How Did Hange Die in Attack on Titan? (& Who Killed Her)

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Every single Attack On Titan episode leaves us hanging on our nerves wondering which character will be killed off next, hoping that it doesnt turn out to be Mikasa, Levi, Jean, or I dont know, Armin.

For now, all of them are safe, however, there is one scout that began to see the end of the road.

She or he, that character is actually confusing, can be compared to a mad scientist. When she was first introduced, she claimed to want to make friends with the Titans and at the same time enjoyed torturing them for her experiments, quite disturbing.

When she smiles, she appears all friendly and nice, however, she does have a few loose screws and can turn into some monster that might show up in our nightmares one day.

Extremely intelligent, very bright, creative, and overflowing with imagination, she is a genius who invented many revolutionary weapons for the Survey Corps and is responsible for the survival of many of the scouts out on the field.

She is a game changer during the most catastrophic times the scouts have to face. Her tactical plans might be crazy but never fails to deliver results. She is impressive, to say the least.

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Whats even better is that despite being a peculiar nerd, she is also super strong. She mastered her gear to perfection. Her kill record is off the charts. She is respected in the Corps, looked up to, and fully trusted by the higher-ups as well as her Nakama.

They entrusted the fate of Paradis Island to her more than once and as you can see, after all this time they are still standing.

Enough of how badass that woman is and if you didnt guess who Im talking about yet, its Hange, the truth is, she doesnt last till the end of the series. Yes, she was killed, she died, and it broke my hearts and now Im about to break yours.




How did Hange Zoë die in Attack on Titan?

Hange Zoë was up against two Titans during the War for Paradis Arc. Normally, killing them wouldve been a piece of cake, however, her body was in a terrible condition!

She managed to get close enough to her target to sever their nape using one of her inventions, the Thunder Blades, and killed them.

Suffering from terrible burns, she withstood the pain long enough to see the flying boat take flight and then passed away right after due to her severe injuries.

However, the truth behind her death is much more complicated than that (Attack On Titan Manga: Chapter 132).


The truth behind Hange Zoë’s death

At the moment, enemies became allies and teamed up to stop Eren from committing worldwide genocide.

In order to catch up to him, they need to embark on the flying boat that is protected by Erens followers.

They managed to secure it, however, there is still one step left before takeoff, they need to pump it full of gas.

Hange along with her comrades is defending the ship while the engineers took care of the technical issues.

The inert body of Flosh was lying next to them. Believed to be dead they paid him no mind and that mightve been one of their greatest mistakes.

Although he was fatally injured, he found the strength to shoot his gun at his enemies, killed in a second after being impaled by Mikasa at lightning speed, he at least managed to hit the fuel tanks that were right behind them (Attack On Titan Manga: Chapter 132).

It didnt explode if thats what you thought, but the gasoline that was crucial to the plan was leaking out and the engineers said that they will need at least a full hour to close the holes.

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The Colossal Titans were approaching, someone had to buy time for the others to finish their tasks, and guess who volunteered, all of them actually… All of them were ready to sacrifice themselves to see their plan succeed

However, Armin, Annie, and Reiner were crucial pieces that could not be lost. Levi and Mikasas skills were also desperately needed as for the others theyd get flatted in no time, so the most logical choice was to let Hange do it.

As her last act, she appointed Armin as Erwins successor and made him the fifteenth commander of the Survey Corps. To ease the tension, she even told him that he could now order the proud Levi around as much as he wanted.

That said, she took off watching from above her comrades as they filled the reservoir of the boat and started its engines.

I dont know if you remember what the Titans who were released by the Rumble looked like. They were gigantic and steam was coming out of them. The temperature of their body is extremely high and anyone who would get too close to them could suffer severe burns.

So, when Hange managed to kill some of them,  it wasnt without consequences, unable to handle the temperature, she was gravely injured in the process.

However, thanks to her noble sacrifice, the boat was now up in the air. Free to give in to the pain after fulfilling her duty, she closed her eyes for the last time.

She was welcomed in the other by her fallen comrades, even Erwin was among them. They praised her for a job extremely well done, she worked hard and now it was time for her to rest.

Worrying about what had happened to those still alive, they reassured her telling her that they are safe for now, the plan was a total success thanks to her.

Now appeased, she could fully enjoy the amazing feeling of being reunited with all the people that she lost and began to narrate for them the adventures she experienced in their absence (Attack On Titan Manga: Chapter 132).


Was it necessary for Hange to die?

Technically speaking, her sacrifice wasnt entirely necessary. First of all, she wasnt the only one who couldve stayed behind. Levi, Mikasa, Reiner, or Armin, all of them wouldve had higher chances of victory and survival.

However, the lives of those characters were just too valuable. They are the best and most powerful fighters around, and they will need all the firepower available to put an end to Erens plan.

Second of all, Im sure they had other options. They couldve thought of another strategy, but that would require time and that strategy mightve ended up too risky.

In the end, it was just that Hanges suggestion was the quickest and most effective way of holding back the Titans until the takeoff.

The loss was huge, but the end game was worth it. Hange died with no regrets and what she found on the other side was actually beautiful.

No more fighting, no more blood, no more killing, she strategy and is now watching from above how everything will end alongside her dear comrades that she lost during the war.


Who killed Hange?

Its more like what killed Hange? Since I described the chapter pretty accurately, I dont think I need to tell you that the Titans killed her.

However, if you look at it from another perspective, you could say that she killed herself. In the end, she knew from the beginning it was a lost battle. She sacrificed herself of her own volition making it a sacrifice more than anything else.

The titans were the weapon, but she was the one who aimed and pulled the trigger (Attack On Titan Manga: Chapter 132).


In what episode did Hange die?

You all probably finished watching the Attack On Titans anime by now and know that she is still alive in the series.

Normally, you will witness her death in the season 4 which will soon be airing, of course, the episode is yet unknown, we arent mediums in the end.

In the manga, that scene will appear in the chapter called The Wings of Freedom, its equivalent to the 132nd chapter or Volume 2 chapter 35 of the manga.



Hange was by far the brightest character of the series. Super unique, she had a special something that no one else had, something that made her relatable, thus, loveable.

She was also really funny, her sarcasm was on point, and always hurt where it should in the most hilarious of ways. I mean without her and Sasha, the series wouldve been gloomy as hell.

Oh, I think its a bit too late now, but I completely forgot to warn you that there were gonna be major spoilers in the blog, but I think its okay, you came here prepared right? RIGHT?!

Now that you have the answer to your question, its time to end this thing. Thank you for reading this far, I hope you enjoyed this little article. Farewell, my Otaku friends, lets meet each other again in the next blog.

Lets see whos next on the blacklist. I bet it will be Armin we will see leaving the show, what do you think guys?

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