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Every experiment and every cell, tissue, or blood analysis requires the weighing of at least one substance. You may need to weigh chemicals to create solvents and solutions, or monitor the weight of cell cultures to identify growth rates.

The only way to get an accurate measurement of weight is by using a high-tech set of weighing scales. Ideally, the scales to go up to at least two decimal points so that you can identify very small changes in mass over the course of your experiment.

Depending on the types of tissues and materials that you need to weigh, you might be able to just a small set of weighing scales with a sliding door. However, if you want using large and heavy materials, you will need a more advanced set of scales with a higher weight capacity.


Automatic Plate and Colony Counters

Ask any biology lab technician and they will tell you that: accounting is one of the most time-consuming tasks that they have to complete on a daily basis.


It’s labour-intensive and often leads to inaccurate results. When lab technicians are counting hundreds or thousands of colonies, it’s easy to slip up and make an error.

Automatic plate counters or colony counters can be used to increase the accuracy of: accounting. They can also significantly reduce costs by cutting down on labor hours and enabling lab technicians to work on more complex tasks.


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