Halo Infinite’s online co-op is coming to Insiders in July


Sometimes it almost feels like Halo Infinite’s anticipated online co-op mode will never release, but that will soon change (I hope).

After delaying the feature several times, 343 Industries has announced its plans to test Halo Infinite’s co-op mode in July 2022 ahead of its scheduled August release. This means that select ‘Halo Insiders’ will be able to test out the game’s online co-op mode on Xbox and PC before its wider launch.

To join the Halo Insider Program for a chance to test out the beta, follow this link.

Back in late April, 343 Industries shared Halo Infinite’s roadmap for the rest of 2022. Following co-op, the following major features to hit the beleaguered title are Forge and split-screen co-op during Season 3 in November 2022.

Halo Infinite’s second season got off to a rocky start thanks to a gun-jamming glitch and the removal of skill jumps/slides. Still, to 343 Industries’ credit, the studio listened to the game’s often overly vocal community and solved the majority of Lone Wolve’s issues.

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