses. He particularly bosses all around enthusiastic sunbae Sang-shik who is doing his darndest to impart his knowledge to the newbie but just finishes up producing him copies and espresso.

The other staff associates are much less thrilled about, very well, fairly significantly everything. They’ve largely specified up at this point, accepting that their crew is an unsolvable mess of underachievers. Whilst, CHA NA-RAE (Go Sung-hee) does seem to be to have some ambitions and is the just one most bothered by Sang-shik’s continuous fires that want putting out.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2

Here’s wherever the humor didn’t perform well for me. Na-rae is so antagonistic toward Sang-shik in a way that is highly unprofessional, and we get a excellent dose of office bullying that is dealt with as a joke. For illustration, throughout the audit, the crew is worried Sang-shik will make all the things even worse, so they basically tie him up and lock him in the source place.

They leave him there for Hrs until he misses his date with his 1st love MO HAE-Youthful (Lee So-hee), despite the fact that that could be for the greatest. She clearly takes advantage of him and also has this odd pattern of referring to herself in the 3rd person consistently. It is not lovable.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2

What did make me chuckle about the situation was that because of to the team’s apparent disdain for Sang-shik, the auditor decides that they must’ve all conspired to bully Sang-shik by generating that online video and putting up it to his account. (Serves them correct, really.)

The auditor then sees a tied up and worse-for-the-wear Sang-shik – he bought a black eye and dropped a pair teeth during his escape from the supply space – in the lobby and has his bullying suspicions verified. The verdict: the crew ought to be disbanded. Then, Na-rae has the gall to be mad at Sang-shik like he just ruined their team by inadvertently exposing that they assaulted him.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2

It’s really hard for me to get driving Na-rae as a character given that she’s so abusive toward Sang-shik. In addition to the real assault, she’s continuously yelling at him and getting unnecessarily necessarily mean. No matter how disheartening he might be to operate with, her actions is completely unacceptable, and it is not comfortable to see it performed for laughs at occasions.

But I feeling a opportunity enemies-to-fans romance in the air. Na-rae moves out of her parents’ household to reside by itself for the very first time, and of course, she finishes up following-door neighbors with Sang-shik. They are the two equally appalled by the coincidence and decide to overlook every other outside the house of do the job.

That said, inspite of Na-rae’s insistence on keeping their length, she’s not shy about breaking her have rule every time she demands his enable. Under no circumstances getting lived alone, she struggles to figure out the fundamental principles and then panics when she sees a spider.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2

She operates over to Sang-shik’s and begs him to help her kill the spider. Sang-shik’s new roommate AZIZ (Sazal Mahamud) even attempts to help get rid of her, but Na-rae is persistent.By way of a series of mishaps, Na-rae finishes up lying on best of Sang-shik on the hallway ground, clutching him for expensive lifetime lest the spider get her. That, obviously, is the scene Sang-shik’s crush Hae-younger stumbles on as we conclusion our next episode.

Though some of the humor and Na-rae’s character did not land for me, I nevertheless relished the premiere episodes. Kwak Dong-yeon is as delightful as ever, and I do like the general design of humor and all round zaniness. If it tones down the bullying part and presents Na-rae some severe character advancement, I could be all in.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 1-2

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