How Strong Is Current Goku? – Full Discussion

Hey guys this is Krishna. And this time we are going to take a look at how strong is current Goku. We will mostly look at his training, Zenkai Boosts, and some of his feats and scale him based on that.

WARNING: This is going to be a lengthy scaling and will also spoil things as well. So if you just want the outcome, skip to the end.

So for this scaling, we will be taking a look at the Anime version of Goku, because Anime is caught up with everything and it seems that manga is just there behind making anime the cannon version. Now that does not mean that everything in the anime is cannon because there are some filler episodes now and then, as the past few episodes to let the manga catch up. So I will be taking a look at the first two Movie Arcs, Universe 6 & 7 tournament arc, and Black Goku Arc.

Few things I want to state before we begin. In the battle of Gods Arc, the Universe wasn’t destroyed because Beerus nullified Energy, or destroyed energy. Episode 13 time 12:16 – 12:18 I believe. In case you were wondering why the Universe was still standing after the three blasts that were supposed to destroy the Universe.

Alright so let’s start with Beerus vs Goku. Goku while fighting with Beerus in his God Form ( the one with red hair if wondering) was keeping up with him and was about to destroy the Universe(Episode 12 The TITLE is UNIVERSE CRUMBLES). It is stated by multiple sources such as elder Kai, the Narrator that they were about to destroy the Universe, and proven by feats as actual shock waves of their punches were starting to destroy the planets that were far away in different galaxies and solar systems. Those shock waves were able to travel up to the Elder Kai realm and were destroying things over there as well. Meaning that in a general sense it is bigger than a normal Universe, as most Universe like ours don’t take into account hell, heaven, Kai’s place, etc, etc. So that makes him one DB Universe level. Now some say that it was Beerus, which is not true because Beerus being there only halves it since they were matching punches for punches. In episode 12 if you watched it Elder Kai clearly said that when Goku canceled out the Beerus’s punch and the shockwave with his punch. Meaning Goku is half DB Universal or DB Universal depending upon if you take the whole Beerus thing or not. We also see that Red form is capable of healing Goku. When Beerus just stabbed Goku, and the Red Aura around his wound brought him back. That adds to his regenerative capabilities. (Episode 11)

More Feats

We also see him compressing one of Beerus’s attacks with his hands (Episode 11, 7:00 – 7:19) Then Goku absorbed the power of the God Form and was able to fight Beerus in his base form. It was even stated by Beerus that Goku absorbed the power of God and it is still inside him. Now that means Goku base is upgraded to God level. We can stack the Super Saiyan Multipliers on top of that Base form. So Super Saiyan 1 is x50, Super Saiyan 2 x 100 or x2 Super Saiyan, and at last Super Saiyan 3 which is x4 Super Saiyan 2 or x400 on the base form. These are not arbitrary numbers by the way they are what is used by the DB community and are pretty much fact in case you were wondering where I got these numbers from. A lot of people use it and I am not about to argue with the entire DB community lol. So that would make him Universe x400 in Super Saiyan 3 or x200 for the Beerus thing. And this is just the first arc. so Battle of Gods Goku = Dragon Ball Universe Buster or half DB Universal which would probably amount up to a normal universe since DB Universe is much bigger than that.

Resurrection of Frieza Arc

Now in the next arc, he can go Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan depending on which one you prefer. Now there are no definite multipliers for SSB (Super Saiyan Blue). But it is stated that Goku is stronger in the Super Saiyan Blue form than in his God form. A reason why they don’t use the God form anymore. There are no definite multipliers for God Form so far. Also to make one thing clear. They are in no form or shape reduced in the amount of power they have, just because they don’t destroy as much as they did in God of Destruction Arc. It’s just that they now have learned to control their power also it would be a real pain if they destroy the Universe every time they have to fight someone.

Scale Super Saiyan Blue

So we have a couple of options from here. First that SSB is a normal super Saiyan multiplier just on the God Form, second, it’s not a multiplier or third its just a times X multiplier on the God Form. Depends upon how you want to take a look at it. In my view I see it as a multiplier for obvious reasons, however, I will use the X multiplier because it was stated that SSB adds God’s powers of God ki to Super Saiyan so it won’t be the same as 50x God Form. So when I add SSBx it is basically *X multiplier on SSG form. So

SSBx = X* GOD Form

Now if you ask me has he surpassed Beerus I would say probably no. I would need to take a look at both characters and then decide which I haven’t at the moment. Now keep in mind the reason why Dragon Ball characters don’t destroy the planet and the Universe constantly is because they use something called ki control, or power control. It is basically where they control their ki so they don’t destroy the entire world. Goku while in his SSG form wasn’t able to control it so he ended up destroying the Universe. Beerus in general doesn’t care so he wouldn’t mind if the Universe got destroyed. The same thing with Champa, that’s why we see them always fighting and almost destroying the Universe like its nothing and Whis and Vados having to come between them to stop them. They don’t care if the Universe gets destroyed at all. It looks like the only time Beerus ever cared about it was when he was fighting Goku.

Moving on we see that in this period Goku was fatally injured by a ray gun when he was not on guard. It was because Goku was not on guard, and was stabbed from the back. Not because he is weaker than a ray gun. Frieza even taunted him saying that he lost a mere ray gun. This is where he receives a Zenkai Boost from the attack. If you don’t know what a Zenkai boost is it is a boost that Saiyan’s receive when they are fatally injured like in this situation. Zenkai boost is also undefined and also differs depending on the situation. Vegeta went from a power level of 18,000 to 24,000 from Saiyan Saga to Frieza Arc in DBZ.

RoF Arc Goku = (Zenkai boost multiplier x (Battle of Gods Goku x Whis’s training)) X SSB form. Because remember that the Zenkai Boost works on the base form.
Universe 6 and 7 tournament arc

So now we have the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament arc. This arc has quite a bit to cover. So we already know that the current Goku and Vegeta are stronger than the RoF arc Goku and Vegeta since they have continued to train. Now they go into the time chamber and train for 3 years there as well. So +3 years of training there. Then we have the arc where Goku shows us the Kaio-Ken times 10. Which was the max he used with SSB? Now keep in mind that this is the anime version of the Goku we are using and not the manga. Now he was able to move through Hit’s Timeskip.

Hit’s Timeskip Explained

So Vados clearly stated that Hit could skip time and store the time that he skipped and create a parallel world with it. Goku was able to counter it using Kaio Ken x10, but we will skip it for now.

So as of now

Frieza arc Goku base form = (Zenkai boost multiplier x (Battle of Gods Goku x Whis’s training))

We take the base form from the previous arc.

Tournament Arc Goku = (((Frieza Arc Goku x training leading up to this arc) x Time Chamber Training before the tournament) XSSB) x Kaio Ken x10

Bonus: Goku fought Beerus afterward and was able to keep up with him so much that Beerus was having fun and Whis had to interfere and stop them from destroying everything. So as of now, it’s sure that Goku in his base form can destroy the Universe. If you remember during Battle of Gods when Goku fought Beerus, Beerus was complaining that he was feeling sleeping because Goku was not that big of a challenge.

Trunks Arc

So before we start this arc I would like to point out that this is one of the best arcs in my opinion. It is best in terms of just overall fighting, but it is inconsistent. I mean Trunks was able to fight and overpower SSJ2 Goku who could fight Beerus in his base form(Fight, not win), but then looses to Goku Black who was at max Super Saiyan 2 Goku then. You see what I mean it is inconsistent. And I am not even talking about the whole mess that happens after Vegito comes back.

Goku Black is probably one of the best villains in DB history even though a lot of people seem to mistake him for otherwise. And no he’s not just building level. He is much higher than that. So to start of Goku Black is Zamasu in Goku’s Body. He is also a supreme kai as he wears that earring which makes him a kai. Now specifically speaking he is a Kai that creates things, opposite to God of Destruction like Beerus who destroys things. He stated that he killed all of the other Kais in other worlds leading to the death of the Destruction Gods as well because Supreme Kai’s and God of Destruction are linked. Now, this is just my assumption that he was able to kill all of the other mortals along with the Gods as well. The only ones left were the population on Earth that survived. He probably left the Earth for last.

When Trunks went back to the past to ask Goku and Vegeta for help, he followed him there and it was determined that he was about Goku’s base form times SS1 level. Now the next time we see him he uses the Super Saiyan Rose ( Black Rose). Which was insanely powerful. It was able to well destroy both Goku and Vegeta in their SSB forms and give them both a Zenkai boost (Zenkai Boost 1 for this arc). Now I assume that unlike SSB, Super Saiyan Rose is a multiplier on God Ki. Which is why it is insanely powerful. Remember when Goku and Zamasu switched body it seemed that Zamasu kept his God ki or that black ki that he had. Which is why it would be a multiplier on insane levels. Goku and Vegeta come back with a Zenkai Boost and now Goku Black was able to defeat a rage boosted Goku on top of the Zenkai boosted Goku. Which gives them their second Zenkai Boost for this arc ( Zenkai Boost 2).

They go back to the original timeline and Vegeta trains in the Time Chamber and Goku also learns the Mafuba to capture the immortal Zamasu. They go back to the future and Vegeta just annihilates Goku Black. Which was satisfaction in my opinion? And we see Goku Black figuring out the trick to rage boost and using it to create a dimension. Yeah, that is right he got so angry that he created a dimension and a massive copyright issue with Naruto franchise ( I know DB has been doing clones before Naruto it’s just a joke).

Then we see Fused Zamasu who was stated to have infinite power by two characters Zamasu himself and Gowasu. It was stated by Fused Zamasu and Gowasu who was a Supreme Kai. When the strongest Goku Black fused with immortal Zamasu their energy expanded to no end. That is roughly the character statement from Gowasu. However, he is overconfident and since he is also half immortal he has no guard against anything. He just tanks the attack that gets thrown at him. Which comes back to bite him later.

Now Vegeta and Trunks fire a Galick Gun at Zamasu who was way too overconfident and were able to overpower him. Then Zamasu got stronger and destroyed Vegeta who stepped in to save Trunks. Then Goku with a broken arm overpowers that Zamasu by blasting through his ki sphere and also deforms him thus giving him a considerable amount of damage. This is where they get their third Zenkai Boost because after Goku is severely damaged and Zamasu also breaks his leg as well, he uses a senzu bean to fix himself up. Where he then fuses with Vegeta. Then its Vegito from here on. Keep in mind that this was against Merged Zamasu who was half immortal, and was merged with Goku Black.

So far Goku is let’s see

((Zenkai Boost 3 x (Zenkai Boost 2 x (Zenkai Boost 1 x (Universe Tournament Arc Goku X training until this arc)))) X SSB) x Kaio Ken x 10


In total, he has had 4 Zenkai boost in Dragon Ball Super. And he has been training constantly as well for tournaments and other things. If we assume that all Zenkai boost is even and take the fact that Vegeta was able to increase his power from 18,000 to 24,00 that gives us a 1.3 multiplier for that Vegeta. While Goku was able to get much stronger with his Zenkai boosts. I will be using the 1.3 multipliers for Zenkai Boost because this is a low estimate of his powers.

If we assume that they get at least 5x stronger each year they train and add that in there we would get this number. 1071x Dragon Ball Universe Busting in his base form. Now we still can add the super Saiyan multipliers on top of these completely different from God Multipliers since we don’t know them, and since SSB is used on base God Form we don’t know what it would be. So we will only take the Super Saiyan ones in this case.

5 times for training is arbitrary but a low ball since we have seen them get much stronger for example Vegeta in six months against Goku Black. Also, Goku in Saiyan Saga was stated to be over 8,000(Vol. 19, #224) during the Saiyan invasion. Against Ginyu, while using Kaio Ken it was 180,000 (Vol.24, #285). Meaning it would be around 90,000 for the base. Skip to Frieza saga his power level is 3,000,000(Daizenshuu 7). That was right after the Ginyu battle since Goku was in a healing pod or whatever its called. Assuming he got around 2 Zenkai Boosts (One from Ginyu and other from his battle with Vegeta)and 6 days (Time it took for him to reach Namek from the earth) of training in gravity chamber of the ship, what I just did is a low ball of epic proportions. From the moment Vegeta left earth to the point where Goku fought Frieza this was the difference in Goku’s power level.

Now let me stop you right there. The power level is not complete BS. They were used for the OFFICIAL GUIDES, but since characters from the earth can mask their ki it’s useless since it will always be changing. That is why they stopped. You would think most people would know that characters from the earth can mask their ki or “chi” but I guess not. ( I know I spelled chi wrong but ki is just so much better).

Goku in the recent episode against Hit he was able to fight him using SSB whereas he needed SSB x Kaioken x 10 to fight him before during Universe tournament arc. That means he at least got 10 times stronger in a year. It is over 10 times since Hit also got a lot stronger in over a year.

Anyways, it gives us 428415 x Dragon Ball Universe in Super Saiyan 3 and of course, we can add the SSB multiplier on top of that with the Kaio Ken x10 multiplier on that. It would be a huge number considering the wide gap between Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan God form but you can imagine where this goes right. He still has regenerative capabilities and more hacks that come with God Ki. Oh, and we still have one more arc confirmed (And hopefully a lot more) to go through so hopefully we can find a definite multiplier for God form and Super Saiyan Blue form so that we can finish this but until then let’s just leave it at that.

So what did you guys think of this article??

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