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Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

This week is full of key dating hijinks as our main few tries to navigate an business office romance under their teammates’ noses. In the meantime, our lovable chaebol ultimately gets a style of what it really implies to be very poor and proves himself more resilient than his spouse and children expected.


Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

Since our few can not appear to kiss in non-public, they are caught crimson-handed by a incredibly drunk Manager Gi and Wa-wa. Blessed for them, Manager Gi is so drunk that he thinks Sang-shik and Na-rae are preventing once again, and Wa-wa has his suspicions but is too drunk to argue significantly. Someway, our couple is in the apparent.

But Na-rae is now militant about retaining up pretenses at perform, so Sang-shik comes up with this preposterous “secret code” blinking process that will make them equally glance like they’ve bought a lousy case of eye twitching.

While Sang-shik and Na-rae function to continue to keep everyone from identifying their partnership (let’s be actual, the only actual risk is Hyung-mi who does not miss out on a issue), Ma-tan feels the economic battle for the initially time. Now that he’s been slash off from the relatives cash, he has to pay back all his expenditures with his meager paycheck like a normal human being.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

Even with the setback, Ma-tan is having also substantially fun becoming a commoner and mastering lifestyle classes to operate again household – apart from for a free of charge meal. At his parents’ property for supper, we meet up with his fiancée Ro-ra who functions all sweet and accommodating but strategies to get Ma-tan again at the rear of the scenes.

Ma-tan appears to be entirely uninterested in Ro-ra and flat out refuses when his father tells him to get a move on marrying her. Chairman Baek warns Ma-tan that he greater not be getting some romance with a fairly, very poor, hardworking Candy (LOL). Of program, that’s specifically what Ma-tan hopes to do.

He’s off to a rocky start off after his regrettable technique of confirming his feelings ended with Kang-mi making Ma-tan check out a online video she made on sexual harassment at work. Even nevertheless she can plainly choose care of herself, Ma-tan just cannot assistance worrying about Kang-mi. He spends the bulk of his income on streetlights for her road, but he buys lights as excess as he is and basically blinds the community.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10 Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

Ma-tan isn’t the only a person who can be a very little excess. At the time Na-rae at last accepts the circumstance and agrees to completely date Sang-shik, she’s all giddy grins and finger hearts. She even would make (inedible) lunch for him. Sang-shik is thrilled at this switch of occasions, but it tends to make their marriage even more challenging to conceal. Hyung-mi is scorching on it and guesses that Sang-shik is the neighbor Na-rae has been chatting about courting.

Meanwhile, Manager Gi is taking pictures for a promotion and tries to get his workforce more than so he can get good functionality critiques. Wa-wa and Moon-hak propose a rebranding, so Supervisor Gi starts doling out compliments and speaking softly, creeping every person out.

He’s these types of a terrible individuals manager that I cannot muster up any sympathy for him when he does not get the marketing, but he is touched when he sees the nicer-than-he-deserves reviews from his underlings. Possibly he’ll prevent using anyone for granted and be a additional caring manager.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

In other places, Chairman Baek can make a surprise Television physical appearance wherever he announces Power’s future undertaking which is in essence a carbon copy of Ma-tan’s challenge for Gaus. Director Choi has been feeding Chairman Baek details in exchange for a career option, even though Senior Manager Wi and Gaus’s chairman try to thwart their designs. Ability would seem to at this time have the upper hand.

Chairman Baek hopes to entice Ma-tan back over to Electrical power with the undertaking and even states on Tv that Ma-tan will make a community physical appearance quickly. Until finally now, he’s never experienced a community debut, therefore how Ma-tan was capable to slip into Gaus.

In a enjoyable enhancement, Ma-tan decides his ideal guess at hiding from his father and solving his housing situation (he simply cannot find the money for his “studio” any more) is to shift in with Sang-shik. Of class, Sang-shik is nice plenty of to let him keep there, but Aziz is a difficult no until finally Ma-tan presents to aid with lease. Then, Aziz goes on a mini energy excursion by creating the residence pecking buy where Ma-tan is the hoobae and hence will have to share his high-priced outfits and aid with Aziz’s side positions.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

Ma-tan is there for all of 5 minutes when Ro-ra demonstrates up at the door and informs him she’s previously compensated off Kang-mi to hold her length. Ma-tan rushes to Kang-mi who hilariously imagined that Ro-ra was remaining super awesome by gifting her a pack of well being drinks she about has a coronary heart attack when she sees that the box is crammed with dollars in its place.

Ma-tan takes this opportunity to confess his thoughts for Kang-mi … and is immediately flat out turned down. HA, I didn’t see that coming. She bluntly tells Ma-tan he’s much too puny to be her style, and he’s more like her weaker minimal brother. Lousy Ma-tan has his 1st flavor of heartbreak and pitifully cries it out in a taxi.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

To no one’s shock, Sang-shik proves as clueless in dating as he is in everything else. With Ma-tan staying at his location, Na-rae invitations Sang-shik into her condominium and attempts hinting that it’ll be sooo crowded at his spot overnight. I really do not know why she attempts implying anything with him. She has to spell out that she has a double mattress that can in shape two people for him to get it, but he last but not least does.

They’re both equally giddy at work the subsequent working day, hunting ahead to using Ma-tan as an excuse to expend the night together once more. But their content bubble is promptly burst when they uncover the staff collected in a convention place looking at place of work CCTV footage. We finish on Sang-shik and Na-rae lunging to deal with the display screen with their bodies.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10

I’m fairly confident that Sang-shik would not give up on the partnership even if it will come to mild, but I’m not so guaranteed about Na-rae. She’s been hesitant this whole time about an place of work romance, so I do not know how she’ll deal with all people finding out.

Apart from the very likely relationship reveal, we’ve also obtained Ma-tan’s unavoidable identification unveiling. I cannot wait around to see everyone’s reactions to finding out their aloof maknae is a impressive (heh) chaebol heir. Then there’s the fate of our internet marketing group under the duplicitous Director Choi and the Gaus energy wrestle. There’s quite a bit to wrap up in the closing week, but I have self confidence that the drama can give us a fulfilling ending for our endearing warm mess of a marketing group.

Gaus Electronics: Episodes 9-10


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