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Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

It is all heartbreak, hilarity, and confusion this week as our characters stumble alongside in perform and lifestyle. Our sunny lead places his all into whichever he does, but his perseverance and energy could not be ample to succeed in adore. Meanwhile, our scarcely key chaebol proceeds his quest to learn the methods of the frequent folk and finds himself extra entangled with one particular this kind of commoner than he’d like.


Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

I’m definitely liking the 45-minute episodes for a comedy like this. It keeps factors moving and doesn’t experience like we’re acquiring a lot of filler to pad the episodes out. We get a concept for just about every episode – that contains enjoyment small “commercials” in the epilogue for a relevant Gaus item – and a emotion of intentionality.

This 7 days, we get a whole lot of aim on Ma-tan adjusting to what he thinks is peasant life. He continues to hilariously act like a martyr for executing items like living in a studio and taking the bus to operate, while he evidently doesn’t fully grasp both strategy. His “studio” is a multi-story glass composition that could comfortably dwelling a family of five, and his variation of getting the bus is to charter a VIP bus that ferries him to get the job done like a own chauffeur service.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

We obviously get some misunderstandings as his coworkers try to make sense of Ma-tan’s odd actions like when yells at the sky, telling his dad and mom not to stress about him. That sales opportunities Supervisor GI (Baek Hyun-jin) to think he’s an orphan when, in reality, Ma-tan was chatting to the surveillance drone his moms and dads are employing to test up on him.

Then, Manager Gi sees Ma-tan’s males pull up in a van, ready to choose him household. Manager Gi thinks they’re loan sharks about to kidnap a inadequate orphan for late payments, so he runs above to preserve the day. The way he swoops Ma-tan up and princess carries him to safety is gold.

Manager Gi carries on to blunder Ma-tan’s unfamiliarity with standard Korean food items and etiquette as evidence that he grew up in poverty. He treats him to meals and items him the stash of Gaus tissues he stole from the business office, patting himself on the back again for currently being so caring.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

Only GEON KANG-MI (Kang Min-ah) – whose name suggests “healthy attractiveness,” a nod to her adore of martial arts and exercising – is privy to Ma-tan’s real social standing via a sequence of mishaps. Their initially come across occurred in advance of he arrived to operate for Gaus and concerned a drunken incident exactly where Kang-mi ruined his highly-priced dresses and traumatized him with her uncouth behavior. He requires damages, so they occur to an agreement: he’ll knock off a portion of her debt whenever she helps him.

That’s how she ends up at his “studio” to help him unpack and runs into his mother. Many thanks to both equally Ma-tan, his mom, and their driver remaining horribly unsubtle, Ma-tan is outed as the heir to the Electrical power Group. I just like how Ma-tan will take his top secret identity so significantly as if he’s some superhero conserving the environment somewhat than the out-of-touch chaebol he is.

Kang-mi leverages his magic formula for credit card debt repayment and promises to retain tranquil, but she’s virtually as poor as Ma-tan at retaining the secret. Each and every time another person claims the phrase “power” in the place of work, she flinches. Among her and Ma-tan, it’s awesome the total business office doesn’t know now.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

Then, we have the other emphasis of the 7 days: Sang-shik’s pitiful like lifetime. Just after Hae-young sees Na-rae hugging Sang-shik for expensive everyday living thanks to her dread of spiders, Sang-shik panics that she’ll misunderstand him. He ropes Na-rae into assisting him obvious things up with Hae-young who evidently couldn’t treatment much less.

A single detail this drama does actually effectively are the minimal times like when Sang-shik and Na-rae are getting an angry hallway discussion but have to maintain waving to change the motion lights back on, or when Ma-tan claps in his vacant studio to summon his non-existent servants. It’s frequently these small beats that crack me up.

In spite of Na-rae’s insistence that she hates Sang-shik, she’s awfully concerned that he’ll get his heart damaged. She has a difficult time not obtaining included when she sees him about to embarrass himself yet again by confessing for tenth (!) time to Hae-young who makes use of him but has no fascination in relationship him. But Sang-shik is so unfailingly optimistic that he thinks the nine earlier confessions ended up merely failures due to circumstance.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

Sang-shik ignores Na-rae’s 50 %-hearted makes an attempt to dissuade him and prepares for his up coming grand gesture that requires a giant cutesy bear costume. It is unpleasant to look at as Hae-young strategies, but once again his confession is crashed, this time by Hae-young’s recent boyfriend.

Na-rae receives offended when she sees unfortunate bear Sang-shik all dejected just after his last, unsuccessful confession and rants about how unfeeling and selfish Hae-youthful is. And what is heartbreak without having a little rain? As Sang-shik sits by yourself and cries in the rain, Na-rae pulls the romantic hero move of waltzing up and masking Sang-shik with her umbrella.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

I thought this would be the conclusion of the Hae-young saga, but we’re not completed still. In a twist I did not expect, Hae-youthful reveals to Sang-shik that she’s polyamorous and sounds like she’s intrigued in dating him far too.

Proper off the bat, I was anxious that it’d be performed for laughs, and regrettably, which is typically what happens. Sang-shik’s colleagues simply call polyamory glorified cheating, even though he imagines a harem and is grossed out by the idea that there could be a number of adult males in his romantic relationship.

The problematic procedure of polyamory with a side of homophobia is very uncomfortable, but then Sang-shik calms down and can take the scenario far more critically. He talks to Hae-young, saying they’re just wired in a different way – he’s the monogamous variety. So he turns down her offer… only to know she was under no circumstances producing an give in the initial put. She basically needed to be honest in hopes that he’d continue on to be pals with her, irrespective of her tastes.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

Relatively than currently being a decent man or woman and leaving it at that, Hae-youthful hammers residence that Sang-shik is not up to her criteria. To help you save his roommate from further embarrassment, Aziz intercedes and suggests that Sang-shik now has a husband or wife anyway. He points to Na-rae, and we stop on what appears to be to be the start of some name-conserving bogus relationship.

Though I was happy Sang-shik at some point took Hae-youthful critically about the polyamory, I did not like that the drama handled it like an justification for Hae-young to day a bunch of hot men with out consequence. It seemed like the drama was employing the predicament to display Sang-shik’s empathetic and form nature alternatively than basically respecting non-monogamous interactions.

On another note, I’m content that they toned down the bullying this week – it made Na-rae and Sang-shik’s interactions a lot more pleasurable. Now that Na-rae is softening toward Sang-shik, it looks like they’re shifting into the bickering-even though-secretly-caring-for-each and every-other stage. We have even received possible phony relationship in the blend to improve them nearer. If they’re heading to finish up jointly, I want to see Na-rae fall for him initially and have to do the job extra challenging to win him in excess of after hating on him for so lengthy.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 3-4

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