How Old is Kakashi Hatake in Naruto and Boruto?

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Almost everyone knows who Kakashi Hate is, right? Yes! He’s the coolest and a badass sensei one could ever ask for. Sometimes, we look at a certain character and think to ourselves, “how old would they be?”. Right? It does happen to everyone! 

Naruto itself is very interesting and the fact that we get to watch the story of his son makes things 100x more interesting. But there are some people who prefer Naruto over Boruto. I mean, of course,  Naruto was a very goofy and fun, and the times when we watched this anime was pretty nice as well. There are some things that we can’t control, and that includes  growing up! 

Anyways, Boruto is Naruto’s son and we know that Kakashi has been with Naruto for a long time now. Kakashi started off as his teacher and after many intense battles and crazy journeys, he’s still alive and kicking in Boruto’s generation . So, imagine how old the teacher would be now? Well, let’s find out! (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!) 


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Kakashi Hatake’s Age In Naruto 

team 7
Kakashi Hatake was just 27 years old in Naruto and when Naruto was born, he was 14 years old. So, the ninja academy is almost 3-4 years older than him. Kakashi is so skilled that he became a chunin on his very first attempt! At the age of 6, he accomplished a lot. 

When Kakashi turned 27, he was titled as “Kakashi sensei” and started leading Team 7. Team 7 has Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi Hatake! Kakashi was 27 years old when he first met Naruto. That’s where their bond started to create and soon enough, they formed an unbreakable bond. Following Naruto Shippuden, he was 31 years old since the storyline in Naruto Shippuden started after 4 years of Naruto. 


Kakashi Hatake’s Age In Boruto

boruto and kakashiSince Kakashi’s age isn’t mentioned in Boruto, we can do basic maths and find out his age! How does that sound? Pretty cool, right? So, let’s get started! Naruto Shippuden started 4 years after OG Naruto. So, Kakashi was 32 years old by the end of Naruto Shippuden. Let’s also use Naruto and Hinata as references to find out Kakashi’s age! 

Boruto was just 9-10 years old when he joined the academy and eventually became a Genin at the age of 12. When Naruto was 20 years old, Boruto was born and at that time, Kakashi was 34 years old. After a whole 12 years, Boruto becomes 12 and now if we add 12 in 34 we get 46, right? So, we can assume that Kakashi was in his late forties when Boruto came into existence! 

I don’t know if you guys have noticed or not but Kakashi starts to look a bit  lethargic  and tired in Boruto. What do you guys think? 


Who is Kakashi Hatake?

kakashiKakashi Hatake is one of the major characters in Naruto and he’s known as the leader of Team 7. Team 7 is also known as Team Kakashi! However, in  Boruto, he gets demoted to a supporting character. Kakashi is a Jonin who lived a long and eventful  life and has gained a lot of experiences regarding Jutsus and combat. 

He’s also known as one of the strongest shinobi in the Hidden Leaf Village who can use diverse types of Jutsus. Let’s learn a bit about his personality now. Shall we? When it comes to Kakashi’s personality, he’s an independant and a self-confident individual who hates depending on others. Kakashi is very perceptive and quickly realizes any situation. He’s quite cold at times, to a scary extent. Kakashi is a very loyal guy who would never disobey the rules or put his comrades in danger–but he may break the rules if his comrade’s safety is in question. Kakashi has gained a reputation of being cold-blooded. Like, if you look at him, you’re going to get the “cold and rude guy” vibes! If you want to know more about Kakashi, watch Naruto! 


Plot (Naruto) 


Let me take you guys back to the good old days when there were no worries and all you would do was watch Naruto! Konoha is the Village hidden in the leaves. It is the land of the greatest Shinobis. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is one of the strongest villages of all time! 

One strange day, a powerful fox known as Nine-Tails attacks this village and the leader of this village couldn’t just sit back and relax seeing the destruction of land. Thus, in a split decision,  he sealed the fox inside his newborn son Naruto Uzumaki, it made Naruto a host to this parasitic Beast. This decision cost the Fourth Hokage and his wife’s  lives! After he died, the Third Hokage resumed his position , and started leading Konoha again. 

Now, the story revolves around Naruto who often gets mocked by all the villagers since he has a demonic beast sealed inside of him. Naruto had no idea about this demon sealed inside of him. However, after 12 years, when a renegade ninja named Mizuki appears and exposes Naruto’s secret right in front of him! It’s that moment when Naruto defeats him and earns his teacher’s respect! 

mizukiAfterwards, Naruto becomes a ninja and joins Sasuke and Sakura! Sasuke is his bittersweet rival  and Sakura is his life-long crush. All of them form the Team 7 which is lead by Kakashi Hatake, the hottest sensei! This team is assigned multiple missions that can cover from doing basic chores to bodyguarding the village from assassins. 

After some missions, Kakashi lets Team 7 take the ninja exam that would assess whether they are ready to take on more difficult missions.But nothing is free in this world! They will have to take on many different missions in the Chunin Exams. During these exams, Orochimaru invades the village and kills Hiruzen Sarutobi! Jiraiya is known to be one of the best three legendary ninjas. Orochimaru wanted to train with someone powerful, thus he chooses Sasuke who has a strong genetic heritage! But the story takes turns! Sasuke ends up leaving the village. If you want to know what happens next, watch Naruto! 


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Plot (Boruto) 

borutoWho is Boruto? Boruto is the son of the Seventh Hokage aka Naruto Uzumaki. The story begins with Kawaki destroying the village of Konoha. Boruto is triggered by the fact that his father always places the village first instead of his family. At such a time, Boruto joins the ninja team led by Konohamaru-sensei.  His team members include Sarada Uchiha, the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, and Mitsuki, the child of Orochimaru 

Sasuke comes back to the village, warning Naruto about a threat that’s going to harm the village. Boruto then asks Sasuke to train him for the upcoming Chunin exam so that he can impress his father. During this exam, Momoshiki, and Kinshiki kidnap Naruto just so they could absorb Kurama’s (Nine-Tails) chakra! Sasuke along with other Kages goes out to save Naruto. This battle ends with Momoshiki absorbing  Kinshiki to increase his strength and eventually getting defeated by Boruto with his invisible rasengan! After this battle, Brotuo realizes his own potential and decides to become like Sasuke while putting his trust in Sarada, to become the next Hokage! 


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naruto and kakashi
That concludes our blog “What is Kakashi Hatake’s age in Naruto and Boruto?” for today! I hope you guys enjoyed reading the blog and went back in time. Naruto has always been the no.1 anime for people all around the world. However, there are many One Piece fans in this world too!  

Anyways, the coolest and the baddest characters will always win our hearts! Are you also the type of person who prefers calm and collected aka Kuudere people like Kakashi? Do let us know your thoughts about Kakashi in the comments down below! See you guys on the next blog! That’s it for today, see you guys on the next blog! Stay tuned for more fun content! 


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