Happy 17th Blogiversary, Mombian! - Mombian

Happy 17th Blogiversary, Mombian! – Mombian

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I started this blog 17 years ago today as a resource for lesbian moms and other queer parents, and I remain forever grateful to all of you for reading my posts and interacting with both the site and me. A lot has changed in 17 years, however.

My son was a toddler when I launched this blog; now he has just finished his first year of college. Much has improved for LGBTQ families in that time, but much more remains to be done.

I marvel at the expansion of LGBTQ equality, inclusion, and awareness since 2005. We’ve seen the spread of marriage equality, the growth of adoption rights for LGBTQ parents; expanded legal recognition of nonbiological/nongestational parents; increased media representation of LGBTQ families, including in children’s books and television; a larger, more nuanced vocabulary to talk about LGBTQ identities; and the flourishing of many, many LGBTQ families.

We still, however, face a record number of anti-transgender laws and bills and others that restrict discussion of LGBTQ identities in schools; discrimination in foster care and adoption; a wave of anti-LGBTQ book bans; and threats of anti-LGBTQ violence at Pride events, among other ills. We still need to pass bills like the Equality Act and the John Lewis Every Child Deserves a Family Act to ensure that protections against anti-LGBTQ discrimination extend equally across the country. Even in Massachusetts, which led the nation in marriage equality, children of LGBTQ parents are still fighting for equal legal protections. In states like Texas and Florida, things are much worse.

I’ve always wanted the content here to be about more than my own family, yet my son has long been my inspiration and the reason I do this work. I have wanted the world he grows up in—and now moves in as an adult—to be one of equality, inclusion, and respect for all. We’re not there yet, but I have to keep trying. I hope this blog can continue to help in some small way to offer queer parents and prospective parents hope during these times; to share resources, news, and other information (like LGBTQ parental names); to showcase the many books and other media for and about our families; to look at other current happenings through the lens of queer family lives; and to remind us all that we are not alone.

Blogging, too, has changed over the past 17 years, and is now part of a whole ecosystem of social media. I hope you will also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you’ll not only learn when I post new things on the blog, but also see photos, shared content, and other stuff that I don’t necessarily mention here. (And thanks if you’re already a follower—I’ll see you out there!)

June 21, 2005, was the summer solstice, as is today, marking a new beginning. Thank you for sharing these trips around the sun with me—and here’s to the next one that we’ll take together.

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