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Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6

Dynamics are a-shiftin’ this week as our limited-tempered lead finds it harder and tougher to keep on the hater practice in the face of her sunny nemesis’s earnest allure. In the meantime, our parachute employ enlists assist to fit in with the commoners as he tries to alter to the mixture of chaotic and mundane that is place of work everyday living.


Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6

It is exceptional for a drama to make me chuckle out loud, but Gaus Electronics continues to give me chuckle-out-loud times every episode. This 7 days we get a lot more Ma-tan shenanigans (my favourite) and some flailing from Na-rae as she pretends to nonetheless loathe Sang-shik who is rising on her despite her best attempts.

Right after Aziz’s spur of the instant lie, Sang-shik and Na-rae do an atrocious occupation of pretending to be a few. Hae-youthful can only roll her eyes as they insist it’s genuine even though searching like they’d relatively be wherever else than in close proximity to each individual other.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6

Sang-shik and Na-rae bicker even extra than normal, if that’s attainable, after the dating lie. But then Na-rae commences to see Sang-shik in a new gentle and has an existential crisis. It all commences when she overhears Sang-shik speaking to a pair of coworkers about liking another person he utilised to dislike but has a large amount in common with. Na-rae assumes he ought to suggest her and becomes hyperaware of Sang-shik.

Whilst she sighs as if Sang-shik liking her is some substantial burden, she doesn’t feel certainly that upset by the plan. The more she watches him, the a lot more she convinces herself he’s absolutely fallen for her. By the time he normally takes the blame when she embarrassingly farts in front of the entire workforce, she seems at him like he’s her knight in shining armor.

In spite of her insistence that Sang-shik liking her would be the worst, Na-rae is awfully upset to find out he was under no circumstances talking about her at all. He was speaking about his ongoing appreciation for Elon Musk. Pfft.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6

Na-rae, without giving any details about who the male is, shares the gist of the situation with coworkers Kang-mi and Song HYUNG-MI (Go Woo-ri) who both call out her overreaction for what it really is: a crush. Na-rae is horrified to know her delicate body cues level to them getting proper and does her very best to steer clear of call with Sang-shik, which is a minor complicated offered that they get the job done collectively and are future-door neighbors.

Soon after a do the job evening meal, Na-rae drunkenly visits and breaks her shoe, leaving her no selection but to permit Sang-shik piggyback her residence. As he struggles less than her body weight, he apologizes for involving her in his mess with Hae-youthful. Proper as he suggests how completely above her he is, he places Hae-younger up ahead… and quickly dumps Na-rae off his again. She hits the floor tough and ends up with each arms sprained in a forged. OMG.

Na-rae is moderately angry, but even so, she cannot aid experience a minor lovestruck every time Sang-shik attempts to just take treatment of her. Since she suggests she does not want him all-around, Sang-shik delegates Aziz as her caregiver for the upcoming week until finally her casts are eradicated and she can decide factors up and feed herself again. In the meantime, Aziz employs the competencies he picked up from functioning section-time at a veterinary hospital to prepare enable Na-rae.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6

In other places, Ma-tan is still struggling to figure out how to mix with the commoners, and it’s not serving to that his coworkers all give distinct suggestions. Kang-mi tells him to retain his head down and be deferential, though Sang-shik is adamant he really should hold his head large and demonstrate everyone his worth. Hyung-mi’s realistic tips for sleek sailing at work is my most loved: history all your sunbaes for straightforward reporting to the Ministry of Labor. HA. Very poor Ma-tan finishes up looking extra ridiculous than regular as he attempts to abide by his sunbaes’ conflicting advice at the same time.

To insert to his woes, Ma-tan regularly will get stuck with the business grunt perform considering that he’s terrible at the simple Korean game titles used to designate the loser. He’s so bothered by his failure that he guarantees to cancel Kang-mi’s debt if she trains him (which she does armed service type). Ma-tan puts in a absurd amount of observe only to discover he’s caught carrying out all the things anyway since he’s the maknae.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6

And then, there’s his top secret that’s often on the verge of currently being disclosed. This time, he’s pretty much outed by AI. Gaus obtains rival Energy Group’s most recent AI speaker that is programmed to do just about almost everything, which includes acknowledge the Electric power Group chairman’s voice. (Despite staying apparent where this was heading, it still cracked me up.) The second Ma-tan speaks, it cheerfully greets Chairman Baek to Ma-tan’s panic. Kang-mi significantly smashes it to bits to defend Ma-tan’s tremendous top secret identification.

There is this type of unhappy aspect plot with SENIOR Supervisor WI (Heo Jung-do) who frequently plays online video games and does not seem to treatment about do the job. He ends up acquiring to devote a working day screening the AI speaker and gets way way too attached to it. He treats it like a substitute for his spouse who lives abroad with their kids. It is meant to be funny how he’s treating this AI like a girlfriend, but I just discovered it unfortunate to see how lonely he is with his spouse and children so significantly absent.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6

Amidst their common chaos that somehow hardly ever would seem to essentially include operating, Advertising Staff 3 is eventually provided a mission. They’re tasked with putting on an party for a products launch. It is a somewhat easy function, so of system, items go majorly awry. Thanks to a printing combine-up, the Gaus chairman’s facial area finishes up on a balloon that was intended to have a photograph of the product or service. The team watches in helpless horror as an arrow sinks the balloon, heading proper as a result of the Chairman’s smiling face for all to see on their livestream.

Just after that tough working day for the crew, Sang-shik arrives household to an angry Na-rae. She observed out that he’s been shelling out Aziz to choose treatment of her for the week. But Na-rae just can’t keep on to her anger in the encounter of drunk Sang-shik’s unhappy dog doggy eyes as he apologizes for hurting her in the initially location.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6

That’s when Na-rae helps make a bold go and kisses Sang-shik. Oho! Sang-shik is shocked but significantly not mad at it. Na-rae even goes in for a second kiss before she will get ahold of herself. We conclusion as she pushes away from him in shock and evenly smacks him for kissing her again, I guess, amazing him for a next time.

I really do not know how she’s going to spin that a person. If she’d just kissed him briefly at the time, perhaps she’d have an out. But the lady went in for seconds and even slipped her forged off for leverage. Her only opportunity way out of admitting her thoughts is if Sang-shik forgets or pretends to overlook given that he was a little bit drunk.

Whilst Na-rae obviously likes Sang-shik, and there are symptoms he’s commencing to like her as well, I really do not imagine either of them are prepared to confess it. I foresee some far more (perhaps entertaining) denial and bickering just before they’re prepared to cop to their inner thoughts and determine what to do about them.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 5-6


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